The Perfect Piercing For A Leo

If you're familiar with astrology and know a little bit about the stars, you probably can recall a few Leos (July 23-August 22) that you know up close and personal. That's because this fire sign loves to live in the spotlight, per Astrology Zodiac Signs. With big personalities, they enjoy being the center of attention, have lost of friends and even more acquaintances.

Like every sign, Leos have good and bad traits. While they are endearingly charismatic, creative, and compassionate, they loathe being ignored and can be quite headstrong. Yet Leos are such an enticing sign. Though they crave attention, they also give it back. One of the best things about them is that Leos show love for partners and friends just as they like to receive it, so they enjoy showering significant others with time and gifts.

Leos also enjoy beautiful things and use clothing and style to make a statement, so naturally, piercings rank high on their forms of self-expression.

An industrial ear piercing is sure to grab attention

When it comes to personal preferences, whether it's the perfect nail art or the favorite types of songs, most of Leo's inclinations center around a good time. They enjoy being with friends, going on vacations, and being the centerpiece in any group. The more they can have fun in any given situation the better.

For this reason, an industrial ear piercing would perfectly suit the attention-craving lion, per Cosmo. This is one piercing that you simply cannot hide. No matter where you go, you're sure to pique curiosity with the dramatic sight of a long piercing that goes in one side of the ear and juts out the other. It looks both slightly jarring and highly intriguing. You can't help but keep your eye on it, kinda like Leos themselves.

Though it looks like it might be quite painful, it isn't any more painful than a regular ear piercing, except you are creating two holes in the same ear, per InStyle. It takes six long months to fully heal but luckily for the exuberant Leo, it can be shown off and adored immediately.

Consider a tragus piercing for Leo

Another option for the flamboyant Leo is a tragus piercing, per POPSUGAR. The tragus is the tiny little piece of cartilage that is closest to your cheek, opposite of the lobe. When you press on it you can close your ear. According to Healthline, it's main role is to protect the eardrum from infection or damage but it also helps funnel sound waves to the eardrum so you can hear.

Again, like an industrial ear piercing, the tragus piercing looks painful, but keep in mind, pain is subjective. It may be harder to actually pierce than other ear piercings since it's in an odd position and tricky to grab hold of, so make sure you find an experienced piercer. On the upside, the tragus contains thin cartilage which has fewer nerves than other parts of the ear. That results in less pain. Tragus ear piercings usually takes three to six months to fully heal, though it can take up to one full year.

Whether you choose an industrial ear piercing or a tragus piercing, it will surely be a conversation piece, and that will make a lively Leo quite happy.