Does The Viral Smudge-Proof Nyx Liquid Lipstick Really Work?

TikTok is always entertaining to scroll through for hours on end, but while it's certainly time consuming, its number one con is the damage it can do to our bank accounts. Tucked neatly in between the endless hilarious videos or crazy transition transformations lies the rabbit hole of TikTok product recommendations and viral products. Nowhere is this business bustling quite as much as on the side of beauty TikTok

Somehow, while innocently scrolling through TikTok at 3 a.m. you'll find yourself on Amazon adding a Revlon Volcanic Stone Roller to your cart that even Allure approves of. Nothing can be quite as compelling as those 60 seconds showing you just how effective the latest viral beauty product can be — complete with a link to purchase that no true beauty addict can resist. 

Beauty TikTok has seen countless products come and go. Some more niche than others. Some wind up on almost every single beauty account's TikTok as well as every beauty magazine's latest articles, and that's when you know a product has gone truly viral. When NYX Professional Makeup released a brand new hybrid game-changing lip product, overnight it was popping up every couple of videos for anyone that's entered beauty TikTok. And like any true viral TikTok makeup product, this one had results so mind-blowing that it sold out repeatedly — adding even further to the hype surrounding it. But, does it really work? 

This liquid lipstick will not move all day

NYX Professional Makeup have always remained on the pulse of beauty trends. Their Epic Ink Liner and Soft Matte Lip Creams are just a couple of their iconic releases that PopSugar deems the best. The best thing about NYX is that while providing super affordable price points they never compromise their quality. They're loved and trusted by fans for the professional grade level products they release that are typically under $10, and they've even been crowned the best makeup brand according to Glamour. Whenever their hype begins to dwindle, they release a new exciting product that wins fans over, but none have been quite as sensational as their Shine Loud Vegan High Shine Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick $11.50

The era of liquid lipsticks has died. It's all about the plump, juicy, glossy lips. Only problem is, glossy means constant reapplication, and we lose out on the longevity of a matte lip. NYX have decided to create a revolutionary liquid lipstick that offers high glossy shine while lasting just as long as a matte lip would. TikTokers went crazy for it. More and more videos were popping up of beauty gurus putting it to the test and proving just how non-budging it is. 

Popular beauty TikToker @Mimiermakeup tried it out and confirmed there was only the tiniest bit of transfer onto a tissue but not enough to affect her lips as she gives it the stamp of, "Definitely works!" Byrdie even shared their own review and further confirmed that this lipstick did not move all day, and writer Chinea Rodriguez claimed, "I'm not surprised it's practically sold out everywhere."