Why Cher's Twitter Account Is So Iconic

Cher is a name that evokes a range of euphoric responses — some from devotees to her decades-long musical career and others from admirers of her unforgettable film roles. The latter group might cite her performances in 1987's "Witches of Eastwick," "Moonstruck," which won her the Best Actress Oscar that same year, and the 2009 musical, "Burlesque," as evidence of her enduring greatness. And, of course, there was Cher's 2018 appearance in "Mamma Mia 2" as Amanda Seyfried's grandmother and Meryl Streep's mother (despite their 3-year age difference). Even as a newcomer to the established franchise, Cher's entrance was the most memorable moment in the film — a glittering silver heel and white cane emerging from a helicopter, the theatrical reveal of a bleach blonde Cher in a white pantsuit, topped with sunglasses as nightwear. Cher's performance even prompted a film review that focused solely on her character's brief 7 minutes on screen (via The Sun). Cher is now working on a biopic collaborating with "Mamma Mia" execs Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman.

In addition to her career's successes and critical acclaim, Cher has conquered the public stage through her Twitter account, created in 2010, according to Glamour. Since then, whether she's talking about the potential book ban trend in 2022's America, devastating living conditions for the animals at Seaquarium, or posting a picture of her eyes with the caption, "Here," Cher always has something to say on Twitter. And new followers may be somewhat dazed by what they find.

She always speaks her mind

For an explanation of Cher's consistent all-caps Twitter fervor, please refer to this fan's question and Cher's seemingly obvious response. They wrote, "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS YELLING," to which she replied, "IM NOT YELLING ... I'M CHER." Another fan-favorite tweet is when Cher struggled with the technology saying, "ipad freezing up!" She wrote in 2013. "Maybe it's overwhelmed, because it Just realized A Fabulous DIVA Was touching it ! Can't really Blame it, "SNAP OUT OF IT." Thankfully, Cher understands the potential of her dangerous magnetism and chooses to use her powers for good.

The confident talent is also her own best defender, coming for Twitter users who bash her writing style. "Just cause i cant spell or know Grammar doesn't mean i don't know Many things! HISTORY, Ancient Religion, War, Could go on, but id b a pain !" Still, the star isn't afraid to admit when she's made a mistake or stepped on someone's toes. In 2022, she tweeted fans, "I DONT KNOW EVERYTHING,EVERYONE, CUT ME SOME SLACK, ... I WORK HOURS EVERYDAY SOMETIMES TALKING TO SEVERAL CONTINENTS AT ONCE TRYING TO HELP, MAKE CHANGES."

Cher's bold legacy goes beyond her film credits, life-affirming songs, and political tweets. Fans will be unpacking Shawn Mendes' unforgettable "It's giving Cher" moment for the rest of the decade. And contestants on "RuPaul's Drag Race" know the highest praise possible is a comparison to the diva, a style icon since the '70s who remains unapologetically glamorous.