The Most Popular Jackets Worn By Meghan Markle

There is fashion and then there is royal fashion. Naturally, everyone's eyes are on the royal family's attire at all times, but in 2017 their style game officially got amped up. Meghan Markle's fashion completely changed trends all over the world, starting with coats. The item went from cold-weather protection to the perfect way to add a little more to any outfit, and, boy, were there a lot of great ones.

The thing about Markle stepping into the royal family was that she was going to become an American princess, and like her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, was going to lead with her heart (via People). She bridged the gap between the two countries, and both places across the pond were equally obsessed with her style (per Elle). 

She also brought with her a whole lot of rebellion, according to Cosmopolitan. Markle was able to take the royal fashion rules and bend them a bit to make for iconic looks. One thing she knows how to do is wear a jacket, and these are some of the most popular trends that she stepped out in. 

The engagement coat that sparked a fashion revolution

Meghan Markle was killing the fashion game long before she entered the royal family, but an ionic look marked the moment she did. When Markle stepped out to announce her engagement to Prince Harry, she wore an all-white coat that rocked the world. People were also obsessed with her engagement ring that came from Princess Diana's collection (via Town and Country).

According to Harper's Bazaar, the $627 coat by Canadian brand LINE, which was soon after named "Meghan," sold out instantly. "She looked very her, which is really what was great about the coat," LINE designer John Muscat told Harper's Bazaar. "It's funny, I actually didn't know she'd be wearing the coat and it was such a delightful surprise to see her in it. It's so her style and she looked so natural and confident in that white color, which was just beautiful. She looked like an absolute dream."

Her iconic camel coats

If there's one look that Meghan Markle instantly made iconic, it was her camel coats. Even before she officially became the Duchess of Sussex, Markle's go-to color palette was filled with creams and browns. "When in the presence of the Queen, royal ladies are careful not to dress in a way that might draw focus or indeed upstage her, but in Meghan's case, I think it's simply that she likes the more muted tones," royal commentator Victoria Arbiter tells Town and Country. "If that makes her feel strong and confident in her role, then long may the neutrals continue."

And continue they did. The color palette is still very much a part of the 40-year-old's clothing. She even wore an all cream outfit for her appearance at the Platinum Jubilee. The color is clearly a staple in Markle's closet, and it inspired others to try the color too. In fact, she could be the reason that neutral colors are so trendy to this day (via Huff Post). 

The fashionable and practical trench coat

Meghan Markle has never changed her style to fit in with the royal family, a concern the royals had leading up to her return to the U.K. in June, according to Express. She's continued to wear her perfectly polished and trendy looks to all different events: One of her most iconic fashion moments was at her first-ever Invictus Games where she wore ripped jeans, flats, and a Misha Noona button-down (via Glamour). 

Along with plenty of other polished looks at the Invictus Games, Markle wore a green trench coat that instantly brought the coat back into style. She wore an Earth-colored trend coat by the brand Babaton for Aritizia, according to Who What Wear. Vogue called it "the perfect trench coat," which is seemingly true even years later. Bottom line — Markle's style is so classic and timeless that it never goes out of style. 

The plaid that instantly sold out

The thing about Meghan Markle's fashion is that there's always a special meaning behind it. Case and point — the plaid Burberry coat that she wore to Scotland in 2018 (via Harper's Bazaar). Not only was it a completely stunning jacket, but it also paid homage to the county that she was visiting. In fact, it matched the Scottish horse that she was visiting. 

People loved this jacket so much that it sold out within hours of her appearance in Edinburgh, according to The Scottish Sun. The publication found that the £2,000 jacket was selling for over £3,000 the same day on eBay. So, yeah, people really liked this look. 

The outfit also featured another item of interest — the crossbody bag. According to Today, wearing the style of purse isn't exactly a break in the royal protocol, but it is a break from tradition for the royal family. The women typically carry either small handbags or clutches so that they don't have to shake hands with people (via Bustle). But Markle opted to have a hands-free opportunity in Scotland. 

The cruely-free, subtly detailed number

Speaking of meaningful outfits, Meghan Markle stepped out to Cardiff Castle in a gorgeous Stella McCartney coat with a silk-tie detail. According to The Cut, this jacket was seen as "an endorsement of McCartney's cruelty-free politics," as the designer announced she would include more sustainable design shortly before this look debuted. The publication also notes that the original and the dupe all sold out shortly after this jacket was seen on the Duchess, making it yet another most-popular coat.

Somehow Markle found out how to effortlessly mix her personal style with royal style, but also pack a ton of meaning into every look. She might be living in Santa Barbara now, but something tells us this winter will bring with it tons of more must-have styles from Markle. Not to mention that she can now wear whatever she'd like, as she's no longer a working member of the royal family. Get ready for the coat inspiration to flow, my friends.