What Really Happened To Thorne's Daughter Aly On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Aly Forrester is granddaughter of legendary "The Bold and the Beautiful" characters Eric and Stephanie Forrester. She was born in 2004 after her father Thorne Forrester (then Winsor Harmon) had a drunken one-night stand with Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison), according to Soaps. Just a few short years later, Darla was killed when she was changing a flat tire and was struck by a drunk driver. Her mother's death was extremely difficult on Aly, and Thorne asked a therapist Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo) to talk to the little girl, but later discovered that she was the one who hit Darla. Things only worsened when Thorne later became romantically involved with Taylor, which Aly couldn't handle. The little girl began having angry outbursts and displaying concerning behavior, which led Thorne and Taylor to call off their engagement. Thorne went on to raise Aly as a single parent.

In 2013, Aly dropped out of college and returned to Los Angeles, having been rapidly aged (now played by Ashlyn Pearce), per Soaps in Depth. She decided to go into the fashion business at her family's company, Forrester Creations. Aly's young adult life was marred with insecurity, jealousy, and anger issues which all stemmed from her difficult upbringing — losing her mother at a young age and being bullied for her behavior afterward. These traits made it extremely difficult for her to fit in with her family, coworkers, and other people in general. Ultimately it was Aly's lack of proper mental health treatment that would lead to her demise.

Aly stuck her nose in Hope Logan's business

When Aly went to work at Forrester Creations, she was given a position shadowing Hope Logan (then Kim Matula). It didn't take her long to witness the way Hope continuously flitted between brothers Liam and Wyatt Spencer, unable to decide who she wanted to be with (via Soaps in Depth). Aly herself developed a crush on Liam (Scott Clifton) and was angry at Hope for stringing him along. Despite her own feelings, Aly had a very strange reaction when Hope ultimately decided to be with Wyatt (Darin Brooks). She felt that he was a bad influence on Hope and on the Forrester Creations company and began attacking him publicly. After she discovered that he'd stolen a rare diamond, Aly planned to expose him, but Wyatt's mother Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) held her over a second-story railing to intimidate her (via Soap Central). Aly managed to save herself from Quinn's grasp and still revealed the truth, but Wyatt didn't end up facing any repercussions.

Aly also had very strong opinions about purity and how women should present themselves to the public. Some of those feelings stemmed from Aly's own insecurity and belief that she didn't measure up to the beauty of the other women at Forrester Creations, and some came from the voice of her mother Darla in her head (via Soaps). When Hope was thinking about creating and modeling a lingerie line called "Hope's Bedroom" to mirror the success of her mother's line "Brooke's Bedroom" years earlier, Aly managed to convince her not to do it.

Aly's first (and only) love was Oliver Jones

After it became clear that Liam wasn't going to be interested in Aly, she developed a crush on new Forrester Creations photographer Oliver Jones (Zack Conroy). Though Aly lacked confidence in her looks, Oliver continuously told her how beautiful she was and they began dating (via Soaps). However, Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), a model at Forrester Creations, confronted Oliver and secretly recorded him saying that he was only seeing Aly so that he wouldn't be fired and that he was merely putting up with her (via Soap Central).

During their time together, Aly confided in Oliver about her troubled past — the pain of losing her mother, her previous anger issues, being bullied extensively, and how she still blamed Taylor Hayes for Darla's death. Oliver eventually began to have real feelings for Aly and decided to tell her about the secret recording before someone else could expose it, according to Soaps in Depth. Aly was heartbroken at first but ultimately decided to stay with Oliver after he made a grand gesture while they were at a medieval performance and the two professed their love to each other.

Aly experienced hallucinations and acted strangely

Through her job, Aly Forrester became close with her cousin Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer), who had grown close to Liam Spencer (via Soap Central). When Ivy was slighted by Liam, who had feelings for Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes), Aly's other cousin, Aly became enraged. She already held a grudge against the other woman because it was Steffy's mother, Taylor Hayes, who had killed her own mother. Aly began publicly shaming Steffy for showing off her body, calling her derogatory names, and having massive outbursts at the Forrester Creations offices (via IBT).

It was then revealed that Aly often had auditory and visual hallucinations of her mother, and she had since she was a child. She often spoke with Darla about her life and the visions of her mother would encourage Aly's dangerous behavior and reinforce her negative opinions of those around her (via Soaps in Depth). After a particularly bad blow-up at Steffy, Ivy discovered a cork board in Aly's room that had pictures of her "enemies" on it with their faces scratched out. She quickly showed Liam and Wyatt what she had found and everyone grew more concerned about Aly's mental health and what she might be capable of.

Aly attacked Steffy Forrester and was killed

In 2015, on the night of Forrester Creations runway show for the California Freedom line which featured both lingerie and swimsuit looks, Aly Forrester reached her breaking point (via Soap Central). With visions of her late mother encouraging her, she hatched a plan to go after Steffy. Aly stuck a nail into a tire on Steffy's car and then followed her when she left that night, intending to recreate the night that Taylor had killed Darla.

When Steffy inevitably pulled over with a flat tire, she got a tire iron out of her trunk and got to work fixing it (via Soaps in Depth). When Aly pulled up in her own vehicle, Steffy understood what was happening and began screaming in fear. She dodged Aly's attempts to run her over and pulled the other woman out of her car. The two struggled and Aly picked up a rock to hit Steffy with. Steffy grabbed the tire iron and swung at Aly in self-defense. Aly then fell and hit her head on a rock. By this time Ivy Forrester had pulled up on the scene and she and Steffy called for emergency services, but were distraught when paramedics declared Aly dead, according to Michael Fairman TV.

After the 20 year old's death, Steffy came under scrutiny for possibly killing Aly on purpose, but eventually she was cleared of any intent and the family was able to grieve without the threat of a criminal case looming overhead (via TV Insider).