How The March 2 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Fire Sign

New moons always offer the promise of new beginnings. MindBodyGreen recommends harnessing its renewal energy to give yourself a boost and manifest new habits or paths you hope to embark on. The new moon on March 2 lands in Pisces, which is considered the last sign of the zodiac and represents transcendence and spirituality, according to Cosmopolitan

This new moon is a harbinger of luck, and the New York Post has even deemed it, "The luckiest of the year." It is time to bask in the energy of the new moon and really hone in what you want to manifest into reality for this upcoming moon cycle. Ask yourself what you want your career to look like, what personal habits you'd like to improve on, or even simply take stock of how your year is going as we almost enter its second quarter. 

While full moons are about releasing and leaving things behind, a new moon is all about building foundations and planting roots to allow you to fully blossom over the moon cycle. Cosmopolitan explained how this new moon makes a conjunction to the planet Jupiter, which is seen as a planet representing luck, abundance, and expansion. Considering how lucky this new moon is claimed to be, what better time than under it's night-sky for you to manifest your hopes into a reality? In order to understand exactly how you should tackle this new moon, it helps to know what it means for your zodiac sign. Here's how this new moon will affect you if you are a fire sign.

Time for action-focused fire signs to take some initiative

While every zodiac sign has its very own set of traits and passions, each sign still falls under the umbrella of an element: fire, air, water, and earth – these elements play an important role in each zodiac sign. In the case of fire signs, some things they all have in common are their passion, high-energy, and confidence in taking action, according to MindBodyGreen. Here's how each fire sign should take action under this new moon.

It's a birthday month for some Aries (March 21-April 19) which makes this new moon the perfect time to kick back and get some much-deserved relaxation, according to the New York Post. This doesn't mean kicking back from your wants in life — use the power of the new moon to envision how you want your next chapter to look.

This new moon is an emotional one for Leos (July 23-August 22). Bustle recommends you embrace this new moon as a chance to face those emotions you've been burying deep inside. How can you manifest a new chapter if you haven't dealt with the past? Take some time to meditate and face your hard truths in order to start over. 

A special time for Sagittarians (November 22 – December 21), this new moon also happens to land in your fourth house of home life while also pairing up with Sagittarius' ruling planet Jupiter, according to InStyle. It's a powerful time to set intentions and figure out how you can feel as secure as possible in whatever steps you need to take next — especially in the case of your relationships with loved ones.