If You're A Virgo, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

Sensual spheres are way for Virgo to practice ignoring that judgmental voice in their heads — play isn't supposed to be neat and tidy, and therefore the perfect opportunity to shut down their inner critic. Like their earth sign sibling Taurus, it may be hard for Virgo to get out of their heads and into their whimsical side. This might be where an enthusiastic partner can be especially helpful for bringing Virgo out of their protective shells.

Virgos' attentiveness to those around them and their knack for picking up on details make them an ideal romantic partner, especially when it comes to learning what each party enjoys. They'll pick up on partners' subtle signs and remember exactly what moves worked best so they can catalog them as future go-to's. Virgos are excellent communicators, but may need to work on their delivery, especially around more intimate subjects. So they should start with what's working and go from there — partners won't automatically understand their bodies, or where they can get during some solo TLC, but that doesn't mean partners aren't worthy of some appreciative guidance. 

Virgo may ultimately struggle to shut down their inner critic, but once they do, their true personality gets to shine through. Their romantic side and pragmatic nature may be at war when it comes to matters of the heart, but this earth sign's wild side tends to come out when you'd least expect it.

Virgos have something in common with their fellow earth signs

For Virgos trying to get their freak on, leaning into their controlling tendencies may actually make for some fun role play. Vice poses a remote control adult toy as ideal for a Virgo who's ready to find the perfect settings and modes for themselves, a partner, or both simultaneously. They have quite a bit in common with their fellow earth sign Capricorn when it comes to pleasure, so they can take a page out of their book by either holding onto or releasing control during intimate play. 

Is it time to break out the restraints or take your trust in a partner to the ultimate level with a ball gag? A loyal Virgo may be ready to explore their preferences far and wide — just like a sensually-minded Taurus — and shutting down their overactive brain may be just the ticket when they're in a trusting relationship.

Vice leans into Virgo's intellectualism, suggesting some erotica or role-play to transition from the real world into a fantasy. Especially considering that Virgo is the zodiac's "virgin," they may enjoy toying with the dichotomies between their straight-laced reputation and their powerful, kinky brains.

Virgo is ready to challenge their straight-laced reputation

Elle's adult toy pick leans into Virgo's aesthetic instinct to go for cutesy with a practical twist. The ultra sweet butterfly vibrator from Adam & Eve is discreet and can even be worn out and about with no one the wiser (and even the most straight-edged Virgo will love the feeling of having a secret). For the super sneaky Virgo, Refinery29 picks the Crave Vesper, which can be disguised as a necklace and kept close for everyday use.

Glamour's assessment affirms Virgo's high sex drive while noting their perfectionistic tendencies. They suggest a bullet vibe for a simple yet effective toy, while Virgos who want to mimic their ideal sexual encounters may go for a toy with more lifelike functions, like the suction action of the Womanizer Duo or the Lelo Sono. And an especially exciting choice for Virgo might be the aesthetically — and sensually — pleasing rose air pulsator from Lovers, which uses air pressure tech and additional vibrating features sure to stimulate picky Virgo.