Was This The Super Bowl's Most Annoying Commercial?

Many people tune in to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials as much as for the football or the halftime show. This year, the buzziest ads featured celebrities from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Donald Faison of "Scrubs" fame. But another commercial that had everyone talking consisted of a QR code bouncing around a screen for what felt like forever. Many of us ignored it at first, but as the code just kept taunting viewers, we were finally compelled to pull out our phones and scan it to see what was going on.

It turns out the commercial was for Coinbase, a digital platform that allows users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency. Not only were legions of Super Bowl viewers disappointed upon scanning the code, plenty of people took to Twitter to express how irritated they were with the commercial in general.

"QR Code bouncing around my TV screen for 30 second Coinbase commercial is THE most annoying so far," opined one Twitter user.

Other viewers were flat out defiant about the ad, with one person tweeting, "I'm not grabbing that QR code. Don't care. #SuperBowl."

And yup, there were a lot of other opinions on the Coinbase promo.

The Coinbase commercial left fans divided ultimately

Even celebrities were talking about the Coinbase Super Bowl commercial featuring just a QR code pinging around the TV screen for an irritatingly long time. Henry Winkler tweeted, "How many people just got up and used their phones to use the QR code .. Super Bowl commercial ?????"

Twitter was definitely buzzing once the ad came on, but many users just found the concept annoying. "Coinbase with the worst commercial of all time," tweeted a nonplussed individual.

Although many viewers weren't having it with the spot, some showed nothing but love for the idea, with one person tweeting, "What a great commercial!!!" "That Coinbase commercial was brilliant," said someone else. And another fan of the commercial tweeted, "That Coinbase commercial is one of the smartest commercials I've ever seen."

Finally, this tweet sums up what many of us felt upon seeing the spot: "I hate that the coinbase commercial worked on me."