Who Fathered All Of Maxie's Children On General Hospital?

Maxie Jones was born on-screen in 1990 on "General Hospital" to legacy characters and real-life couple Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner). Actress Kirsten Storms took over the role in 2005 and became the easily-recognizable Maxie we all know and love today.

In her teenage and young adult years, Maxie was known for being rebellious and causing trouble wherever she went. Her schemes became more dangerous over time, particularly in 2006 when she stole prescription pills from the hospital to feed Lucky Spencer's drug habit and then manipulated him into having an affair with her (via Soaps). Eventually, she found a better outlet for her feisty personality and became a successful stylist for Crimson magazine.

Despite her previous troubles, Maxie has mellowed out as she's gotten older and is now a devoted mother of three. Maxie has had several loves in her life over the years and three of those relationships blessed her with children. Let's take a look at who fathered Maxie's little ones.

Damian Spinelli is Georgie's father

In late 2012, Maxie came to the aid of her good friends Lulu (then Julie Berman) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) by offering to be their surrogate when they struggled to conceive a child (via Soap Central). Unfortunately, shortly after becoming pregnant, Maxie experienced a miscarriage and lost the baby. She made the decision to keep the miscarriage a secret while she figured out what to do.

She sought comfort from her ex-boyfriend and dear friend, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), and the two slept together. Maxie discovered she was pregnant by Spinelli and decided to keep everyone in the dark and continue with the pregnancy as if she was still carrying Lulu and Dante's baby. Maxie began referring to the baby as her own and calling her Georgie, the name of her late sister. Her family and friends feared she was becoming too attached.

After the little girl was born, Spinelli's then-girlfriend and lab technician Ellie Trout learned the truth and exposed it. Maxie and Spinelli were then forced into a custody battle with Lulu and Dante who didn't want to give the baby up and tried to prove that Maxie would be an unfit mother. They were partially successful and the judge gave Spinelli sole custody of his daughter and he moved away with Georgie and Ellie for several years (via Michael Fairman TV). Presently, Spinelli and Ellie have divorced and he has returned to Port Charles, allowing Maxie to be a full-time mom to Georgie. Maxie and Spinelli remain good friends and successful co-parents.

Nathan West is James' father

After losing custody of her daughter, Maxie Jones temporarily left town to "find herself" and put her life back together. When she returned, Maxie and the new PCPD detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) struck up a romance (via Soaps in Depth). "General Hospital" viewers were huge fans of Maxie and Nathan, delighted that Maxie had turned things around and found a genuinely good man who treated her right. Though they split up briefly the previous year, Maxie and Nathan were finally married in 2017, and by late 2018, she was pregnant.

Soon after, Nathan went in search of family medical records and discovered that his biological father was the dangerous and evil mastermind Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), according to Soaps. The detective then attempted to lure his diabolical father out of hiding, hoping to arrest him and protect his unborn child from the monster. Unfortunately, Faison came to town and kidnapped pregnant Maxie. When Nathan went to rescue her, he was shot by his father. Nathan was rushed to the hospital but his injuries were too severe and he died shortly after, breaking the hearts of Maxie and most "GH" fans.

After Nathan's death, Peter August (Wes Ramsey) comforted Maxie and even helped her deliver her baby, whom she named James in honor of Nathan's given name.

Peter August is Bailey's father

Soon after James' birth, Maxie Jones began falling for Peter August. Little did she know, Peter's real name was Henrik Faison and he was the other son of Cesar Faison and the half-brother of Nathan West (via SoapDirt). Eventually Peter's true identity and dark past came to light and Maxie's friends and family tried to warn her away from the dangerous man. 

However, Maxie believed Peter's lies and remained convinced that he had changed his ways and was good at heart. By 2020, Maxie was pregnant with her and Peter's child and planning their wedding. Thankfully, before the two tied the knot, Nathan's mother Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) proved to Maxie that Peter was as sinister as they come (via Soaps). Maxie finally realized that Peter was unhinged and was a danger to their unborn child. Maxie then left town to have her baby.

Maxie has been reunited with Bailey

Maxie ended up giving birth in the woods while running from Peter. According to a plan that she hatched with her "frenemy" Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) — who had been conveniently faking a pregnancy at the time — Maxie gave the baby to the other woman to pass off as her own until Peter was no longer a threat (via Michael Fairman TV). 

Maxie returned to Port Charles and told everyone her baby had been stolen by someone working for Peter. For months, Brook Lynn raised the little girl, named Bailey, while law enforcement tried to track down Peter and the "missing" baby. By early 2022, Peter had figured out the ruse and kidnapped his daughter, per Soaps in Depth. As a result, Maxie and Brook Lynn were forced to tell everyone the truth about Bailey's identity. Thankfully, Peter was found, killed, and Bailey was finally reunited with Maxie.