The Best Gifts For The Nails Fanatic In Your Life

Raise your hand if you've lost count of the hours you've spent scrolling through nail art videos on social media ... Yeah, us too. There's something so intoxicating about watching the intricate detail that goes into creating fascinating tiny drawings and textures on a space as limited as a fingernail. Even stalking nail salon accounts to see mini videos of the process that goes into applying acrylics or creating wild nail art, it's truly addictive (via Popsugar). 


Nail polish is a staple everyone loves, whether you're a bold red lady or love a classic daily nude. Whether you have a recurring appointment with your nail technician, or are currently hoarding a drawer filled to the brim of probably-expired nail polishes. Whether you're a fan yourself, or have a nail-obsessed friend or family member who's nail game is always so strong. Well, if you're the latter, then you've probably already been stalking the nail section of Sephora for weeks trying to pick out the perfect gift. Look no further. Here's a round-up of some of the perfect gift sets for the nail fanatic in your life — after all, great nails are the perfect accessory to every look. 

For the cruelty-free friendly

There is certainly no shortage of nail polishes on the market. It often seems like there's a new brand every day, but where it can tricky is for the cruelty-free beauty lover. If you have a friend or family member that's trying to protect all the cute bunnies, help support their cause by hooking them up with the cutest cruelty-free nail polish set. 


Sundays Studio's "I am Loved" set ($86) is not only cruelty-free but it's also free of a bunch of harmful ingredients (via Cosmopolitan). The set comes with the perfect combination of reds, with their best-seller top and base coat. 

For the gel newbie

Everyone always remembers their first ... gel manicure. Realizing that finally your nails can feel as thick and sturdy as fake nails, and that chipping is a distant memory. Sure, you can gift your nail fanatic a trip to the salon — but why not set her up for life instead? Teach a man to fish...


Sally Hansen's Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit ($60) has everything you need to start your very own at-home salon and give yourself the perfect gel nails every time (via PopSugar).

For fashion meets nails

When you have a nail-obsessed friend, there's a good chance they already own an arsenal of every nail product they could ever want or need. So why not use your gift as a chance to get them a special limited edition addition to their collection?


If your nail-fanatic of choice also happens to be a fashionista, this collab between J. Hannah and The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "About Time" exhibit is the perfect gift (via Best Products). The MET Mini Polish Set ($54) has a fun selection of shimmers and neutral polishes to represent a timeline of fashion history — nails with a story! 

For gel professional

Get excited for this one. No gift is quite as adorable as something from Le Mini Macaron. The precious French gel polish brand have definitely excelled when it comes to packaging, and if you're shopping for your nail-fanatic friend that's obsessed and well-seasoned on giving herself a gel manicure then this is the gift for you (via Allure).  


Le Mini Macaron's Rouge & Moi Le Maxi Deluxe Manicure Set ($65) comes with everything needed for a DIY gel manicure, and it's complete with four fun shades of pinks and reds. 

For the perfect starter kit

Sure, the gifts above are perfect for your nail-fanatic pro. But what about the friend or family member that desperately needs some help building the perfect collection? Enter, Olive & June's The Winter Mani Box ($100).


This complete set is everything you could need. It comes with a nail polish remover, a nail applicator, a nail brush, and eight shades of nail polishes that are perfect for winter (via WWD). It doesn't hurt that Olive & June's packaging is as cute as it is.