How The Dec. 18 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

Well, the time has finally come. The final celestial event of 2021 is here with the December 18 full moon. This full moon falls in social Gemini, which is appropriate considering how fully-packed everyone's social calendars are over the next couple of weeks (via InStyle). As 2021's final gift to us, this full moon is an opportunity to open up and go with the flow. InStyle recommend you don't cancel those plans, always say yes, and show up everywhere to bask in its energy as the year comes to a close. The December 18 full moon is also known as the Cold Moon. So, let its coolness wash over you and embrace life to the fullest (via Vogue).

If you're big on astrological events and fully in tune with moon cycles, this full moon potentially holds more significance to you than even the New Year. Here's what this full moon means for every Leo and precisely what you need to do to thrive off of it...

Bask in quality time with friends and loved ones this full moon

As a fire sign, Leo zodiac signs  are all about charisma, a social life, and basically being the life of every party (via Co-star). With this full moon being all about communication and friends — it's important for Leos to pay close attention to their friendships (via Vogue).The full moon falls in Leo's 11th house of groups and friends. Leos, this is a good time to focus on your communication skills and especially make sure you focus on the best way to communicate with friends to avoid conflict (via Cosmopolitan). 

This will be a fun time for you to spend the holiday season surrounded by friends, but it will also be eye opening to pay attention to who in your life inspires you and makes you feel safe, and who's energy clashes with yours (via Elite Daily). Don't let this cloud your energy, simply focus on that communication and talk things through to allow you to really bask in filling your social calendar with quality time with friends.