The Perfect Piercing For A Gemini

There are a lot of misconceptions about fun-loving Gemini, with one of the biggest being that they are two-faced. Although they are known for their dual nature — they are symbolized by the twins, after all — Zodiac Signs reports that Gemini isn't spiteful or evil. (Aren't we all guilty of changing moods from time to time?) Typically, you can find this air sign in a good mood. While they are fun-loving and jovial, they can also grow sullen and irritable when having a bad day.

Born between May 21 and June 20, Gemini loves to live life to the fullest. Per Cosmopolitan UK, they "live to entertain" and they're often saying yes to new experiences  and events. Not only does this make them fun to be around, but it also makes them good partners. Their cheerful, youthful aura can be seen in what they do, where they go, and what they wear — even down to their choice of jewelry! In any case, Gemini's style is always interesting, and a piercing is one way to flaunt their larger-than-life personality.

High-low lobe piercing reflects Gemini's symbolic twins

When it comes to the different types of piercings, you can count on Gemini to be up for any of them. Popsugar recommends a high-low lobe piercing, which symbolically showcases Gemini's dual nature. Like the air sign itself, the upper half of this piercing isn't complete without the bottom half. Likewise, it's both sides of Gemini that make the sign so endearing. Their introspective, quiet side might not be the most pleasant to deal with, but it's also what enables Gemini to be a loyal, loving friend, according to Horoscopes.

Because Gemini is known to change their mind, the duality of this piercing provides more options for creative expression. In fact, the best parts about a high-low lobe piercing are two-fold: it's both highly versatile and quick to heal (when you first get the piercing). Depending on their mood, Gemini can change it up from stud-loop, to loop-stud, to stud-stud, or loop-loop. Even with a small earring collection, there are plenty of potential combinations. Furthermore, since both piercings are on the outside lobe, the piercing and healing process are fairly straightforward.

Cluster piercings are perfect for fun-loving Gemini

When Gemini is in a good mood, you can't stop their positivity or their active nature. As Allure notes, this outgoing sign doubled itself just so it could keep up with all it has to do everyday! This makes them exactly the right person to have by your side at a dinner party or family function. Not only will they fit in perfectly, but they'll talk your guests' ears off — all while washing up in the kitchen and helping you to plan the next event. They might also show their love by making you laugh. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that another great piercing option for vivacious Gemini is a cluster piercing, per Cosmopolitan Philippines.

A cluster piercing is just what it sounds like: a collection of various piercings in the same vicinity. Like a high-low lobe piercing, clusters work well for Gemini because of their versatility. Simply mix and match studs each day, depending on mood! Clusters also appeal to Gemini's non-stop, vibrant personality, because they'll say yes to multiple piercings — just as they say yes to most things in life. After all, life is one big party for Gemini, so the more, the merrier.