Camilla Parker Bowles' Latest Donation Involving A British Publication Is Turning Heads

The world continues to watch the Russian invasion of Ukraine play out in real-time in the news and on social media. The photos and video have shown how devastating the destruction has been to the Ukrainian people, of which over 1 million have fled their homeland to try and find safety, per the Associated Press on Twitter.

Violence has ramped up in the war's 2nd week, with the Daily Mail reporting that "thousands of civilians were feared to have been killed with alleged war crimes happening almost hourly." Some cities have suffered "14 hours of non-stop bombardment" and "colossal destruction" to homes and businesses.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken a strong stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin since the beginning of this invasion. Britain has already imposed devastating sanctions on Russia, and continues to work with other world leaders to help end the war in Ukraine.

Many feel at a loss, unsure of how to meaningfully help the people of Ukraine. Fundraisers have been started, including one by the Ukrainian military, according to Vox, who cautions that fundraisers like this are "tricky ethical[ly] and even legal[ly]." They recommend donating to organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières, the Ukrainian Red Cross. Others have started Twitter threads to list ways the worldwide community can help support those affected by Russia's unprovoked war with Ukraine.

Members of the royal family, leading by example, have also spoken out, denouncing Russia's actions and calling for support for the Ukrainian people.

Camilla Parker Bowles donated to this newspaper despite its legal history with Meghan Markle

The Royal family is speaking out about the continued devastation in Ukraine. Queen Elizabeth has not, at the time this article was written, spoken out publicly against Russia's invasion of Ukraine. She did, however, make a "generous" donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee, who thanked the queen in a tweet, the USA Today reports.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has made the most public display of support for the Ukrainian people, along with her husband, Prince Charles. She was brought to tears this week at a visit to London's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral where she and Prince Charles met with members of the UK's Ukrainian community, which the Daily Mail reports to be over 70,000. The royal couple was greeted by a "mournful version" of the song "Chernova Kalya," a song sung by Ukrainian insurgents during World War II, according to Metro News.

The meeting left a major impression on Camilla. "No one could fail to be moved by the appalling scenes of Ukraines fleeing their homes," the duchess's spokesperson said, "and the duchess wanted to help in whatever way she could, according to the Express. This help was delivered via a "substantial" public donation to the Daily Mail's fundraiser to help with the growing humanitarian crisis.

The Daily Mail has been an enemy of royals in the past. Most recently, Meghan Markle sued the newspaper and won after they printed letters from her father, according to Newsweek.