Royal Expert Gives Grim Prediction Of William's Future As King Amid His Feud With Harry

It's no secret that things have been rocky between Prince William and Prince Harry for quite some time. Their royal rift timeline began after Harry and Meghan Markle said "I do" in 2018, according to Cosmopolitan. A source close to the family revealed that Harry felt his brother wasn't making a good enough effort with his new sister-in-law, and that's when the couple was asked to attend Christmas with the Cambridges. Unfortunately, it seemed William was still not warming up to Meghan. 

Meghan and Harry talked about the mistreatment they felt they were receiving within the royal family when the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey for their now-infamous interview in 2021 (via The New York Times). It was for the sake of their mental health and happiness that the couple eventually left their royal duties behind in the beginning of 2020, and moved to the United States. The distance and tell-all interviews haven't helped to mend the feud between the two princes, and it seems a royal expert believes this will affect William's future as king. 

If William can't fix this with Harry, what else can't he fix?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have already established that they prefer a more modern monarchy by announcing that they want to go by their first names, according to the Daily Mirror. It was a move the couple decided to make after their messy royal tour in the Caribbean back in March. A source revealed, "They want to be more approachable, less formal, less stuffy and break away with a lot of the tradition." 

While the Cambridges are attempting to rebrand what it means to be a royal, former royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, thinks William has to make more of an effort with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first (via Daily Beast). "If William wants to be a future king, a great leader giving inspiring addresses about the environment to two billion people, then the public are within their rights to expect him to be able to sort out a frankly pretty minor dispute with his brother." Larcombe put it simply: "He has to start showing some leadership here." 

When you put things into perspective, the royal rift between William and Harry does seem kind of minor. Or, as Kourtney Kardashian perfectly put it on "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "Kim, there's people that are dying." 

Prince William has to make the first move

Former royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, also admitted to the Daily Beast that mending the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry falls on William alone. As the future king, he has to be the bigger man. Larcombe shared, "If he really does believe he is the chap chosen by god to be king, then he should be capable of sorting out this row with his brother." Of course, some would argue that Harry has a lot to apologize for after leaving the royal family and airing some family drama in his Oprah Winfrey interview, but to Larcombe, "William has got a lot more to lose than Harry. The monarchy could be lost on his watch."

With Prince Harry's memoir looming over, now would be a great time for William to call up his brother to apologize. It could prevent him from revealing even more royal secrets that would just upset William more. In fact, the Daily Express revealed that a possibility for the delay in Harry's memoir could be that he is potentially writing about the queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration. If Harry still has time to write, he still has time to edit as well. 

Prince Harry has mended some relationships with the royal family

It turns out that Prince Harry's chapter on the Platinum Jubilee (if there is one) might not feature his brother at all. Despite the couple officially leaving the royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry traveled to England with their children for the event. Unfortunately, it reportedly did not fix the brothers' relationship. According to Yahoo!, Prince William and Prince Harry didn't speak at all during the festivities. This is only the second time that Prince Harry has been back to visit his family since moving to California, so there's no telling when the next opportunity for the two to meet will be.

Prince Harry did seem to make some amends with other members of the royal family though. The Platinum Jubilee was the first time that Queen Elizabeth II met her great-granddaughter, Lilibet, who was named after the 96-year-old. While she officially met her, the queen refused to let Meghan and Harry's photographer in to capture the moment (via Marie Claire). We'll take this as a sign that the relationship there isn't completely mended. 

Hopefully, time will heal all for the royal family.