2021 Disney & ColourPop Collabs You May Have Missed

The beauty world is a wild and wonderful place. On any given day, it seems like there is a new product launching and 2021 was no different. There's a good chance that you might be behind on all the items that came out just with ColourPop Cosmetics alone. This year was filled with tons of fun collabs from their Lizzie McGuire Collection to their Hocus Pocus collab, but these were just some of ColourPop's collaborations with Disney

Let's be honest, there are a lot of Disney movies out there and tons of them would be perfect for beauty inspiration. ColourPop took those characters and ran, creating some seriously stand-out Disney beauty items. From vaults filled with an eyeshadow for every princess to whimsical lashes, there was a whole lot to celebrate this year. 

In case you blinked and missed it, here are some of the best ColourPop x  Disney collabs of the year. 

The TinkerBell Collection

It turns out that when you think of Disney characters, some of the smallest pack the biggest punch. ColourPop's TinkerBell Collection proves that (via PopSugar). The range of products might be small, but they are mighty — just like the little pixie. 

In the TinkerBell collection, there are five different products featured, and all of them are incredible. According to the brand's website, the collection features one eyeshadow palette, three eyeshadows, two eyeliners, and a highlighter. The eyeshadow shades range from gorgeous pinks to classic pixie-inspired greens. While all the shades are reminiscent of the Disney character, they are completely wearable at the same time.

The best part? All of the shades are in stock and on sale on ColourPop at the time of publication. Whether you've already fallen in love with the collection and need to stock up or are looking to indulge for the first time, you're in luck. It won't be around forever, though. With a new year, new launches are coming, so you're going to want to act fast. 

The Disney princesses eyeshadow palette

While there were full collections made for individual Disney characters, some characters came together for a collab of their own. Instead of highlighting one Disney princess, ColourPop chose to feature all the princesses for one incredible eyeshadow palette. Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana , Cinderella, and Belle are represented in this one standout shadow palette.

ColourPop's It's A Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette features 15 different shades, all inspired by the different Disney princesses. The brand's website says that it's a "dream come true" with "soft, romantic shadows." There's everything from gorgeous, everyday pinks to shimmers of purple and even some browns. 

While the palette is currently listed as limited edition, you can snag it at the time of publication. In fact, it's on sale right now for a cool $18, down from $24. That's a small price to pay to bring a little bit of magic into your life. 

The Bambi Collection

Okay, out of all the Disney collabs by ColourPop, this could be the best one. While Bambi is definitely an underrated Disney character, the ColourPop collection does not disappoint. Instead of just the classic eyeshadows and blushes, the brand opted for false eyelashes. Because nothing says doe-eyed like some falsies. According to ColourPop, these false eyelashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free too.

Of course, false eyelashes aren't the only item available in the collaboration. ColourPop dreamed up a lip gloss, three eyeliners, and a highlighter to go along with the lashes. It's one of ColourPop's smaller collections of the year, but these products are absolutely gorgeous.

You can still stock up on every item as well. Just like all the other Disney x ColourPop items mentioned above, this collection is also currently on sale. That means you'll want to stock up if you want to carry these items into the new year with you. 

The Frozen II Collection

You didn't think the most famous Disney sisters weren't going to get their own collection, did you? Elsa and Anna might not have been involved in the princess eyeshadow palette, but they got their own time to shine. According to PopSugar, each sister got their own entire ColourPop collection as well. Yes, really.

Each "Frozen" sister has a collection of an eyeshadow palette, two lip products, and a glitter. While Elsa's features a silver undertone of all the makeup items, Anna's is all about the golds. Basically, no matter whether you're a cool-toned or warm-toned beauty lover, there's a sister collection for you. Or, you know, you can buy them both to get all the makeup magic. 

It's interesting to see how ColourPop takes the "Frozen II" movie that we all know and love and pick the perfect items to be included. However, this collection is also marked as limited edition, so you'll want to act fast if you want these items in your beauty bag.

The Nightmare Before Christmas eyeshadow palette

Last but definitely not least, comes the mightiest Disney collection of the bunch when it comes to color. ColourPop's "Nightmare Before Christmas" collection currently only consists of just two items, but they pack a serious punch. When the collection originally launched, it included an eyeshadow collection, three individual eyeshadow shades, a glitter, two lip products, two liners, and even stick-on jewels (via Nylon). All of which had packaging that glows under a black light.

Unfortunately, at the time of publication you can only get the Nightmare Before Christmas Shadow Palette and the Creme Lux Lipstick in Sally. If you're into neon pinks, both are the products for you. Because, let's be honest, fun shades are meant to be worn all year — not just around Halloween. 

The Disney lineup from ColourPop was pretty darn incredible this year. Here's to hoping that they have just as many fun collaborations available in the new year.