The Best Perfume Sampler Sets Of 2021

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Choosing your fragrance is a very personal experience. Everyone has their own sense of smell and their own nauseating fragrances. One person's favorite vanilla perfume is another person's gag-reflex-tester. Fragrances are also one of the last remaining beauty products that can't simply be ordered online. Sure, you can try to read the notes and scent descriptions and boldly risk it all, but perfumes demand to be experienced in real life at the end of the day. There are even the fair few that need to sit directly on your skin for a few hours before showing their true colors. 


Their high price ranges and luxurious vibes are what make perfumes such a perfect gift. But their intricacies are what also make them risky to purchase without trial. Enter perfume sampler sets. The answer to all of our picky-prayers, perfume sampler sets are a blessing that allows you or your giftee the chance to experience a fragrance the way it ought to be experienced before deciding whether or not to take the pricey plunge. Here's a round-up of some of the most delicious perfume sampler sets of 2021. 

For the scent everyone is talking about

Fragrances are never-ending. New ones are popping up on an almost daily basis. Trends come and go, brands have their moment in the spotlight, and then move on. But through it all, no single perfume has had quite as much hype surrounding it as Maison Francis Kurkdijan Paris's Baccarat Rouge 540. 


The perfume isn't only viral on TikTok but everywhere else, too. With celebrities like Rihanna and Drake reportedly using it, everyone wants to smell just like them, as per Refinery29. It's certainly one of the most expensive perfumes out there, clocking in at over $400 a bottle, so the Maison Francis Kurkdijan Discovery Set for Her ($55) is a great way to test it out along with seven other unique fragrances from the brand.

For the luxe lover

In general, perfumes are luxurious. But within the rankings of existing perfume brands, there's certainly a hierarchy of most luxe to somewhat average. And if you're looking for the best of the best, Jo Malone maintains its status consistently as one of the most boujee, per Forbes


Jo Malone always produces sought-after products with a range of unique scents, making it the perfect gift. Invest in the Jo Malone London Travel Size Cologne Set ($115) for five generously-sized samples of their most iconic scents. 

For the crystal collector

If you or a friend have delved into the world of healing crystals and meditation this past year, this set is perfect for you. For a fun switch-up from the classical perfume sampler set, why not try this MandalaGems Crystal Infused 5 Perfume Oil Gift Set ($111) for a selection of unique and potent oils that come with an extra feature ...


According to Refinery29, each of the five perfume oils is infused with Peridot crystals to help clear your energy. Wiping away bad vibes, the oils envelop you with the positive energies of Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Peridot, Rose Quartz, and the unique Jasmine Rainbow Moonstone.

For the experience in a bottle

Generally, perfumes are created and named based on a certain scent. You have your ouds, your vanillas, your floral notes, your smoky notes — it's all about the ingredients. Maison Margiela took a break from killing the fashion game to dive into an entirely unique take on fragrances with the Replica range. According to Who What Wear, each unisex perfume is designed not to capture a scent, but to capture an experience or feeling. 


From "By The Fireplace" to "Beach Day," each perfume perfectly encapsulates a moment in time, which is why it's so popularly loved. The Maison Margiela Replica Deluxe Mini Coffret Set ($68) is the perfect purchase to gift a loved one or yourself with an experience.

For the gift that keeps giving

Every perfume sampler set works as multiple gifts in one. With multiple tiny bottles, you give your loved ones the chance to explore and choose the fragrance they want to invest in. Why not take it one step further and ensure they eventually buy the scent they love best?


Sephora is infamous for its perfume sampler sets, which come with a built-in gift card that covers a full-price product of one of the fragrances in the collection. The Bestsellers Perfume Sampler Set ($68) comes with 13 of Sephora's top-selling fragrances, and once you test them out, you can use the scent certificate to get a full size of the fragrance you love most.