You Probably Didn't Know The Hair Straightener In Your Home Can Do This

The flat iron is a staple in just about every home. The wonderful little device is great for straightening hair, but if you've just been using it to flatten out your curls, it's time to see all its other possibilities. It turns out that straighteners are great for a whole bunch of other hairstyles as well, per Cosmopolitan. We're talking waves, tight curls, and even crimps.

Trying a new hairstyle can be intimidating, especially if you've been using your straightener only to do one type of look. But it's actually super easy to use the tool to do other styles, especially if you use the proper techniques and tricks. According to Byrdie, getting the perfect curl is all about how much heat and pressure you apply to an area. "Pay attention to pass and compression," Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa Company, tells the publication. "The pass is the amount of time heat is applied to an area, and the compression is the amount of pressure with which the heat is applied." Now that you know the mechanics of how to nail the perfect look with a straightener, here's precisely what your flat iron can do, because it's time to celebrate the tool for its versatility. 

Spin the straightener for a classic curl

If you're looking for the easiest possible way to ease into straightener curls, then this is the option for you. These classic straightener curls look super similar to a coil that you'd get with a curling iron. The big twist here is that it's easier to achieve, and you don't have to worry about accidentally burning yourself with the barrel.

All you need to do to get classic curls with a straightener, according to Cosmopolitan, is take a small strip of hair and start your straightener out at the root like you typically would when straightening. Then, begin to spin the barrel of the straightener while keeping the hair taught. This will give you those classic curls without dealing with all the clipping, curling, or cooling of a curling iron. It's that easy! Since they will be loose, you can also easily redo the curls that you don't like. Plus, from experience, these curls stay intact so much longer.

Old vintage curls are just a brush away

Are you looking to go a little more old school? Getting old vintage curls with a straightener is just as easy to achieve as the classic waves previously mentioned. According to Cosmopolitan, all you have to do is follow the steps for classic curling and then run a brush through your curls. That will leave you with perfect Old Hollywood curls without the hassle of pinning and curling. 

The best part about this classic style is that it's a great option for second-day curls. You can wear your hair in classic curls one day, run a brush through them the next, and have an entirely different look while saving tons of time. You can get a more polished vintage curl look by moving your curling iron in a wide "S" shape (via Byrdie). Just start at the root of the hair, curl a slight "C" shape away from you, then finish the "S" by opening the straightener, clamping down, and curling in the opposite direction. 

Make a loose "S" shape for beachy waves

Beachy waves are the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle. The effortless style might look easy to achieve, but it turns out there's a lot of effort involved in making the waves look great. Skip all the sea salt sprays and products that make your hair look stiff, and instead use a hair straightener to create the tousled look. According to Byrdie, all you need to do is curl your hair in an "S" shape to get beachy indents. Start with your flat iron at the root of your hair and curl the hair away from you in a "C" shape. Then, unclamp the straightener and make the same shape, but towards you this time. That will make an "S" shape and give you classic beachy waves. 

This hairstyle is super easy to achieve with a flat iron. The best part is that you can control the shape of your waves instead of waiting for a product to give you the look you want. 

Braid your hair for a crimped look

For an unconventional curly look made with a straightener, all you need to do is add some braids, per Cosmopolitan. The first step to getting crimped hair is to braid your hair into sections. Then you take your straightener and pass it over the different areas of hair, from the crown down to the ends. Let your hair completely cool, and then undo the braids. You'll have a mass of crimped hair.

The best thing about this is that you're totally in control of what type of crimp thickness you'd like. If you want small, '80s crimps, make your braids really small. If you're looking for a more wavy crimp, just make your braids a bit thicker. The thicker you go, the higher the heat you'll need to use. Just make sure that you're using a heat-protecting spray and not holding the straightener on one piece for too long, or you could damage your hair. Who knew that one little tool could create so many looks? If this didn't convince you to bust out the straightener more often, we don't know what will.