Steer Clear Of These Crystals If You're A Scorpio

If you're a Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 21) or one of your friends is a Scorpio, you may already know that the water sign has an abundance of passion (per Cosmopolitan). The sign is known for loving hard and sometimes being intense with their affection, and they're typically loyal to those they hold dear. Scorpios are known for being so fiery that they're often mistaken for a fire sign themselves.

According to Allure, Scorpios are planners who often think about the long haul when they're making decisions. They're "ruled by Pluto" and can be some of the most energetic and ambitious people in the world. They have big dreams and work hard to obtain all their aspirations. Scorpios can also be career-driven and accomplished, however, on their worst days, the sign can let their ego and need for control get in the way. Scorpios thrive off of deep connections with their family, friends, and romantic partners, and are often sensual when it comes to their intimate relationships.

Since Scorpios are so complex, there are many crystals that work well with their multi-faceted personalities. On the flip side of this, there are also several crystals that Scorpios should steer clear of if they want to make the most of their holistic future.

Scorpios can benefit from crystals like Clear Quartz and Ruby

According to Cosmopolitan, there are specific crystals that match well with those born under the sign of Scorpio. Lapis Lazuli healing crystals can help the water sign gain self-awareness while also helping them to be honest with themselves and others. Meanwhile, Rubies are also known to spark confidence and sexual energy in the sensual Scorpio. Clear Quartz can also help Scorpios with healing and cleansing, and it can be used to increase vibration during times of love, energy, negative thoughts, or a simple bad mood. Red Jasper is said to be beneficial for the sign as well since the crystal provides courage and passion.

Divine Twist suggests that Scorpios also work with Obsidian healing crystals to help keep themselves grounded during times of chaos. Other crystals, such as Amethyst, can help the sign remove negative emotion and energy, and aid them in clearing their minds. However, not all crystals are meant to be paired together, and Scorpio may need to watch out for certain combinations during their spiritual journey.

Scorpio may want to stay away from Green Aventurine and Carnelian

For Scorpios, there are several beneficial crystals you can use in your spiritual practice. However, others may not prove to be helpful along the way. According to Hobbyist Geek, Scorpio may want to steer clear of Blue Lace Agate if they're using Red Jasper. Red Jasper is used to boost vitality — using Blue Lace Agate can conflict with those vitality-boosting properties by relaxing your emotions instead. Meanwhile, if you're using Clear Quartz, the outlet suggests keeping it away from Malachite, Citrine, and Green Aventurine.

Beadnova suggests that if Scorpio is wearing Ruby on their body, it shouldn't be paired with other stones like Cat's Eye, Sapphire, Diamond, or Garnet, as their vibrational frequencies don't align with each other. Additionally, Conscious Items reveals that pairing Obsidian with Green Aventurine won't be beneficial either. If a Scorpio is working with Amethyst, like so many crystal lovers do, pairing it with Carnelian isn't a good idea as it can send a confusing signal to your chakra (via Star Crystal Gems).

While crystals are a great way to work with your spiritual energy, be sure to do a bit of research in advance so you know if you're using the right crystal and gem combinations for you.