Steer Clear Of These Crystals If You're A Cancer

For some, crystals are beautiful decorations to place around their home or wear as the centerpieces of their jewelry. However, others believe that crystals have the power to help heal the body, relieve stress, and focus their users. According to Healthline, some believe that crystals can work with people's vibrational energy.

"Crystals absorb energy from pressure and movement and convert it into an electronic frequency," says Jude Polack, the founder of crystal-infused water bottle company bewater. "It's this frequency, unique to each type of crystal, that users are relying on when working with crystals, and given that many pain and anxiety relief devices work on similar principles, we do believe they can help in these areas."

If you're zodiac sign is a Cancer (born between June 21 and July 22), there are many different crystals that will likely work well with your personality traits. Since Cancers are known for their high emotions, resilience, and ability to care for and nurture those around you (via Women's Health), certain crystals and gems should pair nicely with your vibrational energy.

Cancers may want Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Selenite in their collection

According to MindTastik, there are many different crystals that work well with those born under the sign of Cancer. Because crystals are a great way to work with energy and vibrations, one of the best crystals for the water sign is Rose Quartz. The crystal has been used to heal mental, physical, and emotional issues and is known to calm the mind. Cancers may also want to work with Smoky Quartz if they feel like they need to combat negative thoughts and energy, or release any blockages in their lives. Citrine is another great crystal for Cancers, and is often used to manifest your dreams and achieve success.

Meanwhile, Conscious Items reveals that Moonstone is also great for Cancer as they are likely sensitive to moon energy. The outlet suggests that the sign also work with Tiger's Eye as a way to balance their chakra. Selenite is also a powerful stone for calming energy and can offer Cancers amplified feelings of peace and contentment.

While there are many crystals that will pair well with Cancers, there are a few stones that the sign may want to stay away from during their spiritual journey.

Cancer might want to think twice about using crystals like Amazonite and Clear Quartz

Divine Twist notes that if Cancer is using Tiger's Eye that it should be kept far away from Amazonite. Tiger's Eye will increase your energy and drive, while Amazonite is commonly used for relaxation and sleep, and the two will conflict. Meanwhile, Cancer may also want to steer clear of using Amethyst, Turquoise, and Moldavite in their bedrooms, per Hobbyist Geek. These crystals can overstimulate some people and keep them awake instead of promoting restful sleep.

In addition, My Gemstones suggests keeping Clear Quartz away from motivation crystals, such as Citrine. Clear Quartz is used to amplify the power of other crystals and using it with Citrine could have you feeling on edge. This could lead to an overload of ideas and result in having too many balls in the air while trying to juggle multiple projects. So, it's best to keep the two stones apart.

All in all, it seems that Cancers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing which crystals to use in their daily lives and their spiritual practices. The water sign's emotions and confidence can play a big part in the crystals they choose, and as long as you pair the right stones together you'll be set up for success.