TikTok's Makeup Queen Mikayla Nogueira Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Products

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The TikTok beauty community goes hard, and perhaps no one goes harder than Mikayla Nogueira. The content creator makes multiple makeup videos a day and is constantly on top of all the best and newest makeup trends. Watching her videos feels just like having a bestie who can help advise you on all of your makeup purchases — and thankfully, Nogueira is no stranger to sharing her favorite products. Whether these items have just hit the market, or have been staples in her cosmetics bag for a while, TikTok's makeup queen is usually one of the first to share them with the world. 

If you don't have a favorite beauty influencer yet, you just might after watching this TikTok video from Nogueira, in which she reveals her favorite all-time makeup items. A word of warning though: You're likely going to want all of the products featured in the video, which total to around $500!

Chanel and Tom Ford are among the high-end winners

The best part of Mikayla Nogueira's videos is that she features both high-end and budget friendly finds, whereas some people focus solely on one or the other. Let's begin with her more pricey products (and if this isn't your cup of tea, skip on below to check out the more affordable pieces)! In her TikTok video, Nogueira names two Chanel makeup items among her favorites: the Les Beiges Blush in No. 24 and the Baume Essentiel in Transparent. The sticks — which are absolutely gorgeous and give off a natural, but stunning shine — retail for $45 each.

Nogueira also counts another pricey find within her favorites: the Tom Ford Soleil Glow Bronzer. The color is absolutely stunning and glides on the skin like butter. Though it's a more expensive buy at $75, Sephora's website advertises it as "a silky, comfortable, buildable bronzer featuring a mix of plant-derived butters to nourish and soften skin, giving a luminous lit-from-within glow" that makes it worth the price tag.

There's more affordable items in the mix

Along with the name-brand items, there are plenty of affordable finds in Mikayla Nogueira's list of favorites — so if you're not willing to splurge on the higher-end items featured in the tutorial, you'll still have plenty of options. In particular, there are two items from NYX Cosmetics that you're going to want to shop ASAP. In her video, Nogueira explains that she loves both the Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler and the Suede Matte Lip Liner from the brand. The best part? Together, these two items cost just $12, meaning that you can try out tons of different liner shades without breaking the bank. 

Another one of Nogueira's go-to makeup brands is Rare Beauty, which was created by Selena Gomez in 2020. While Rare Beauty isn't exactly drugstore priced, it is on the more affordable end of the scale. Specifically, Nogueira names the Brow Harmony Pencil and Gel and the Always an Optimist Soft Radiance Setting Powder as some of her favorite makeup products. Both items are $22 each, which is still budget friendly, especially when compared to Nogueira's high-end finds.

Mikayla Nogueira's full face of makeup costs $486 in total

Mikayla Nogueira's full face look is absolutely stunning. In her TikTok video, she tells fans that she wanted to look hot for date night — and she definitely delivered. To achieve her look, the TikTok creator used a total of 15 beauty products. However, this doesn't include her eye makeup, which she did off camera. Tallying up all the items she names brings the makeup look to a total of $468. 

This is quite a bit of cash to spend on date night prep, and no one is saying that you need to run out and purchase all 15 beauty items. However, if you've been looking to try out something new, this is the perfect tutorial to watch and pick out a few favorites of your own. With plenty of top-of-the-line products included in the video, this is a great place to start for any budding makeup aficionado (or expert, for that matter)! Makeup products come and go, but if Nogueira is calling these her favorites right now, chances are that they're probably not going anywhere anytime soon.