You'll Never Guess How Many Dresses Paris Hilton Plans To Wear During Her Wedding

It should come as no surprise that heiress Paris Hilton is slated to have a pretty extravagant wedding. The 40-year-old millionaire announced her engagement to venture capitalist Carter Reum, whom she had been dating since 2019 but has reportedly known for over 15 years (via Women's Health Magazine). Despite this being Hilton's fourth engagement (via Parade), she tells sources that she had finally found her "Prince Charming," and that "when you find your soulmate, you don't just know it. You feel it."

Hilton has always been known for being quite extravagant, from expensive cars, to luxurious vacations, and designer outfits. Therefore, it seems totally on brand for her that her wedding would be just as impressive. On a recent episode of "The Tonight Show" in which Hilton appeared as a guest, she gushed all about the upcoming wedding with host Jimmy Fallon. "It's gonna be like a three-day affair. We have a lot happening," she said (via YouTube).

Her new docuseries will share the details of her wedding

While Paris Hilton promises that she has no intention of being a "bridezilla," she revealed that she won't be having only one measly wedding dress — she will be having 10. "Lots of dresses, probably 10. I love outfit changes," she said, joking that her fiancé will probably only have one outfit, as "he's not as high-maintenance as I am" (via People).

Furthermore, Hilton revealed some exciting news for fans. She told Fallon that cameras will most certainly be at the wedding, as she wants to share her big day with her fans and introduce them all to her future husband. Her upcoming docuseries, "Paris in Love," will show all the details of the wedding in question. According to TV Line, the docuseries, which will air on Peacock, is a 13-part series that will follow Hilton as she prepares to "walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams." Plus, "From bridal dress shopping and choosing the venue, to designing her dream destination wedding and participating in what certainly will be a fun and crazy bachelorette party, viewers will be along for an entertaining and emotional ride and will witness a personal side of Paris that only her closest friends and family get to see."

Hilton says that her previous 2020 documentary, "This is Paris," showed a more raw, emotional part of her life. But she wants her fans to know that she's happy now. "I just feel like I wanted my fans to see that I found my Prince Charming and my happy fairytale ending," she explained.