Royals Every Taurus Can Relate To

If ever there was a royal sign it's Taurus, and we're not just saying that because Queen Elizabeth II herself is one (via the New York Post). People with this sign tend to be intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and slightly stubborn — attributes that come in handy for leaders. 

The bull might not be a sign that everyone can get along with, but the royal family is filled with people who have the same mindset as them; according to Pure Wow, Taurus is the Zodiac sign with the most British royal family members. 

As Cosmopolitan says,"Tauruses are unchanging, rigid, and uncompromising." Those might not sound like the best traits on the surface, but they are all signs of strength that can lead someone to success so it makes sense that so many of our favorite royals share this sign. Whether you one day find yourself sitting next to one of them at a party or just find solace in knowing you'd get along, here are all the royals that a Taurus would vibe with.

Queen Elizabeth is always peak Taurus

All of the attributes that make Tauruses not great at co-working on a team make them perfect for leading a country, and that's proven in Queen Elizabeth who is the most famous royal Taurus of them all (via the New York Post)

Let's just think about the past seven decades of her ruling the country. The queen has managed to keep the drama to a minimum, act as the reigning monarch of the many countries of the Commonwealth, and stick to her guns when it comes to keeping her family in line. Case and point: she dealt with her grandson, Prince Harry, officially quitting his duties as a royal and moving to America with grace, but also stood her ground when it came to not letting him take advantage of royal perks upon leaving (via Us Weekly). 

Queen Elizabeth was literally made for this role, which would make her the perfect person for a fellow Taurus to hang out with if only she weren't so busy. 

Prince Louis' antics prove he's every Taurus' inner child

Prince Louis doesn't step out for public outings much, but when he does it's clear to see he's a Taurus. For example, his bull tendencies came through strong at his great-grandmother's Platinum Jubilee. In true form to his sun sign, Prince Louis stole the show at the event, celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 70th anniversary on the throne, by making faces and putting his mother in her place while sitting front row at the Jubilee pageant. As the New York Post points out, his stubborn Taurus sun and playful Leo moon were both on the rise for the weekend of festivities. 

While it's unclear exactly what Prince Louis will be like when he gets older, it's clear to see from his public appearances that he's a firecracker who won't easily be told what to do. Seeing as he is the exact same sun and moon sign as his great-grandmother, aka the queen, she might be the only one who will be able to talk some sense into him as he ages (via the New York Post). 

Either way, if you get the chance, this fellow Taurus is one person that you will get along with in the royal family. Heck, he might even help you with some inner child work. 

Princess Charlotte balances her sun and moon sign

Princess Charlotte is a Taurus as well, notes People, but she couldn't be more different than her brother Prince Louis. While her brother was infamously acting out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the Platinum Jubilee, she was reportedly upset about Prince Louis' antics and the one trying to keep him in line. "Charlotte has her head down, eyes closed and forehead tension," body language expert Blanca Cobb told The List. "Most prominently, the muscle between her eyebrows is contracted, which indicates stress." This could be because of her moon in Libra, which makes her extremely balanced and makes her take her role extremely seriously, even at the age of seven. 

Just like her great-grandmother, Princess Charlotte was basically made to be royal, which means she would be one of the Tauruses that a fellow Earth sign would love to be friends with. While it's unclear how her role will evolve in the future, something tells us that she will make her family extremely proud and likely have a special spot when she officially starts working.

Archie is growing into his Taurus personality

One of the youngest members of the royal family — and a Taurus — is Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. The son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is still quite young, so there's not much the public knows about his personality. It also doesn't help that good 'ole mom and pop have kept him out of the public eye with their move to Santa Barbara. But, according to Elle, Archie has a "lovable and sweet nature" and is a very caring big brother, which proves that he's growing into his Taurus leadership attributes quite nicely and will get along with his Taurus cousins and others who share the sign as he gets older. 

Unlike his parents, who decided to end their jobs with the royal family, Archie likely would have thrived in the family, just like his fellow Earth sign cousins. That being said, it will be fun to see what role he steps into with a little more freedom. Money manager or chef would be great careers for a Taurus if he wants to live a more normal life. 

Still, Archie is seventh in line to the throne, per the royal family's official website, so it's possible we might see him make the decision to take on a more active role in the royal family one day. 

Catherine Middleton is a Taurus' best friend

To be clear, Catherine Middleton is not a Taurus, but a Capricorn, per the New York Post. Any fellow bull would likely get along with Middleton just as well as their Taurus counterparts, though. The Duchess of Cambridge goes with the flow at all times and has stepped into her role as a royal with ease. She fit right into the family and hasn't caused too many waves during her time working for the family.

Catherine's cool, calm, and collected Capricorn sun mixed with her understanding Cancer moon means she is basically a Taurus' best friend, as she can let them be themselves while not getting too riled up about it –which no doubt helps when you're raising two Taurus kids. Thought Catalog notes that the two signs "are practical, dependable, and intelligent" and "will make an excellent match because they are so similar in nature."

Sitting next to the duchess at a dinner party would make for a great option. You know, if you ever get the chance.