The Most Inappropriate Outfits Worn By Paris Hilton

There isn't a generation alive today that doesn't know the name Paris Hilton. The actress, singer, DJ, and model has had a whole lot of careers, and she's served looks to go along with them all. Hilton has been an It girl for decades now. So it only makes sense that there are a few outfits of hers that haven't aged as well as the others (via Vogue).

The early 2000s were an iconic time in fashion. Certain Y2K pieces are coming back into style today, but the outfits back then were comprised of more than just bucket hats and baguette bags. In fact, some of Hilton's most outrageous outfits were headline-grabbing for a whole different reason. For those of you who were not alive during the golden years, Hilton was known for wearing bright colors, sparkles, and, well, not a whole lot of fabric. 

This woman loves fashion; it only makes sense that she experimented with her look. After all, Hilton did plan to wear 10 dresses at her 2021 wedding. Sometimes experimenting with fashion works, and sometimes it just doesn't. Here are some of her most outrageous looks to give you a glimpse of what the 2000s were really like.

That time Paris Hilton wore a skirt to ride a motorcycle

The 2000s were the prime time for matching sets, but this one isn't exactly the most appropriate for riding a motorcycle. In 2007, Paris Hilton chose to ride a motorcycle down the red carpet at a Maxim event. While the moment was iconic, the outfit definitely was not the greatest choice. That was especially the case for her partner in crime at the time, Kimberley Stewart. She wore a similar outfit and then wiped out on her motorcycle (via Live Life). Whoops...

Hilton's matching pink cropped jacket and mini-skirt alone are bold choices for riding a motorcycle, but the bright colors would be considered on-trend still in 2022 still in 2022. The addition of knee-high black stiletto-heeled boots brought an even more scandalous feel to the look. Top that off with a black newsboy cap, and you have one heck of an era-appropriate fashion choice. Of course, this 'fit was definitely iconic at the time, but it was also more than a little bit outrageous. 

Paris Hilton's faux-thong birthday suit

This birthday suit Paris Hilton wore was pretty darn close to being an actual birthday suit. At one of several parties she threw herself in 2002, Hilton opted for a light blue dress that looked like a completely normal halter top from the front. The back, however, was a little more revealing. The sheer, baby blue dress was cut all the way down and revealed a neutral-toned, completely bedazzled bodysuit underneath. Surprisingly, the look's low back wasn't all, though. The bodysuit included fake thong-like straps that imitated the era's mega-popular whale tail.

Of course, we are not about to criticize a woman's 21st birthday outfit; however, this wasn't exactly the most casual choice. In fact, we'd argue it was definitely one of the quintessential birthday outfit of the early 2000s. That's especially true when you consider that this wasn't just any party; it was the party of an It girl. Believe it or not, this was just one of her six birthdays Hilton threw that year, according to Vogue. You won't be surprised to learn her other outfits were just as outrageous.

Paris Hilton's other 21st birthday look was just as revealing

If you thought the thong dress was a lot, just wait until you see one of her other birthday dresses from 2002. We previously mentioned Paris Hilton had more than one party when she turned 21. At her bash in London she opted for a, well, loosely-termed dress to party it up. Honestly, it was less of a dress and more or less just two pieces of silver fabric held together by literal strings. Hilton was a walking disco ball in this dazzling number, which she paired with a tiny tiara and adorable butterfly clips in her blonde hair.

It's scandalous, but this is a truly iconic look. Actually, it's so unforgettable that plenty of celebrities have taken inspiration from it over the years. According to Page Six, everyone from Kendall Jenner to Blake Lively has worn lookalikes on the red carpet. Nicki Hilton, Paris' younger sister, even wore something similar to dress up as her sister for Halloween in 2018. That's what we call timeless fashion.

The sarong Paris Hilton wore to the 2003 MTV Movie Awards

Paris Hilton stayed true to her signature style of bright and short when she showed up in this look at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. She wore a bandage one-shouldered top and a matching aquamarine skirt that tied at the side. According to Insider, it's gone down in history as one of the wildest outfits in the history of MTV's awards shows. To be completely honest, we're not sure how she actually moved in this outfit. The skirt was so unbelievably short and low-cut that it's a miracle that it actually stayed where it was supposed to as she glided down the red carpet. 

Hilton paired this top and skirt with a pair of stiletto heels and tied-back ponytail that made sure the entire look was on display. To put it simply, a lot of skin was shown at this event. Her shiny, bejeweled belly button ring was also on full display. Oh, she wore a watch on her wrist, too. If this truly unforgettable fashion moment doesn't scream early 2000s, then we're not sure what does.  

Her barely-there dress at the 2004 MVT Video Music Awards was ahead of its time

If you couldn't already tell, Paris Hilton knows how to make a statement with her fashion choices. Instead of following trends, she makes her own. That's exactly what she did when she wore this barely-there number to the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards (via HuffPost). The eye-popping dress was made out of nothing but strips of fabric, jewels, and a whole lot of feathers. Again, it's pretty incredible that she could actually maneuver down the red carpet and spend the entire night in this dress.

You didn't think that Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox invented the barely-there dress, did you? Nope! Paris Hilton was the OG mastermind behind wearing some of the most revealing outfits of the 2000s. She walked so that other celebrities could run, as they say. Overall, you can't deny that she's a total style icon of her time, though. Appropriate or not, Hilton will forever be remembered for her contributions to the fashion industry.