The Spice Girls Are Rumored To Be Reuniting. Here's What We Know

In the world of music, musicians and bands come and go. But every now and comes an artist or group that incite such a pandemonium of obsession that their legacy lives on long after they stop making new music. It's likely that as you read this, depending on your age, either "One Direction" or the "Spice Girls" instantly came to mind. The girl band didn't only produce iconic anthems that preached girl power and marked the childhoods of countless women across the globe. But, the bold and unique combination of personalities of each Spice Girls member spoke to women everywhere on differing levels. 

The high of loving the Spice Girls was brought to a heartbreaking halt in 1998 when Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, and Sporty Spice announced that the band would be breaking up (via InStyle). While fans have yet to recover from the breakup, every now and then the ladies restore faith and give the fans what they desperately need. Every time that the ladies unite, the Spice Girls flame in fans' hearts is reignited — and it sounds like all five members of the iconic girl band might be reuniting in 2022. 

All five Spice Girls might be reuniting for a very special reason

Victoria and David Beckham have remained in the public eye for many years now, per Us Weekly. Today, their four children — Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper, and Cruz — have begun to find their own place in the spotlight. The Beckhams' eldest son, Brooklyn, is perhaps the most famous of his siblings, mainly due to his celebrity relationships — as well as his successful career as a model and a photographer (via Heart).

Over the past year, Brooklyn has been making headlines due to his highly-publicized relationship with now-fiancé, Nicola Peltz, per Elle. The couple announcing their engagement after only 9 months of dating came as a shock to many. Although, their precious odes to each other via social media made it very clear that they belong together (via Elle). While the wedding itself promises to be an event to remember, with a lavish $103 million wedding venue, the official guest list is what many are eagerly awaiting to see, per Hello!. 

According to The Daily Mail, the wedding ceremony is set to become the event where the Spice Girls reunite in 2022, as all five members will reportedly be in attendance. The reunion is all the more exciting for fans when considering the recent buzz surrounding the possibility of a 2023 reunion world tour, with Mel B insisting, "I'll make sure it happens" (via People).