Does This TikTok Eyelash Curler Hack Actually Work?

TikTok really has it all. From hilarious videos to endlessly scroll through for hours, to fan theories on hit TV shows. But, one of the all-time best corners of TikTok has got to be the life hacks it provides. Whatever your hobby is, TikTok is where you're guaranteed to find an entire community of people into the exact same thing that can offer you about a hundred tips and tricks to make your life easier. This has never been truer than is the case with TikTok makeup. 

TikTok makeup can be a dangerous rabbit hole to fall down. Mainly for the sake of your bank account. You're guaranteed to find about 10 new products to add to your wish list by the end of an hourly scroll through, as shown by Vogue. But it isn't just makeup products that go viral — sometimes it's makeup methods. Who can forget the era of faux freckles when the entirety of TikTok seemed to be taking on the henna method, as seen on Allure. So sure, while TikTok makeup makes us want to buy more, it always finds ways to help us make the most out of the products and tools we already own. The one question we're left with sometimes is — is this trick too bizarre to try? That was definitely the case with the viral TikTok eyelash curler hack.

Upside down may look scary -- but it works!

If you struggle with shorter lashes or downward pointing lashes, you know that it takes an army and entire eyelash routine to get them acting right. The right mascara is imperative. Sometimes you even need a combo that serve different purposes. But the most important member of your makeup bag is your eyelash curler. Sure, at first it takes a few tries to use it right, but any pro has obsessively clicked it without fear. Unfortunately, sometimes your lashes just refuse to cooperate. Well, the latest TikTok viral eyelash curler hack could be the solution.

TikToker @Audboos is a fan favorite for makeup product reviews, and when she shared her bizarre eyelash curling method, it instantly went viral, according to Stylist. After giving fair warning, she proceeds to show followers that her secret to perfect lashes is using your eyelash curler upside down. She explains in this TikTok video, "You want to be careful when you do this, but you want to get all of your lashes and just working your way down the lash –- you're curling them upside down." Audrey adds, "Then you go in and get right up to the root and curl it upwards. It should look something like that." Once she applies a few strokes of mascara you can see how perfectly curled and dramatic her lashes look. This may be a risky method but it definitely works — just make sure you try it with care.