Cozy Wardrobe Essentials You Can Still Enjoy In A Warmer Climate

We're all right smack in the middle of winter, and with it, the frigid cold we had started to forget about. Back in the summer, a very small part of us couldn't wait for winter: Even with a sandy beach right in front of us, the prospect of snow and the holiday season made us long for that cozy feeling. While you might think this is pure insanity, winter does mark the return of comforting foods like roasts, gooey pecan pie, and even some spiked eggnog. The season puts spending time with family at the forefront, which we can always get on board with, and is tailor-made for feeling thankful for the simple things. 

Caroling, holiday parties, and staying home with a book in front of the fireplace are all fair game in the winter, so excuse us when we say we actually love this season. Another major plus side? The clothes. Sure, we love a breezy, floral summer or spring dress as much as the next person, and tropical vibes are always fun. But winter chic is on another level, and we always get excited about our cold weather fashion game.

If you're a fan of all things winter, chances are, you have a bunch of cold weather accessories in your closet. That being said, all of it gets tossed to the side once spring and summer rolls around, right? Not anymore! We've found the top winter accessories that can easily be worn in the warmer months.

All the ways winter scarves can easily take you into spring

We believe the art of scarf-wearing should be thought of as a talent much like ballet or guitar-playing. If you regularly wear scarves, you might already know that the accessory can make or break an outfit, molding the entire look with just a quick toss around your neck. Depending on the kind of scarf you go for, you might completely change your outfit through a pop of color like cherry red or marigold on an otherwise neutral base. Plus, scarves add texture to your clothes too, transforming a wool coat and tights into something extra with woven, metallic-speckled details. 

An added element to scarves you might not even realize? The way you tie them. French women are known to change up their looks by tying their scarves in different ways each time they wear them, either through just a shoulder-toss or a chic double knot (via Mon Petit Four). With all these plus sides, it would really be a shame to let your scarves go to waste in the summer and spring.

So, what are some stylish ways to wear a scarf during the warmer months? Springtime is the perfect season for scarves, especially simple monochrome looks paired with a bright, similar-colored sweater, chic pants, flats, and a crossbody. This will be a welcome alternative to scarf-wearing that doesn't require a coat. For summer, try tying your scarf around your upper body and making it into a makeshift top, or wearing it as a sarong.

Beanies are absolutely season-less

Another staple piece that will easily take you from winter to spring and summer? Our favorite cool-girl beanies. While the thought of this may seem strange, hear us out: Just think of all the bad hair days you've easily avoided throughout the wintertime by simply slipping on a beanie over your head. In that moment, all you can think is, "thank God it's winter." Sadly, most of us reserve our beanies for the coldest, most frigid days of the year, then tuck them carefully in our dresser drawers until the next snow day comes along. But why? Just like we wear cardigans and knit tops in the spring, we can also easily use knit hats as a fun accessory no matter the weather outside.

While we don't necessarily recommend breaking out the fur lined beanies or even fluffy pompoms, simple beanies are a perfect addition to any casual look in the spring and summer. Giving us all the Avril Lavigne "Sk8tr Boi" vibes we always wanted since the early 2000s, beanies have a certain cool factor that make outfits look more down-to-earth, and never like you tried too hard. 

For spring, try pairing a lightweight denim jacket with a denim mini skirt Canadian tuxedo style (via CR Fashion Book). Slip on some cute sneakers, a beanie, and a crossbody bag, and your look is complete! For summer, beanies might be a bit harder to pull off, but if kids at the skate parks do it, so will we!

Leather gloves are timeless, even in warm temperatures

It's safe to say that when we think of wintertime accessories that pair well in the warmer months, we first think of easier pieces like scarves being made into makeshift tops, skirts, and bag accessories, or the aforementioned season-less beanies we'll always love. While scarves and knit hats are the front runners for winter accessories that work through summer and spring, there's actually a lot more where that came from. As surprising as it might sound, you don't have to store your winter gloves away when March rolls around.

While you might shudder at the thought of wearing your shearling gloves out to run errands in the summer, that's not exactly what we mean. If you have a pair of soft leather gloves you only wear for fall and winter, you can continue to bring them into your wardrobe through spring, too. This is especially great if you tend to have cold hands, particularly inside shopping malls with infamously-low air conditioner temperatures, or you want to protect the skin on your hands from the damaging sun. 

In fact, it's no secret Old Hollywood screen sirens used leather driving gloves to keep hands youthful and look more glamorous (via Vogue). And the act may actually prove useful to ward off sun spots and premature wrinkles. Slip on your gloves when driving to protect hands from the sun, and pair them with all your chic springtime outfits with ease.

Black tights will always be a vibe – no matter the season

Last but certainly not least, we will always love the idea of black tights with quite literally any outfit. We refuse to keep them for just cold-weather-appropriate winter outfits. Black tights add a certain level of drama to absolutely any look — they're all over the runways and the street style circuit right now for a reason. Gucci broke the internet as of late with their immediately iconic GG Pattern Tights ($420), which influencers have been pairing with everything from mini dresses to distressed denim shorts — even in the thick of summer when they aren't at all necessary (via Who What Wear).

Recently, there are tons of aesthetics popping up on TikTok and Instagram that make black tights a go-to no matter what season we're living in. Dark academia is all about bringing in Harry Potter looks to 2022, involving pieces like plaid skirts, argyle cardigans, white tube socks, simple tanks, velvet headbands, leather satchels, and yes, black tights. 

We also love anything e-girl, which typically involves goth-style outfits bringing in cut-out T-shirts, long socks, chain details, grommeted belts, band tees, and black tights with maybe just a few holes (via The Vou). There's no chance black tights are going anywhere just yet, so keeping a few pairs in rotation throughout spring and summer is a must. Wear your tights under shorts with combat boots and a tee, or with loafers, white socks, and a plaid mini dress for schoolgirl chic.