The Side Hustles Shay Mitchell Is Secretly Killing It With

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Shay Mitchell is most widely known for her role in the teen drama series "Pretty Little Liars," but her career started well before she became Emily Fields. Born and raised in Canada, Mitchell first got into the arts with dancing and modeling. After acting became her focus, she appeared on one of the most popular Canadian television shows, "Degrassi: The Next Generation." She then went on to guest star in shows like "Glee" before her big break with "Pretty Little Liars" (via Celebrity Net Worth).

According to The Famous People, both of her parents work in finance, a far cry from Hollywood. But her family embraced her love of the spotlight and after moving to West Vancouver, she was discovered by a modeling agency. Her modeling career was cut short when Mitchell decided she wanted to study acting — which was a smart move on her part. Since her successful run on Freeform, Mitchell has been in movies including "Dreamland" and "Mother's Day." TV roles include the Hulu comedy "Dollface" and voicing Alexandra Trese in the English adaptation of Filipino comic "Trese." 

But there's so much more to Mitchell than just her acting. The star is a mom, a YouTuber, and an entrepreneur — a facet of her career that many don't know about.

Shay Mitchell is involved with big brands

When you hear the name Shay Mitchell, you likely don't think of her as a businesswoman. But, the actress has an impressive resume and net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mitchell is worth $6 million, and while a lot of her income has come from her acting, it also comes from her side hustles, whether that be her brand partnerships or her social media. So how is Mitchell doing it?

Mitchell uses her influencer status to create and promote big brands. She created her own travel brand called Béis, which sells luggage and travel accessories, and the sparkling tequila brand, Onda. "Those [brands] came from doing what I love and [offer] products that I love selfishly and want other people to love as well," Mitchell told Elle Canada

In addition to these, she has become a spokesperson for other brands, including the fragrance brand, Cacharel's "Yes I Am" Collection.

Shay Mitchell has become a huge success

While Shay Mitchell's acting career and her work with big companies may make up the bulk of her income, she is actually doing even more than you may think. Mitchell co-authored a book called "Bliss" with her BFF Michaela Blaney, a story about three best friends, and even started her own production company called Amore & Vita Inc (per Variety).

Her YouTube channel is also a huge side hustle for Mitchell. With over 4 million subscribers, Mitchell uses her channel to share her workouts, her life as a mom, and her makeup routines. All of these side hustles have paid off immensely. Mitchell owns a gorgeous home in Los Angeles that she shares with her boyfriend Matte Babel and their daughter, Atlas – the home is so beautiful, it was even featured in Architectural Digest.

Clearly, Mitchell is a talented person in more ways than one. We can't wait to see how her career progresses!