Too Hot To Handle Season 4: Details We Know So Far

In the past few years, Netflix has truly upped its game in the reality dating show genre. One of its most popular offerings, aside from "Sexy Beasts" and "Love is Blind," is "Too Hot to Handle." On the show, which first debuted on Netflix back in 2020, 10 contestants from around the world arrive at a tropical destination, believing that they are on a show that encourages them to hook up with their castmates. However, after spending hours mingling (and flirting), cast members were in for quite a rude awakening. As Cosmopolitan reported, virtual assistant Lana (who takes on the role of a more annoying version of Amazon's Alexa) pipes up towards the end of the contestants' first day on the tropical island, informing the contestants that they are banned from kissing, having sex, and engaging in any form of self-gratification for the entire summer.

If the contestants can keep their hands to themselves throughout the duration of the show, they have a chance to earn up to $200,000. However, each time they slip up and break the rules, money is taken out of this pot. Through the show's harsh rules and series of intimacy challenges, "Too Hot to Handle" is designed to teach the sex-crazed contestants how to build romantic relationships in healthier ways that don't involve physical intimacy.

Read on to learn more about the fourth season of "Too Hot to Handle."

When will the fourth season of the show premiere on Netflix?

Perhaps due to the fact that the third season of "Too Hot to Handle" only just dropped on Netflix in January 2022, the streaming platform has yet to announce when (or if) a fourth season of the show will debut. Interestingly enough, as Screen Rant reported, the second and third seasons of the show were filmed back-to-back, meaning that Netflix could debut the seasons only within seven months of one another. Though it is unknown if the show is currently being filmed, if the fourth season follows a similar schedule, fans could look forward to a brand new season of "too Hot to Handle" later this year.

Of course, there is always a chance that Netflix could decide to do away with the fairly popular reality dating television show. As Deadline reported, while the first season of "Too Hot to Handle" was watched by approximately 51 million people, the second season of the show saw a steep decline in viewership, with only 29 million tuning in to watch a new slew of cast members navigate the tough rules handed down by Lana.

Compared to other reality television shows, "Too Hot to Handle" is quite an expensive venture. According to Marie Claire, the second and third seasons of the show were filmed in a villa at the Turtle Tail Estate, located on the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. The Caribbean Journal lists the villa as $10,000 per night to rent — and considering that the contestants spend weeks at the villa, this price tag could become quite steep for Netflix.

Who will appear in the fourth season of the show?

Given the fact that a premiere date has yet to surface regarding the fourth season of "Too Hot to Handle," no new details have been released about who might be appearing in the upcoming season. How do the show's creators find so many attractive singles with a rather unhealthy approach to dating? According to Newsweek, the show's casting crew scour Instagram to find singles with supermodel good looks. However, Oprah Daily reports that the show also conducts casting calls with a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are finding the perfect contestants to appear on the show. The casting team on the show will look through casting tapes to find the right people who are hot (I mean, the contestants do have to live up to the title of the show), young, and afraid of commitment in romantic relationships. "When their casting tapes came to us, they sang. They were perfect. They fit the bill in terms of their habits, in terms of their love lives and their commitment phobia," the show's co-creator, Louise Peet, told Oprah Daily of the cast.

As previously mentioned, the contestants believe that they are applying for a vague show that promises plenty of opportunities to hook up with other hot singles in paradise, in order to fully surprise the contestants with the show's true mission in the first episode, per StyleCaster.

Which couples from Too Hot to Handle are still together?

As is the case with many other reality television dating shows, there is mostly bad news to deliver when broaching the question of the longevity of romantic relationships that stem from these shows. Unfortunately, "Too Hot to Handle" bears the same grim statistics. (If you haven't watched the third season of "Too Hot to Handle," you might want to skip this section).

The most popular couples that emerged from the third season of "Too Hot to Handle" were Patrick and Georgia (who was also linked to Stevan), Holly and Nathan, Izzy and Jackson, and Harry and Beaux, per E! Online. In a video released on the show's Instagram page, the contestants revealed that, at this point in time, none of them have really found a way to make their relationships work outside of paradise. The only couple that hinted at a possibility of a future was Harry and Beaux. "Our relationship status now is single," Harry said in the video. "But we do talk every day. Who knows what could happen?" "Never say never," Beaux then added.

Currently, the only couple still making it work from all three seasons of the show is Emily Miller and Cam Holmes, who connected early on during the second season of "Too Hot to Handle." According to Us Weekly, the pair are still dating and even living together.