The Highest-Rated Amazon Puffer Jackets

There's not much that you can't find on Amazon. From dog toys to kitchen gadgets to the latest fashion trends, you can pretty much find anything you need. This winter, one of those things is likely a jacket. Forget having to leave the house to go shopping because Amazon has you covered. No matter your personal style, the website has the selection you're looking for. Plus, most of the options will arrive on your front doorstep in just two days. Who says that you can't have it all? 


Not only does the website offer more styles than you would ever find in a department store, but there are plenty of reviews to let you know exactly what you're getting. According to Today, some of Amazon's bestsellers have upwards of 9,000 reviews on them. Basically, what we're trying to say is that this is not just a list of great jackets to buy. This is a roundup of the best of the best. Get ready to be toasty, stylish, and have your new favorite coat in two days. 

The best sleek, long puffer — 4.7 rating

With over 5,000 ratings, the Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket has 4.7 stars on Amazon. That means that it might just be the best puffer jacket available on the website. You know, if you're into a long, hooded look. According to the reviews, people love this jacket for the comfort, warmth, and super fun thumb holes in the sleeves. 


One review even says the person tried 11 different jackets from places like Lands' End, Eddie Bauer, and L.L. Bean before deeming this the perfect coat. Another says that they took this jacket to the Arctic Circle and Siberia area of Russia and "couldn't have survived without it comfortably." So, yeah, this is a pretty great jacket. Of course, the only downside is that this is also the most expensive jacket on the list. A cool $150 will land you this coat, but there is an upside — it's the best of the best. 

The best short, hoodless coat — 4.6 rating

If you're looking for something a little more simple, this could be the jacket for you. The Amazon Essentials jacket doesn't have the length or the hood, but it sure does have the ratings. It scored a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars with almost 8,000 reviews. There's a whopping 19 different colorways, including tons of solid colors and even two cheetah prints, per Today


According to reviews, this keeps you warm even in the rain, and it compacts super well, making it perfect for travel. The only downside seems to be that this is not an adventure coat. If you're hitting super cold temperatures, reviewers say that you're going to need something a bit more heavy. But if you're looking for a coat that keeps you warm from the car into work and is easy to throw on, this coat is the one for you.

The best basic, hooded option— 4.5 rating

No, you're not seeing double. This jacket is almost identical to the previous cold-weather option. There's just one difference — this Amazon Basics puffer jacket has a hood. With over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this jacket ranks at a cool 4.5 for its ability to accommodate plenty of different body types and how lightweight it is, according to reviews. 


"I decided to buy this jacket because of its ability to be rolled up into a packable ball, the price, and because it is not down," one reviewer wrote. "I cannot believe what a nice jacket this is!" People also love that there are so many different color choices — from baby pink to basic black. Of course, there's also the price. This Amazon Basics favorite is just $45. It's one of the most affordable ones on this list, with one of the highest ratings. Basically, you can't go wrong with this hanging in your closet. 

The best heavy-weight, affordable find — 4.6

Don't look now, but this is most definitely a dupe, per Buzzfeed. Do you remember that best-selling jacket from Columbia that we mentioned first on the list? This is the more affordable option from Amazon Basics. Like, $100 cheaper. If you love the style of the previous jacket but not the price, then this is the one for you to try. 


Again, the thumb holes are a definite favorite for reviewers. The pocket on the inside is also a fan-favorite of this option, along with the length. "The length is fantastic," one reviewer says. "It'll keep most of your rear warm without feeling like you're being weighed down. It's not super bulky so you won't feel stuffy, and it's constructed in a way that will be flattering to your waistline instead of looking like the Michelin Man." Amazon is all about making affordable options based on favorites, and this jacket is no different. 

The super long cold-weather jacket — 4.3 rating

If you're looking for a long jacket to keep your backside warm this season, then this is the jacket for you. While the rating is slightly lower than the others, the Amazon Basics long jacket is one of the highest-rated long jackets available on the site. This one's great for commuting or walking to classes, as it won't let the wind blow up under it. 


The only downside to this jacket is the sizing. According to reviews, you're going to want to size up on this jacket. That's especially true if you're looking to wear layers underneath it. On the plus side, one reviewer compared its quality to North Face, so you win some and lose some. For the price of $50, it's definitely worth at least trying out for yourself. No matter what type of jacket you're going for, Amazon has you covered. Heck, at these prices, you could likely afford to try more than one style. You know, for the sake of staying warm this winter.