12 TikTok Fashion Hacks To Transform Your Closet

If your closet is filled with pieces you never wear because they don't quite fit right or don't match your style at the minute, you don't need to give up and throw them away. Instead, turn to TikTok. While you've probably already come across some of the app's popular life or beauty hacks, fashion-related tips can be just as useful. With TikTokers making short videos, the tips are usually easy and quick to pick up.

It could be as simple as creating a crop top from a baggy t-shirt and bangle bracelet or preventing gapping by buttoning a shirt in a different way. By using some safety pins and a shoelace, one can even quickly adjust the fit without ever having to go near a tailor's shop. Adding these hacks to your styling routine can save you time, money, and stress. Read on to learn some of the best TikTok fashion hacks around to bring new life to your closet.

1. Easily create a backless bra

Getting a backless bra can be a bit of a struggle — just one of the many bra problems we face — especially if you're trying to coordinate it with your favorite undies. Usually, it means you have to go for something strapless underneath your outfit, but this TikTok hack helps turn that old faithful bra into a backless version so you can wear it with all your summer dresses. Plus, you don't have to spend money on new lingerie for just one ensemble (via Glamour).

TikToker Loja La Conquista starts the clip by showing how the straps on her multiway bra are visible. Then, she shows that, by simply unclipping them and wrapping them around to the front and clipping them together again, she transforms the bra. At the end of the video, she shows how she still has the support of the straps, yet they are completely hidden both at the front and the back. The more you know.

2. Transform a long cardigan into a cropped one

Cropped cardigans are totally on trend right now (Taylor Swift is even a fan!), but if your closet is filled with longer ones, don't just throw them away. Longer cardigans are great for adding layers to an outfit, especially in spring weather, but they can also become cropped instantly with this simple hack. The best news of all is that they can easily be converted back if you want. The only thing you need is for the cardigan to have at least three buttons (via Stylist).

One TikTok by American Threads shows how to complete this process. First, start by closing the top button as normal, but then putting the second button through the third hole and the third through the last hole. Then, simply tuck the excess fabric underneath to make a stylish cropped version. To undo the look, just unbutton — no sewing or cutting required.

3. Master the tied shirt using your bra

When the weather heats up, a tied shirt and denim combo is a simple staple, but getting the extra fabric to lie flat across the body is a challenge. A chunky, wonky bow can really ruin the look (via BuzzFeed). 

TikToker Shayna Moretti posted an easy solution that she says is perfect for "hot girl summer." Wearing an oversized, button-down white shirt and denim shorts, Shayna starts by demonstrating the problem the standard technique creates: lots of extra fabric. Instead of unbuttoning at the bottom and then going straight into tying, she takes one side and threads it through the first gap between the buttons. Next, she takes the other side and puts it through the same hole on top. Once both sides are through the gap, she pulls on the ends to tighten it around her waist. This makes an even, horizontal tie that would make even Daisy Duke proud.

4. Use a belt and hair tie to get your jeans to fit correctly

Going up or down a size doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite jeans. TikTok is filled with hacks to help make them more comfortable, whether the waistband is too big or too small. For pants that are too big, the key is to button them through a belt loop to gather the extra material in a paper bag style (via PopSugar). It pulls everything in on top to define the waist but leaves the legs loose for that mom-jean look.

A Tiktok video from American Threads recommends using a hair tie to adjust the fit. For jeans that are too big, take the hair tie and loop one end around the button, then pull the other end through a belt loop and back onto the button. You can hide the extra material with a belt.

For jeans that are too tight, open the button, loop one end of the tie around it, and pull the other end through the buttonhole. Then loop it back onto the button, meaning you can keep the pants secure but get a little extra room. Again, hide the tie with a belt, and — voila! — no one will ever know.

5. Button differently to stop the gaping that comes with bigger breasts

Another common problem, particularly for those with bigger breasts, is struggling to wear button-down shirts or dresses. Many times, you can't close the buttoms, and, even when they do close, you're left with gapping at the front. Luckily, TikTok has again come up with a great solution that might allow you to pull forgotten garments from the back of your closet, giving them a new lease on life.

Creator @mimichanbuna shows how she unbuttons the front, and, instead of putting each one through the hole beside it, puts the second button through the third loop and the third button through the second loop. This creates a twist, closing the gap. Once the new button arrangement is in place, she closes the top button. The TikToker then pulls the dress around to demonstrate that everything is secure, with no bra on display.

6. Give strapless bras more support to stop them from sliding

When you need a strapless bra, there is nothing worse than feeling it sliding down your body halfway through the evening. Don't give up, though, as this TikTok hack claims to keep it in place all night (via Stylist). The key is to use a multiway bra which usually comes with straps that can be added or removed.

Creator Hannah Warling's video, watched by over 600,000 people and liked by 28,000, shows how she twists the bra around to the front, then takes one strap and hooks it into one loop at the back. Next, she pulls the strap around the bra cups, along the underwire, and loops the other end into the other loop. Once the strap is in place, she twists the bra back, showing how the strap helps add support to the band and keep everything in place.

7. Check if new jeans will fit without trying them on

Shopping for new jeans usually takes some time — often they fit perfectly at the waist but are too big in the legs, or vice versa. TikTokers claim to have a way to check whether a pair of jeans will fit perfectly, even without trying them on (via Woman & Home). According to creator @Topnotchboutique, the key is to grab the jeans you like and remove them from the hanger. Instead of going to the changing room and having to take everything off, just wrap the waistband around your neck. If it fits well there, the jeans will fit your body, but if it seems too loose or too tight, try another pair.

While it might sound implausible, plenty of people stand by it. One commenter on the clip said she had been doing it for 19 years! Of course, while the video focuses on jeans, it will work for anything with a waistband, including smart pants and skirts (per Woman & Home).

8. Get rid of creases with a hair dryer

When you're in a rush, having to set up the iron and ironing board is the last thing you want, but now you don't need to worry about how to get rid of creases quickly. With this "hassle free" TikTok hack, you can get your outfit looking pristine without an iron or a steamer (via Tyla). Instead, as TikToker @shelbstales says, all you need for her "lazy girl hack" is a spray bottle and a hair dryer.

First, she grabs the bottle and fills it with water, then gently sprays it over the creased area. Next, she takes a hair dryer and uses it to heat the dampened area, smoothing everything out with her hand as it dries. In the comments, the creator also states that you can use another hair tool to assist: the flat iron. Shelb says it's great for edges but that she uses the spray bottle and hair dryer for areas the flat iron can't reach.

9. Create structured shoulders with rubber bands

If you want a more structured look from an oversized t-shirt, this TikTok hack from Nour Arida involves just two rubber bands. She starts the clip by showing off her baggy white top from Chloé, which she tucks into a pair of jeans. Nour then grabs her first band and pulls it up to the top of her arm and over the bottom of the sleeve, making sure the bands aren't too tight on the arms. 

Tucking the sleeve into the shoulder area, Nour creates a sharp angle with the leftover material and uses the sleeve to add volume to the shoulder. She then repeats it on the other side, turning the top into a sleeveless, structured piece. The video has been watched by over 13.6 million people, with many commenting on how they love the idea of getting two looks from one garment.

10. Tighten up a loose dress with safety pins and a shoelace

When buying a dress, it can be tough to get the perfect fit in the chest, waist, and butt areas, and, sometimes, you end up with it sitting a little loose in the waist. Luckily, adjusting it doesn't mean you need to know how to use a needle and thread. According to this TikTok hack (via Refinery29), you just need two safety pins and a shoelace.

The first step is to turn the dress inside out while wearing it to get the positioning right. The key is to carefully put the pins on the seam at either side of your waist, making sure they are at the same level. Next, thread the shoelace through the pins, and tie it at the back in a bow to cinch in your waist. Next, take the dress off and adjust it the right way. Now, your dress should fit perfectly. If you don't have safety pins or you want something more permanent, @fashioninflux suggests stitching hair ties on each side instead and using the same shoelace technique.

11. Turn a t-shirt into a statement crop top with a bangle bracelet

Another option for transforming a basic oversized t-shirt is to use something you might have hiding at the bottom of your jewelry box: a bangle bracelet. With crop tops on trend, you can embrace this '90s style using this simple piece of jewelry (via Glamour). 

After sharing her tip, creator @blackqueen_509 went viral, with over 6 million people watching her video. She starts with a baggy white t-shirt that she gathers up to her waist. Next, she takes the bangle and pulls the excess material through. Tucking the tail underneath, she then flips the bangle to keep it secure. The clip ends with the TikToker showing off her new crop top with a cute hoop at the front. If she needs a baggy top again, she can simply unwrap the bangle and let it fall freely at the front.

12. Use a chain to turn a basic tank top into something interesting

A boring old tank top can become something special with this hack. All you need is a length of chain. You can use an old chain belt or pick one up for a few bucks. If you don't want to use a chain, any other tie, even an old shoelace, will achieve the same look (via InStyle). 

Creator @kristinakacheeva shows how she takes the tank top in her hands, without putting it on, and threads a chain belt through the straps at the top. She then slips the belt over her head, keeping the tank top in front. Next, she threads each end of the belt through the sides of the top, before wrapping it back around the back and clipping it together (if using a tie or lace, you can tie it). Once it's secure in place, you have a stunning backless piece instead of the basic tank top. Who would've thought?