Here Are The Real-Life Partners Of The Cincinnati Bengals

Oh Super Bowl Sunday — the yearly event that has football fans elated and the rest of us, well, living for the commercials and the half-time show. But if you spend the majority of Super Bowl Sunday doing pretty much everything except watching the game, you're not alone. So, as your mind wanders, you may wonder as you watch the NFL stars take to the field just what their personal lives are like and who they go home to each night.

Super Bowl LVI — scheduled for February 13 — will see the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals duel on the field of the SoFi Stadium in sunny SoCal, and in preparation for the big game, we decided to track down the partners, wives, and girlfriends of the Bengals' roster. While their guys are making plays on the field, a chorus of amateur cheerleaders are making themselves known and are taking fans along for the ride. Here are the real-life partners of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Trey Hendrickson's wife is very impressive

Trey Hendrickson might be one of the Cincinnati Bengals' defensive ends, but he has a very impressive wife in Alisa Chernomashentsev. According to the Air Force Falcons website, Chernomashentsev graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, which is impressive in and of itself, and she just so happened to be on their fencing team. And get this — for over a decade, Chernomashentsev trained in figure skating. Just imagine landing those wild jumps on a teenie, tiny blade.

Despite having an already impressive resume, Chernomashentsev also appears to be studying to become a pharmacist. According to her Instagram bio, Trey Hendrickson's wife is pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy and is set to graduate in 2023. Her page, unfortunately, is private so we couldn't get a full scope of her life.  

As per a post on his Instagram, the couple got married in July 2020 and are, of course, are just too cute together. "I'm proud to be your husband!" Hendrickson captioned the post, reflecting on their one-year anniversary, and we can certainly see why.

Mike Hilton got married to his wife, Chassidy Hilton, in 2018

There's nothing like a supportive spouse, and while Mike Hilton is out on the field with the Cincinnati Bengals, it's clear from his social media that he is his wife's biggest fan. As per SteelCity Insider (we should note that Mike used to play for the Steelers), Mike and his wife, Chassidy Hilton, tied the knot in 2018. The couple has an adorable little girl, Mikayla, and from the looks of social media, the family is out here thriving. A little bit about Chassidy — while her social media page itself is private, her bio on Instagram shows that she is a registered nurse and a proud Christian.

Chassidy appears to be fairly private, so most of what we know about her comes from Mike's social media shout-outs, and it's clear that he's just obsessed with his wife. What has he said about her, you might ask? "I appreciate everything you do for our family. You are the glue that keeps us together and strong!" Mike wrote in one social media post. "Thank you for being a perfect mother, while being a perfect wife!" the Bengals' cornerback wrote in another.

Jonah Williams' girlfriend Meggi Hetzel has interviewed him before

It's one thing to be personally involved with your partner, but another if your professional lives merge as well. For Cincinnati Bengal Jonah Williams, he sometimes gets to interact with his girlfriend, Meggi Hetzel, in a really unique way. As per her LinkedIn, Hetzel works as a sideline reporter and sports broadcaster for the SEC Network and University of Alabama. Clearly, the couple have a love of the game tying them together, and that's not the only thing that has linked them in the public eye. 

When Williams was drafted to the Bengals in 2019, his family members shared with the team what it meant for him to make such a major career stride. By his side, of course, was Hetzel, but not in the way you might think. Due to professional reasons, Williams and Hetzel could not start dating until after the season ended to avoid any professional conflict given Hetzel's reporting position. Life, however, is a funny thing. Just after they went public with their relationship, Hetzel had to interview Williams during his pro day event for work.

Quinton Spain proposed to his wife, Alexandra Kaluza, on New Year's Eve

We love a good proposal story, and Cincinnati Bengals' Quinton Spain asked his wife, Alexandra Kaluza, to marry him in the best way possible. According to Titan Insider, it was quite the day for Spain. He had just played a game with the Titans (the team he was on at the time, and helped defeat the Jaguars. Already on a win high, Spain got down on one knee and asked Kaluza to marry him. Oh, and did we mention it was also New Year's Eve? 

The later couple welcomed their adorable son, Nico, and even had a cute little baby photo shoot with their newborn and a football-themed knitted outfit. Talk about lifelong fans! Kaluza, for her part, is pretty quiet on social media and not a ton is known about her. However, from her posts, we can gather that she loves to travel, hang out with her girlfriends, and, of course, be the best mom to little Nico. It is clear, however, that she's been Team Spain for years. Dating all the way back to 2019, Kaluza was spotted in a custom denim jacket with her husband's portrait and name painted on the back.

Quarterback Joe Burrow found love with Olivia Holzmacher

We might not consider ourselves football experts, but we do know the importance of a football team's quarterback. When it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals, quarterback Joe Burrow is getting all kinds of attention, as is his girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher. These two are adorable together and have seen each other through success dating all the way back to college. As noted by Glamour, Burrow and Holzmacher first crossed paths at Ohio State University. Burrow later transferred to Louisiana State University, where he really made a name for himself as a football player, and throughout it all, Holzmacher has been by his side. Holzmacher herself has documented her very authentic appreciation for the sport of football on social media, so it's clear that these two bond over a mutual love of the game.

According to LinkedIn, Holzmacher works as an analyst for Kroger, and, of course, when she's not at work, you can catch her supporting her man in the stands. Did we mention that the pair share an adorable dog named Beau, who just so happens to have his own highlight reel on Holzmacher's Instagram? We love to see it.

Logan Wilson's fiancée, Morgan Mead, has shared an inside look at the football season with fans

These Cincinnati Bengals really know how to pick badass women, and that can certainly be said for Logan Wilson's fiancée, Morgan Mead. Wilson might be the one on the field, but it's Morgan who has been giving fans an inside look into the football season and her life with the "hot football player" (her words, not ours) that she calls her fiancé. Just a quick scroll through her Instagram shows behind-the-scenes footage of important game days, interactions with Wilson on the field, and the couple's kiss after the Bengals clinched one of the two Super Bowl slots.

In addition to her life as a doting fiancée and football fan, Mead is all kinds of girl boss and is the owner of Fangirl Clothing, a custom game day apparel company that outfits fans with the trendiest pieces. When she's not moving through life as an entrepreneur and Bengals' fan, Mead gives her followers a look into her life. From training videos and food vlogs to wedding planning, Mead seems to be all about that well-rounded life.

Hakeem Adeniji and his wife, Kayla, are adorable together

If you're more interested in the Cincinnati Bengals' lives outside of their professions as football players, we don't blame you. It's been so enjoyable digging into the players' lives off the field, and our next couple up is Hakeem Adeniji and his wife, Kayla Adeniji. The two are adorable together, first and foremost, and after scrolling through her Instagram, we discovered that we're pretty much obsessed with Kayla. A content creator focused on health and lifestyle, Kayla shares her hauls, vlogs, and fashionable life with her followers, and her curated page really does not disappoint.

When she's not creating, it looks like Kayla is in the stands supporting her man alongside other partners of the Cincinnati Bengals, including Olivia Holzmacher and Morgan Mead, per the New York Post. Kayla also clearly understands how important the game is to her husband, Hakeem, and shared with her followers that they were putting off their honeymoon because of the Super Bowl. "First thing he said to me was, 'We're not going on our honeymoon, we're going to the Super Bowl,'" Kayla wrote in an Instagram post. "If we have to push our honeymoon back for the Super Bowl that's a pretty dang good reason."

Brandon Allen found love with wife Sarah Connley

Injury in football is a matter of when, not if, and due to Joe Burrow's knee injury, Brandon Allen stepped onto the field in his place (via Distractify). Allen might be known for subbing in as quarterback, but what we're really interested in is his wife, Sarah Connley, and their adorable relationship. From her Instagram, we got a close look at Allen and Connley's lovely life together, their adorable little boy Oakland (one post referenced their sweet little boy as "Oakey bear" which is too cute), and all the ways she shows up for her husband both on game day and beyond.

The two got engaged back in 2018, and shared the story of how they met with Arkansas Bride. "We met in college at a Cody Johnson concert and found out we were neighbors," Connley said at the time. "He [used] to invite me over to walk my dog and take him to the dog park. We both are huge animal lovers and obsessed with dogs so we had a great connection." Be still our dog-obsessed hearts. Having called the Bengals "something special," you know that Connley is sure to show up at the Super Bowl.

Samaje Perine proposed to Meg Haney in the cutest way

There's nothing that warms people's hearts like a good proposal story, and while football fans will be focusing on Samaje Perine's field skills come Super Bowl Sunday, we're more interested in how he asked his girlfriend, Meg Haney, to marry him. As noted by FOX 25 News, Perine proposed to Haney with the assistance of magician Daniel Fernandez. Haney and Perine served as Fernandez's assistants in a magic trick of the senses. Writing on a playing card used in the trick, "You're my everything. I don't know where I would be without you. Will you marry me?" Perine got down on one knee to a very surprised Haney. She, of course, said yes, and you can watch the entire proposal on YouTube.

Haney sat down for an interview with WAGS Redefined and dished about her relationship with Perine. The pair met as high school freshmen, and after a year attending Texas A&M University, she transferred to Oklahoma University — where Perine had received a full ride. Recalling their engagement, she shared, "I was so surprised when it happened, but told him I wished he would've made me do my hair. I was super impressed because he's very quiet and not usually Mr. Romance so it was a big deal!"

Drew Sample married Angelina Danylyuk in a beautiful 2018 ceremony

Cincinnati Bengal player Drew Sample knew that a professional football career would make his life incredibly busy. So, he made sure to put the woman in his life first, and married Angelina Danylyuk before he started his last year at the University of Washington. The Seattle Times covered the event, and according to the couple, the day went on without a hitch.

So let's learn a little bit about the couple. Sample was a star on the UW football team, and Danylyuk was a student at Seattle Pacific University. The two had been dating since their teenage years, and they told The Seattle Times that they knew it was meant to be. They tied the knot at Columbia Winery, located in Woodinville, and haven't looked back since. "It was nice," Sample said of the wedding. "We'd been dating for four years, and we both knew what we wanted." Of course, the couple had Sample's future in the pros at the forefront of their minds, too. They told the publication that, due to Sample's last season at school and his goals of going pro, they knew they had to tie the knot before life got in the way. The couple now has two adorable kids.

Zach Kerr and his longtime love, Iris, are dedicated parents

We're convinced after writing this adorable list that NFL football players are just big softies, and no one has warmed our hearts more than Cincinnati Bengals player Zach Kerr. In an interview with the Daily Camera, Kerr gave some insight into his life as a partner and a father. He has been with his love, Iris, for an undisclosed (but long) period of time, and the pair have an adorable little boy, Enzo. They are clearly dedicated parents, and Kerr spoke about their approach to parenting with the Daily Camera.

"I'm so adamant about being a father to my son, about how much I care about him and how much I want to make sure I'm in his life," Kerr said. "My father wasn't in my life ... I can provide a ... better childhood for my son. That's a big deal for me to be able to do that and say that I'm a dad." Wait until we tell you that Kerr is just as big a fan of his partner, Iris. While very private, Iris did pose for a photo with her man that he posted on Instagram and captioned, "Sleepin' every night next to Mona Lisa, the modern day version." Our hearts.

Trae Waynes and Kyra Luther gave fans an inside look into their lives together

Trae Waynes and Kyra Luther seem to have it all. Waynes is a cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals and is married to his college sweetheart, Luther. According to her Facebook, Luther is originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan, and attended Michigan State University. Her path crossed with Waynes', and the rest is history. The couple is relatively private from what we can tell, but they did welcome FOX 9 News' Jeff Passolt into their home back in 2017 to share some holiday cheer. Specifically, Luther shared a peanut butter cup cookie recipe that sounds absolutely delicious (and yes, we're hungry just thinking about those warm desserts in the oven).

The couple has two children, and while they keep a relatively low profile, they have been known to support some wonderful causes. For instance, Waynes chose to be the representative on the field for the Animal Humane Society in 2017, and shared that he and Luther had adopted their white pit bull, Ares, from the Minnesota area location (and they have two other rescue dogs). We love them.

Ricardo Allen and his wife, Grace, have a podcast together

Were you bored during the first phase of quarantine? Did you think about starting a podcast? We can all answer yes to the first question, and probably yes to the second. But how many of us actually have a fan base that would tune in to our hypothetical podcast? Turns out that Cincinnati Bengals star Ricardo Allen and his wife, Grace Allen, asked themselves these same questions, but unlike us, they have fans. According to the website for the Atlanta Falcons (the team Ricardo used to play for), he and Grace launched their "All in with the Allens" podcast in 2020, featuring 30-minute long episodes about their "family stories ... in addition to football."

So here's what we found out about the adorable NFL couple and Grace specifically. Grace and Ricardo (or Rico, to his wife) are parents to three adorable kids –Luca, Lennon, and Luna — and Grace is quite the social media guru. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, she gives fans an insight into her life as a mom of three and Rico's biggest fan.

Head coach Zac Taylor found love with his wife, Sarah

There wouldn't be a team without a coach, and the Cincinnati Bengals look to head coach Zac Taylor for guidance. Of course, he has an exclusive teammate in wife Sarah Taylor, and their marriage has really withstood the test of time. For every win and loss, Sarah has been by her husband's side, and it's really not hard to understand why. Sarah comes from a football pedigree. Her father, Mike Sherman, was the head coach for the Green Bay Packers, so being in and around the football fandom is nothing new to her. In an interview with ABC 9 News, she even shared that she has certain superstitions surrounding what she wears to games. 

First and foremost, it should be noted that Zac Taylor's wife has a "Bengals closet," which holds clothing items that she's either worn or plans to wear to football games. The closet, of course, holds special significance, but it's also home to some of Sarah's most superstitious items. "These are all never worn, to be worn, (or) no bad juju yet," she said of her closet. "Most of my neighbors all come over and borrow something, but they all know that you don't wear something twice," she continued. "They all know that if you wore and we lost, nope!"