The Truth About Daniel Radcliffe's Girlfriend, Erin Darke

Daniel Radcliffe is perhaps best known for playing one of the most famous wizards of all time: Harry Potter. Before he could even reach puberty, people knew his name and face. These films were a sensation that have a combined global gross box office haul of over $7 billion. Being so well known at an early age can make anyone a little overwhelmed, and make anyone dread some of their early work. (No one can blame him for having a "Harry Potter" movie that he hates watching).

Radcliffe, nevertheless, is one of the early 2000s child stars who has managed to continue developing his craft. He's had success in both the indie and blockbuster world, appearing in such films as "Kill Your Darlings," "Horns," and "The Lost City." While maintaining an active acting career, he's also been successful in his private life.

More specifically, Radcliffe and girlfriend Erin Darke have been in a committed relationship for nearly a decade, per People. The pair isn't the typical Hollywood couple because they rarely walk the red carpet together or mention any regrettable couples tattoos. However, they often gush about each other in interviews. For instance, Radcliffe told Us Weekly that he and Dark have "the kind of relationship I always aspire to have with someone I'm in a relationship with. You want that person to be your best friend."

Still, there are many things you may not know about Darke, so let's explore Radcliffe's longtime partner.

Erin Darke met Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Kill Your Darlings

Darke and Radcliffe's relationship began while filming "Kill Your Darlings." Released in 2013, "Kill Your Darlings" follows the true-story of Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg's friendship with Lucien Carr. It stars Radcliffe as Ginsberg, with Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, and Elizabeth Olsen also appearing in the movie (via Sony). Darke plays the character of Gwendolyn.

One of their scenes together involves Darke's character performing a sexual act on Radcliffe's character. He credits that as the moment he started to become smitten with Darke. While on Entertainment Weekly's "Couch Surfing," Radcliffe shared that he's often asked about growing up on the screen, but he states that most of his best real-life moments happened off the screen. Meeting Darke simply was one of the few real life moments captured on film. He also joked about the interesting conversation that he'll have to have one day with their children because of the nature of that scene. 

Darke and Radcliffe's initial bond sparked because of their mutual love for acting. Darke spoke to People about the supporting nature of their relationship, which includes Radcliffe helping her film audition tapes.

Erin Darke reunited on-screen with Daniel Radcliffe in 2021

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi star in the TBS anthology series "Miracle Workers." They have starred in the show since 2019 and returned for its third season in 2021. "Miracle Workers" Season 3 focused on the American west and the Oregon Trail (via Deadline).

Darke joined Radcliffe on "Miracle Workers" during this season. According to IMDb, she played a character name Phaedra for five episodes of Season 3. Radcliffe's joy about working again with Darke came across clearly while talking to People. Despite working with Darke on "Miracle Workers" being "incredibly special and felt lovely,"  Radcliffe wants them to continue to carve their own career paths separate from each other. He, however, would love for them to work together again, and he suggested to People that maybe a future collaboration between them could involve writing together. 

In November 2021, TBS renewed "Miracle Workers," per Deadline, for a fourth season with Radcliffe and Buscemi set to return again. Details on "Miracle Workers" Season 4 are scarce but there is always potential for Darke to once again make an appearance on the TV show as a new character.

Erin Darke turned Daniel Radcliffe into a fan of reality dating shows

In March 2022, Radcliffe sat down with Kelly Clarkson to promote "The Lost City" on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." The conversation switched to talk of guilty pleasures, which Radcliffe doesn't believe in, but shared that he loves "Love is Blind" and "The Bachelor." Radcliffe admitted that Erin Darke introduced him to the shows, but he's now the one sometimes most eager to watch them.

Darke and Radcliffe love "The Bachelor" so much that they appeared on franchise's podcast, "Love to See It with Emma and Claire." They appeared on a September 2021 episode of the podcast to recap an episode of "Bachelor in Paradise." Darke has also individually appeared on several episodes of "Love to See It with Emma and Claire," dating back to 2017 (via Stitcher).

On the podcast episode that they did together, the couple spoke very passionately and enthusiastically about the events of "Bachelor in Paradise." Darke may have been able to convert Radcliffe to a reality TV dating show fan because of her ability to make "doing mundane stuff, like just going shopping, a joy, like it's fun" (via People's YouTube channel).

Erin is a Sandra Bullock fan

Radcliffe shared the screen with one of Erin Darke's favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock, in "The Lost City." Radcliffe recalled to People that when he first told Darke about the script, she was immediately on-board for him to do it. He also shared that he believes this is Darke's favorite of his projects simply because he worked with Bullock.

In an "ET Canada" interview, Radcliffe stated that Darke was "beside herself with excitement." He continued, "I hadn't finished reading the script and she was like 'but you have to do it right?'" He then reassured her that the script was great so he was likely going to appear in the movie.

Radcliffe also spoke to the women of "The View" about when Darke and Bullock first met. Radcliffe detailed that Darke managed to make it on the set of "The Lost City," but due to COVID restrictions, she couldn't meet Bullock.

Still, the couple is rarely seen together. Page Six reports that Darke and Radcliffe's last red carpet appearance happened in 2014 when they attended the Tony Awards together. The couple made their return to the red carpet for "The Lost City" premiere in New York City in March. This premiere allowed Darke to finally meet Bullock.

In his "The View" interview, Radcliffe mentioned that one of his goals that night was to make sure Bullock and Darke met. Radcliffe also disclosed that Bullock's film "While You Were Sleeping" is a favorite Christmas movie of the couple's. They watch it every year.

Erin is 'passionate about feminism'

Erin Darke has appeared on "Dietland," "Good Girls Revolt," and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," which are all TV shows centered around women with women showrunners. "In my dream [roles], I wanted to work on something that was being done by women about women," she shared with Bustle.

Darke doesn't just want to star in shows about women by women; she wants to bring women together. In 2016, she formed Women to the Front (WTTF), an organization that raises money for various underfunded organizations. As of 2020, the group had about 100 members with at least 40 active members (via Refinery29). According to the official WTTF website, the organization has raised money for such organizations as EMW, The Human Utility, and The Florence Project.

Darke shared with Bustle that part of WTTF's mission is to help build a better future for women, one that the members of the organization would be glad to see. Darke also shared with Bust that she's "very passionate about feminism" and loved working on "Good Girls Revolt" because she felt it further the conversation about feminism. While working on "Good Girls Revolt," she also felt more appreciative of Radcliffe.

She would call him from set and say "I love you, you're so good."