Here Are The Partners Of The Los Angeles Rams

With the 56th Super Bowl taking place in Los Angeles, California, on February 13, 2022, there's a lot of interest in the main stars of the night: the players of the Los Angeles Rams and the opposing team, the Cincinnati Bengals. While plenty of people are just paying attention to the game at hand, there are others who want to know everything they can about the personal lives of the players on the field.

When it comes to the Los Angeles Rams, there are players who have been in super long-term relationships like Andrew Whitworth. Others have been together for a couple years. While being married to someone who is regularly on the world stage in such a big way probably comes with its challenges, many of these relationships seem stronger now than they ever have been before.

Here is a little bit about a few of the Los Angeles Rams and their partners.

Matthew and Kelly Stafford have four children together

Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly Stafford, got married in April 2015 and haven't looked back since. The pair, who met as college students at the University of Georgia, share four daughters together, and by all accounts, being a family man is a hugely important part of Matthew's life. The pair's twins, Chandler and Sawyer, were born in March 2017, as People reported, and they were later joined by sisters Hunter and Tyler in August 2018 and June 2020, respectively.

In April 2019, Kelly had to undergo brain surgery for a tumor on her cranial nerves, as she explained in an article published by ESPN. As she shared on Instagram, her surgery was originally meant to last six hours but in reality took a full 12 hours to complete. Happily, Kelly seems to be doing well today. Reflecting on the experience in 2020, she thanked her husband for his support in the caption of an Instagram post, "You are the only reason I got through this past year."

Kelly also has her own career going on, and currently serves as host of the podcast "The Morning After with Kelly Stafford." 

Anna Croskey is the reason Cooper Kupp joined the NFL

Cooper Kupp and wife Anna Kupp have been married since 2015, and the two met when they were teenagers who both competed in track and field. Cooper later told The New York Times that he knew they would get married all the way back then, and it probably wasn't a surprise to many when they got married after Cooper's sophomore year of college. 

Anna has revealed that she is the one who supported the twosome while they were students, telling ESPN that doing so was all part of their shared dream to make it to the NFL. She said, "I was working full time so that he didn't have to worry about that, so that he could focus." Cooper reaffirmed this statement, telling ESPN that he believes he wouldn't have made it to football's biggest stage without his wife on his side. He stated, "Without a doubt, there's no doubt in my mind, not only would I not be here where I am today without her or accomplishing the things that I would be doing."

Cooper and Anna are parents to two kids, Cooper Jamison Jr., born in July 2018, and Cypress Stellar, born in January 2021.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood are having a baby together

In November 2021, Odell Beckham Jr. revealed he and his girlfriend Lauren Wood will be welcoming their first child together in 2022. The two chose to make the announcement on Instagram, simply offering up a few photos of a clearly pregnant Wood being embraced by Beckham Jr. 

As shared by Essence, the pair first came clean about their relationship in 2019, when Wood posted a photo of Beckham Jr. alongside a caption that read, "Your soul is pure gold. U know I can write lot about you, but I rather keep passing these love letters." From that point, Beckham Jr. has also been happy to celebrate his girlfriend on social media as well.

According to her social media accounts, Wood is a fitness trainer, though it seems that much of her energy has been devoted to being an influencer online. Her Instagram account boats a stunning 1.7 million followers, a number that will likely only increase as the couple's fame grows.

Austin Corbett and Madison Morrell have been married since 2017

Austin Corbett and Madison Morrell met in college, where they both played sports — while Corbett was busy with football, Morrell was a star volleyball player for the University of Nevada (via Nevada Sports Net), where she enjoyed what appears to have been a very successful college career (via Nevada Wolf Pack). 

In July 2020, Corbett shared that the two were only weeks away from welcoming a child together when he chose to advocate for safer pandemic-related conditions for players in the NFL alongside many of his colleagues in the sport, as shared by Nevada Sports Net. Corbett explained on Twitter that he wanted to keep things as safe as possible for two big reasons: He's a lifelong sufferer of asthma, and Morrell was pregnant and due in a little over a month. As he put it, "[Players'] safety, as well as our [families'] safety, needs to be the priority of the NFL."

Morrell has been pretty press-shy throughout her relationship with Corbett. It seems Morrell likely spends much of her time as mom to the pair's son, who they named Ford (per Nevada Sports Net).

Andrew and Melissa Whitworth are a strong team

In July 2020, Andrew and Melissa Whitworth revealed that, like many around the world, they had been diagnosed with COVID-19. The longtime married couple was happy to discuss the experience with the team's official publication, with Melissa telling The Rams, "You just never know where you are going to pick it up. It is everywhere." Andrew added, "It's so contagious, it happens quickly."

Andrew Whitworth's wife, Melissa, has worn quite a few hats during her relationship with Andrew. She attended college at Louisiana Tech while also pursuing a career in pageants; in fact, she was named Miss Louisiana in 2003. Later in 2008, she and Andrew established The Big Whit Foundation out of a desire to help youth and families in Northeast Louisiana. Since then, the foundation has been able to grow to three main programs: Whit's Warriors, Open Arms, and the Wish List Event.

Aaron Donald's wife, Erica Donald, is involved in the sports world too

Erica Donald and Aaron Donald have had pretty high-powered jobs; Donald is obviously a member of the Los Angeles Rams, and Erica previously worked as the team's communications team. These days, she no longer works for the Rams, but she and Aaron have kept their love going strong.

In fact, Erica moved on to game1, a Hollywood production company that focuses on sports. She is currently the brand's vice president of athlete partnerships. Erica also both currently acts as the interim chairperson and serves on the board of AD99 Solutions, the foundation that Aaron started in 2019. On top of that, it's clear from her Instagram posts that she and Aaron recently took on another exciting role they can share together: that of mom and dad. Their child joined two older siblings, children that Aaron shares with a previous partner.

Greg and Sheyeann Gaines have been together since high school

Greg and Sheyeann Gaines are yet another Rams couple who have an enduring love story. The twosome, who began dating when they were in high school together in La Habra, California, got engaged when they were halfway through their college years in Seattle.

As Gaines told the Seattle Times following his proposal, he always knew that Sheyeann was the one. After admitting that he had wanted to propose for quite some time, Greg added that he just wasn't sure about timing. He finally went for it, adding, "I was looking for rings for a couple months and then found what I liked. I was going to wait longer, but I think it was like burning a hole in my pocket so I had to do it."

Sheyeann told the paper that she was surprised but thrilled, explaining, "It's not very common anymore nowadays that people get married this young, so (the proposal) was very shocking." In 2019, the two welcomed their first child together, a son they named Colt (via the OC Register).

Christian and Rylie Rozeboom didn't expect to be back in LA

Like a lot of couples who are wrapped in a sports league like the NFL, Christian and Rylie Rozeboom knew that they might end up moving from city to city until Christian hopefully found a team he could play for in the long-term. Christian actually went without being drafted in 2020 before being signed to the Los Angeles Rams, but he was subsequently dropped from the team before the season began and picked up a job with the Kansas City Chiefs instead. However, as he told KCAU 9 News, he got a phone all from the Rams only weeks into the season that changed everything.

Rylie had just settled into a new job in Kansas City when the offer from the Rams came in. Christian explained, "So she had to kind of let them know what was going on. And they knew the situation beforehand, which was good. So she'll get out here as soon as she can. We'll have to pack up our house in Kansas City."

These days, former college basketball player Rylie works as a fitness trainer, and if her Instagram account is any indication, the two seem to be settling into Los Angeles just fine.