Oddly Satisfying Beauty Trends That Took Over The Internet

It's easy to spend hours scrolling through videos on TikTok, and sometimes that oh-so-clever algorithm shares some pretty neat tips and tricks. Beauty fans have For You pages filled with creators doing things a little differently — from rainbow contouring to washing your hair with rice water — helping us all save time, money, and products. While initially the ideas seem unusual, it doesn't stop lots of people giving it a go, and that simple idea soon becomes a full-blown trend that takes over the internet. 

The ability to see the results in a quick clip makes these hacks oddly satisfying to watch, and according to PopSugar, it's the "new favorite platform for beauty creators." As Elle pointed out, it brings beauty reviews right to your phone, and there's no need to scroll through pages of information to get an idea if something might work for you. Keep reading to find out more about the satisfying beauty trends that are taking over the internet.

Try the slugging trend to trap in moisture

Slugging involves using a petroleum-based product like Vaseline on the skin overnight to seal in moisture. While you might go to sleep with a thick layer of goop over your dry patches, you wake up feeling satisfied that your skin feels soft (via Cosmopolitan). Thought to have originated in South Korea, Dr. Adil Sarwar, founder of Skin Science Clinic, told Refinery29, "It has been popularized in the West by websites like Reddit (and, of course, TikTok) and is touted by countless beauty trend articles and bloggers around the world."

Dermatologist Dr. Shari Marchbein told Teen Vogue that she does her own slugging routine every night before going to sleep. When it comes to the best way to use it, Marchbein suggests coating your skin in petroleum-based products alone or "on top of a moisturizer or hydrating serum anywhere from your knees to your eyelids." For your face, she recommends the TikTok method of using "the teeniest dab" all over. 

Be warned though –- this isn't a trend to try if you have oily or combination skin, or if you are prone to pimples. "If you're trapping things and occluding the skin, there is definitely a potential for breakouts," Marchbein said.

Create full, fluffy brows with soap

This beauty trend went viral on TikTok with over 420 million views. It involves using bars of soap to give brows a brushed and slicked-up appearance, making them go from unruly and unshapely to full and fluffy. It's simple and cheap to achieve — just grab a bar of soap from your bathroom and brush it on. Robert Sesnek, celebrity makeup artist and CATRICE Cosmetics Ambassador, told Good Housekeeping that the glycerin in soap bars helps coat and keep brow hair in place with the added benefit of extra shine.

But leaving soap on your skin all day can cause irritation, and it's important to get it right. Many soaps contain lye, fats, and oils, creating an alkaline-based formula. "Because traditional soaps have an alkaline pH, they can cause skin barrier disruption and irritation, especially if you are sensitive," dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Mount Sinai's director of cosmetic and clinical research, told Cosmopolitan. Instead, he recommends looking for a "syndet bar" which is pH-balanced. 

Some favorite products include kits created especially for the look like Ownest Brow Styling Soap or transparent soap like Pears or Neutrogena, which both have a waxy texture that is ideal for this trend but won't leave any white residue. For sensitive skin, try the Dove beauty bar (via Bustle).

Get a flawless finish with the rainbow contouring trend

There is little more satisfying than seeing thick lines of makeup blended perfectly into a beautifully flawless finish. The rainbow contouring beauty trend really takes that idea and pushes it to its limit. The idea is to apply "thick stripes" of cream blush, concealer, and bronzer across your cheeks and on your forehead in a rainbow shape before grabbing your makeup sponge and blending it all in, as noted by Refinery29. While you might be a little skeptical about ditching the foundation, a reviewer for Refinery29 said the technique gives "expertly applied makeup in moments, which accentuates bone structure and makes skin glow in all the right places."

Made famous by ​​TikTokers like @rikkisandhuu and @serenalakkiss, the key is to apply setting spray to your face and keep your beauty blender moist (via Dazed). While some people have likened it to ice cream or a look you're more likely to see at the circus, the stripes should quickly come together, giving you a fantastic finish without too much effort.

The reverse cat eye beauty trend is a twist on a favorite

A take on a classic, the reverse cat eye beauty trend involves drawing along your lower lash line to create a sultry style. Kim Kardashian wore it back in 2016, but it became a hit on TikTok after makeup artist @paintedbyspencer posted a clip with the caption, "Have you tried the reverse cat eye? It's my favorite" (via Glamour). Soon enough, others were sharing their own videos trying it out.

For this trend, instead of applying the eyeliner along the top eyelid like you would with a traditional cat eye, take a kohl or gel eyeliner and run it along the lower lashes. Then pick up an angled brush to create the winged effect at the corner. Blend the liner using a brush, adding a touch of liquid liner in the corner of the eye and a final slick of pencil along the waterline, according to Refinery29. You can finish the look off with false lashes or just a bit of mascara, if you prefer.

One thing to be wary of is that this look doesn't have much staying power. With that in mind, pack some translucent powder and some extra eyeliner in your bag to touch it up.

The white concealer beauty trend can brighten your face

The origin of this beauty hack is not quite clear, but it started circulating on TikTok towards the end of 2021. A video post by @Blumarinebae, which now has over 600,000 likes, popped up on makeup queen NikkieTutorial's FYP and the YouTuber tried it out for herself, with many impressed by the results, as Seventeen reported. The idea is that you apply white concealer under your eye, applying more around the nose area and  tapering it out at the edge of the eye. When perfectly blended with the rest of your makeup, the lighter shade under the eyes can help to "lift" your features.

Be aware that it's not for everyone though. Makeup artist Tommy Napoli told Allure that it might leave you looking a little zombie-like, depending on your skin tone. "I think we run this risk of looking gray or ashy anytime we use white, especially if it's not inherently found in our skin or without color correctors," he said.

Use a jade roller to apply foundation

Taking inspiration from decorators everywhere, this odd beauty hack actually makes sense. Jade rollers have typically been used as part of a skincare regimen, but some TikTokers are now using them to apply foundation. This beauty hack is thought to have started with TikToker @avonnasunshine. The roller allows you to coat the skin evenly, but crucially, it doesn't absorb any of the product, meaning you use much less (via The Cut). The result is a smooth finish, and your bottle of foundation should last a little longer.

Trying the hack for PopSugar, Renee Rodriguez advised that it might look a little streaky at first, but if you stick with it, the foundation eventually blends and leaves a lot more product on your skin. While convinced it's a good idea for foundation, Rodriguez suggested sticking to a brush for concealer, which is usually used in smaller, more delicate areas like under the eyes. "I tried it (the foundation was so easy, how could I not try concealer?), and it didn't go over well," she said. Best of all, the roller is easy to clean and dry afterwards, as the product should come off in some warm, soapy water.

Lube can be an alternative to primer

Lube might not be something that is normally in your makeup bag, but it does contain silicone, glycerine, and water. This hack went viral on TikTok in 2021, promising dewy skin, with the trend getting over 10 million views on the platform. It's best to check the packaging carefully though, as many sexual lubricants include tingling ingredients and could cause damage to the delicate skin on your face, as noted by The Guardian.

It might work in a pinch, but as it's not made for your face, it could block pores and make you break out in spots. Some lubricants also contain antibacterial ingredients that might dry the skin out. "Silicone can minimize the appearance of pores, but it can also block them if the product isn't non-comedogenic (acne-causing)," Justine Hextall, a consultant dermatologist at Tarrant Street Clinic, told Who What Wear. "There are other commonly found ingredients in lubricants, such as the spermicide nonoxynol-9. It is a chemical that paralyzes sperm but also takes out other organisms, thus disrupting the delicate facial microbiome we rely on for healthy skin."

Many of those who tried it agreed it did leave their skin feeling smooth and soft, which was perfect for applying makeup on top, but they wouldn't rush back to try it again, preferring to stick to their usual primer (via Daily Mail).

Keep eyeliner symmetrical with tape

Eyeliner can make your eyes pop but it's frustrating when you get one side perfect and the other ends up wobbly. This beauty trend involves using tape to get a satisfyingly perfect straight line. The technique varies a little. Some suggest just cutting two strips at the edge of your eye, using it as a guide to create the perfect flick, and then drawing on the liner on the rest of your eye. Once it's dry, pull the tape off for a flawless, symmetrical look (via The Guardian).

Another technique, shown by TikTok star @Kat_Longoria in a video with over 4 million likes, is to take one long strip and stick it to your nose, pulling it up at each side to meet the corners of your eyes. Add two shorter strips on your eyelid. Follow this stencil you've created and add the outline of the wing and then fill in the gaps.

The problem is that using tape can be damaging — there is the risk of it getting stuck to your eyelashes or it could harm the delicate skin around your eyes. Dermatologist Shereene Idriss told Shape to avoid using normal sticky tape for this hack. "The constant tugging of tape on the delicate skin around your eyes can pull that skin and lead to a truly unwanted laxity (aka it'll loosen the skin)," she said. Instead, you could try using the edge of a credit card or a bobby pin.

Pimples? Try the raw potato beauty trend

The idea behind this beauty trend is that potatoes contain vitamin C, which could reduce inflammation, and salicylic acid, a common ingredient in anti-spot treatments (via The Guardian). It's believed to have started with @sierrastyless, who started a video by showing the huge pimple on her cheek, as noted by Dazed. After taping a chunk of potato to it overnight, she was shocked to find the spot was almost gone the next morning.

But not everyone is convinced by the trend. Dr. Muneeb Shah, known as @dermdoctor on TikTok, told Dazed there isn't any scientific evidence to say this could be effective, and while he admitted it might simply be down to a lack of clinical studies, he wouldn't recommend it. "Why would you even resort to this when we have perfectly good, safe, relatively inexpensive salicylic acid products that you can buy at any drug store?" he said. "They'll have a guaranteed, reliable amount of salicylic acid in them, and will be formulated for your skin."

Your bathrobe could be the secret to beautiful curls

We all dream of waking up with great hair, and according to this TikTok beauty hack, all you need is a bathrobe belt to achieve it. It might not look like a hair tool, but by wrapping your hair around the belt and sleeping with it in overnight, you can easily create perfect curls. According to Stylist, you don't even need to use damp hair. You should simply place it on top of your head with an even amount dangling on each side and then wrap sections around it, taking in new pieces of hair each time. Once you get to the bottom, secure each side with hair ties or scrunchies. After sleeping on the robe, carefully unwrap each side in the morning and run your fingers through it to separate the curls.

If you don't have a bathrobe or don't want to face an evening without being able to tie it, you can get the same effect with a pair of stockings, rolling them at the top (via Daily Mail).

The fermented rice water trend can make your hair shinier

This trend is oddly satisfying because it takes the water from cooking rice that you usually throw down the drain and turns it into a beauty product. It went viral when influencers like @audreyvictoria_ posted about it on TikTok but it's not new — people in Japan and China have been using it for decades. One region of Huangluo in Guangxi is described as "Long Hair Village" because of the Red Yao women who use this technique, according to Bustle.

To create the mixture, you need to wash sticky white rice in water before straining it and leaving it to ferment at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Put a little in a small bottle that you can keep in the bathroom and store the rest in the fridge (via Healthline). It's pretty easy to use — just add a little to your hair after you've used shampoo and conditioner, focusing on your scalp. Let it sit for two to five minutes and then rinse it out.

Anita Rice, co-founder of Buller & Rice salons, told Bustle it will "work wonders" for some hair types, but she doesn't think it's right for everyone. "Finer hair or hair with low porosity and/or a dry scalp should approach with caution, as the high levels of starch in the rice water can create a protein build-up, causing hair to become brittle and break," she said.

A spoon can help you get the perfect cut crease

Getting the perfect cut crease can be tricky. Described as "contouring" for your eyes by Glamour, the idea is to make a sharp line between your eyelid and brow bone with a contrasting eyeshadow and then fill it in for a striking look. However, drawing it freehand means it's not always as crisp as you need it to be. This beauty trend solves that problem –- by turning to the kitchen. All you need is a clean spoon.

Having gone viral back in 2016, thanks in part to vlogger Brittney Foley (via Cosmopolitan), it's continued to be an internet favorite. After applying a primer across the eyelid, L'Oréal Paris expert Sir John recommends placing a spoon horizontally against your eyelid and then applying your eye shadow around the shape of the spoon to get your line. Once you're happy with the shape, carefully pull the spoon away, apply the rest of your eye makeup, and finish with a setting spray.