All Of Ashley Abbott's Husbands On The Young And The Restless

The role of Ashley Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" was originated by Eileen Davidson in 1982; she has since played the role off-and-on for 40 years. The actress also starred on "Santa Barbara" and is often recognized as Kristen DiMera from "Days of Our Lives." She even crossed over as Ashley to "The Bold and the Beautiful." Though a few other actresses briefly stepped into the character's shoes, Davidson is renowned for the role. She even won a Daytime Emmy for it in 2018 (via Page Six).

Ashley was one of three children born to legacy characters Dina Mergeron and John Abbott; however, it was later revealed that she was actually fathered by Brent Davis (via Soap Central). Throughout her decades in Genoa City, Ashley became a formidable businesswoman for the family company Jabot Cosmetics. Though she's committed many misdeeds, including artificially inseminating herself with stolen sperm and manipulating her brother Jack Abbott into believing he wasn't John's son, she also suffered a great deal. The character dealt with physical ailments such as breast cancer, a brain tumor, a miscarriage, and giving birth to a stillborn baby. Ashley also struggled with mental health issues and has a history of being institutionalized.

Despite her complicated history, she is surprisingly well-adjusted. Along with having a decent relationship with her daughter Abby Newman, Ashley also inherited business patents from John and ultimately took them to Paris to start her own cosmetics empire (via Soaps in Depth). Viewers don't know much about what became of her love life overseas, but the only thing Ashley had no shortage of in Genoa City was husbands.

She married Steven Lassiter in 1988

Ashley Abbott met her first husband Dr. Steven Lassiter (Rod Arrants) when she was institutionalized in 1986. Following an abortion, Ashley suffered a mental breakdown; she was haunted by the sounds of a baby crying and also experienced amnesia (via Soap Opera Digest). She ended up in a mental health facility in New York City as a "Jane Doe" where she was treated by Dr. Lassiter. The doctor returned with her to Genoa City when she regained her memory. They formed a strong connection as Steven assisted in Ashley's recovery, and they eventually fell in love and were married in 1988.

The couple's relationship was fraught with drama due to Steven's profession as a psychiatrist. On their honeymoon in Hawaii the two were stalked by one of Steven's former patients who was obsessed with him (via Soap Central). She ultimately poisoned Ashley and caused her to become severely ill. Though Ashley recovered, she didn't get to enjoy being a newlywed for very long. Just a short time later Steven was tragically murdered by another ex-patient, leaving his young bride a widow.

Ashley said 'I do' to Victor Newman twice

Ashley Abbott and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) had a series of affairs while he was married to Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) — which led to Ashley's first pregnancy and subsequent abortion (via Soaps in Depth). In 1990, Victor was reeling when Nikki remarried, and he went to Ashley for comfort. The two got married impulsively, but their union wasn't smooth sailing. Victor's daughter Victoria Newman (then Heather Tom) returned from boarding school determined to break them up so she could reunite her parents (via Soap Central). Then, Nikki began struggling with alcoholism, and Victor jumped to her aid. Victor finally admitted that he was still in love with Nikki, and he and Ashley divorced.

In 2000, Ashley stole Victor's sperm and used it to get pregnant. This resulted in the birth of her daughter Abby Newman, whom she passed off as Brad Carlton's baby. It would be several years before anyone found out that Abby was actually Victor's daughter (via Soaps).

Ashley and Victor reunited in 2009 when they were both overseas in France. Upon their return home Ashley became pregnant again, and the two were married for a second time. However, Victor's resentful son Adam Newman (then Michael Muhney) began psychologically tormenting Ashley, eventually causing her to fall down a flight of stairs and miscarry (via SoapHub). Afterward, he helped convince her the baby was alive, and she went on to experience a phantom pregnancy for several months. Later, she heard Victor professing his love to Nikki (again), which led to their second divorce.

Blade Bladeson and Ashley were married

In 1993, Ashley Abbott found herself enamored by Jabot Cosmetics' new photorgarpher Blade Bladeson (Michael Tylo). Though he refused to reveal much about himself besides the fact that he went by a stage name and had a brother, Ashley fell in love with him. They were married the following year (via Soap Central).

Not long afterward, Blade found himself being tormented by an ex-lover named Mari Jo Mason (Diana Barton) whom he broke up with for sleeping with his evil twin brother Rick Bladeson. Mari Jo took up residence in Genoa City and began dating Ashley's brother Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), though she and Blade kept their history a secret. Eventually, Mari Jo blackmailed Blade for his brother's death since she apparently witnessed him letting Rick drown. Much to her surprise, Rick soon appeared in town. The two rekindled their illicit romance but were caught together, leading both Ashley and Jack to believe that Blade and Mari Jo were having an affair and ending their respective relationships (via SoapHub).

Ashley and Blade took a trip together in an attempt to reconcile, but Rick followed them. He kidnapped his twin and pretended to be Blade, much to the delight of Ashley who was thrilled with her husband's new attitude. Eventually, Blade escaped and returned to his life (via Soap Central). Not long afterward he was killed in an accident where his car was struck by a train; it wasn't until his funeral that Ashley learned of Rick's existence.

Her marriage to Cole Howard ended in another divorce

Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) — once believed to be an illegitimate son of Victor Newman — came to Genoa City as an aspiring novelist (via Soap Central). In 1998 Ashley Abbott agreed to let him base a novel character on her, and the two spent a significant amount of time together. Meanwhile, Cole's marriage to Victoria Newman had been suffering due to past infidelity and her extended absences traveling for work. Eventually, Cole and Ashley acted on their mutual attraction, and Victoria caught them kissing.

Victoria and Cole got divorced; soon after, he proposed to Ashley. However, shortly afterward he discovered that Victoria was pregnant with his baby. Victoria experienced a medical emergency that forced her to deliver the baby early. They decided to name the little girl Eve after his mother, but the baby died soon after birth (via Soaps in Depth).

Cole and Ashley were married as planned, though she soon jetted off to Europe for several business trips. Eventually, Ashley ended up in Spain where she was secretly attempting to buy back artwork that her half-brother Rafael Delgado (Carlos Bernard) had forged in order to get him out of trouble. However, Cole had been following her and believed she was having an affair. Back in Genoa City, Ashley explained everything to Cole, but their relationship was still strained. 

Ashley decided that having a baby would save their marriage and began pressuring Cole to start a family with her. Instead, he took a teaching position at Oxford University and filed for divorce.

Brad Carlton offered to marry her while pregnant

Following her divorce from Cole Howard, Ashley Abbott went on a cruise to lick her wounds. She returned pregnant, though no one knew that she stole Victor Newman's sperm and inseminated herself (via Soap Central). Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), whom Ashley had a relationship with in the past, began pursuing her again. He proposed and offered to raise her baby as his own. On the day of their wedding, Ashley went into labor; she and Brad ended up getting married in her hospital room after Abby's birth.

In 2002, Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer. While Brad stood by her side, Olivia and Drucilla Winters found out the truth about Abby's paternity and convinced Ashley to tell her husband Victor Newman was the father. Brad was furious and ended up sleeping with Olivia. However, Ashley later found out she was pregnant with Cole's baby, and the two decided to reconcile.

Months later there was a huge business-related upset between Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises. Ashley took off to confront Victor who she believed was behind the coup but was involved in a major car accident. She was rushed to the hospital; unfortunately, her baby Robert didn't survive (via Soaps in Depth). The grief of losing another child and the news that she would no longer be able to conceive caused Ashley to experience another breakdown.

She then told Victor that Abby was his daughter, and he tried to form a relationship with the little girl. Not in her right mind, Ashley asked Brad for a divorce and declared her love for Victor, who was already happily married.

Her marriage to Tucker McCall took place in secret

In 2009, Ashley Abbott was unexpectedly named CEO of Jabot Cosmetics following a hostile takeover by Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols). She reluctantly agreed to take the job and began spending time with Tucker. They eventually fell into bed together and began dating (via Soaps). Soon after, Abby Newman (then Emme Rylan) caught him cheating with Diane Jenkins (then Maura West), but no one would believe her accusations. Tucker and Ashley then got engaged.

The night before the wedding Abby hatched a plan to prove to her mother that Tucker was a cheater, though things didn't go as planned. Ashley got in a car with her daughter not realizing that she was drunk, and Abby inadvertently ran Tucker over (via SoapHub). Ashley took the blame for the crash in order to protect her daughter. Tucker eventually awoke from a coma and remembered who was actually driving, but Ashley convinced him that he was mistaken. He then found out that his mother had fired Ashley while he was incapacitated, and the two secretly got married in his hospital room so she could take over the company while he continued to recover (via Soap Central).

Months later, after everyone had learned of their secret marriage, the two planned a real wedding. This time, their friends and family showed up in support. However, it wasn't long before Tucker's shady business practices began to put a strain on their relationship. When Tucker cheated on her again, Ashley finally had enough and filed for divorce.