How Many Times Have Liam And Steffy Been Married On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Love triangles have long been included in storylines on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Even though the show's premise is about fashion, the messy love stories are what capture viewers' attention. In the early days, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) set her sights on Eric Forrester (John McCook) and caused catfights with Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). The tradition of love triangles has continued in current seasons, and no example shines brighter than Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). They've taken things to an entirely new level with their brand of muddled three-person situationships (via TV Over Mind). 

During the course of their relationship, Liam and Steffy have taken the concept of on-again, off-again to new heights. When Liam's not playing house with Steffy, he's vowing to a future with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Regardless of which woman he is committed to at the time, one thing is for sure; nobody loves a wedding more than Liam. He's had more weddings during his 12 years on "The Bold and the Beautiful" than some characters have after decades. No matter what happens or how much time passes, Liam always finds his way back to Steffy.

Liam's yo-yo relationship tendencies beg the question, how many times have he and Steffy gotten married?

Hope's reaction to a forbidden kiss pushed Liam to propose to Steffy

Steffy and Hope have taken pages from their mothers' playbooks when it comes to their relationship tactics, per Soap Hub. Despite growing up watching Brooke and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) play the same game with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), history repeated itself. Not long after Liam arrived in town were both women vying for his affection. In the early days of their relationship, Steffy wasn't above resorting to nefarious means to stake her claim in Liam's life. Her willingness to stoop low is precisely how her first marriage to Liam came to be (via Soaps In Depth).

Their love story kicked off after a near-fatal incident in a bathtub brought Liam further into Steffy's orbit. Steffy told Hope Liam was hers, and a new rivalry was born. Liam initially planned on marrying Hope, but a shared kiss with Steffy derailed everything. Once Hope saw the two of them lock lips, she ditched the engagement ring, and Liam was heartbroken. Liam's heartbreak turned to anger, and he whisked Steffy off to Aspen, which triggered a chain of events still affecting the lives of all three today. Hope finally made her way to Aspen, but Steffy had already caused too much damage. Hope's grip on Liam loosened enough for Steffy to enact the most extraordinary manipulation to secure her place as his wife (via

So, how did Steffy and Liam's first marriage finally come together?

Steffy and Liam marry in Aspen, and the lies pile up

Hope made it to Aspen, but Steffy wouldn't let her ruin her happy day. Steffy was not leaving that mountain without Liam's ring on her finger, and someone proclaiming them as husband and wife. Liam received correspondence from Hope to wait for her on a mountain, so he stayed put. He was still confused about why she called off their engagement, so he was all ears. However, Steffy wasn't going to let Hope interfere. To put a stop to Hope's arrival, Steffy enlisted the help of Liam's father, Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont). Bill never supported his son's affinity for Hope and found Steffy to be the better woman for Liam (via The Soap Scoop).

To prevent Hope from reaching Liam in time, Bill had her trapped inside the gondola that was taking her to him. With Hope out of the equation, Steffy made her final move. Entirely clad in a wedding dress, Steffy made her way to the top of the mountain, prepared to exchange vows with the man of her dreams. Steffy and Bill's underhanded tactics forced Hope to watch the entire wedding ceremony from the gondola, including the couple's first kiss as husband and wife. 

However, in the trio's typical fashion, Liam wouldn't be able to fully commit to a life with his new bride. After returning home to Los Angeles, Liam learned about Hope's adventure in the gondola and the reason she called off their engagement. With this new information, Liam suddenly felt conflicted, and his signature move of waffling between the two began. 

Liam and Steffy split, but her pregnancy brought them back together

Steffy's lies finally unraveled after a brief period of marital bliss, and Liam pulled the plug on their relationship. Reeling from Steffy's betrayal, Liam ran straight back to Hope, and the two began planning their life together. Their reconciliation meant Steffy was watching her future with Liam slip further out of reach. Still, she was carrying a powerful secret — she was pregnant with Liam's child. Her first attempt at revealing the truth failed because she saw Liam kissing Hope. Steffy attempted to go the honest route and earn Liam back on her own merits. However, that wasn't getting her too far. Liam was still committed to a life and future with Hope. That only lasted so long, though. Once the clock started ticking and Liam was planning on marrying Hope, Steffy had to play the only card she had left (via Soaps In Depth).

Hope may have been unable to stop Liam's first wedding to Steffy, but Steffy wouldn't be as unlucky. She was going to their Malibu wedding with the full intention of annihilating their ceremony. To Hope's dismay, Liam waffled again and ditched her at the wedding after learning of Steffy's pregnancy. According to Soap Central, Liam dropped his life with Hope, for the second time, to make room for Steffy and their unborn child. 

Liam and Steffy marry a second time, but tragedy soon strikes

Steffy's second chance at married life with Liam came thanks to her pregnancy (and his inability to settle down). It looked like Steffy's happy ending was on the horizon: Her efforts at pursuing Liam were reaping the rewards she longed for, and they'd be able to begin their new life as a family. However, in traditional soap opera fashion, happily ever wasn't going to be so easily obtainable. The couple would soon face more significant obstacles. The joyous gestation that brought them back together and headed toward married life was also the thing about to rip them apart.

Liam and Steffy marry for the second time, but it doesn't take long for catastrophe to strike. Ignoring Liam's warnings about her motorcycle use, Steffy went for a ride and was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of their unborn child. Liam was secretly furious at Steffy for her reckless behavior, and the hidden resentment was the beginning of the end of their second marriage. Steffy was desperate to hold onto Liam and wanted to get pregnant again as quickly as possible. However, their marriage was beyond repair. Liam wanted a life with Hope, and as heartbreaking as the loss of their child was, this was the opening he needed.

Once Steffy learned she could no longer have children, she made the ultimate sacrifice. Steffy pulled away from Liam and encouraged him to pursue a life with Hope. To ensure Liam would follow through with her instructions, she left town for an extended period. Their second marriage was over, but Liam and Steffy's story wasn't.

Liam and Steffy marry a third time, but Bill and Sally spoil it

The third time is the charm. Isn't that how the saying goes? Liam and Steffy tied the knot for a third and final time, but it's "The Bold and the Beautiful," so drama was inevitable. Around the time of their third marriage, Liam's father, Bill, was actively trying to destroy the life and company of Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). His torment was in hopes of driving her out of the building so that he could take possession of it. However, none of this sat well with Liam, who campaigned for Sally's fair treatment, according to Soaps In Depth.

Things between Bill and Sally reached a tipping point when he arranged for the building's demolition with her inside it. Unbeknownst to Bill, Liam was in the building as it exploded. While surrounded by rubble, Liam and Sally shared a kiss when they thought they were dying. But, Liam and Sally survived, and he had to ease his conscience and tell Steffy the truth. Steffy left the Cliff house and took refuge at the Forrester mansion. Bill visited her, and they slept together. Liam and Steffy's third marriage was over quickly after (via Soap Hub).

After so long of thinking she couldn't, Steffy found out she was able to get pregnant again. Tension was thick between Steffy, Liam, and Bill, but thankfully, Liam was revealed as the father of her baby. Soon after, Liam reunited with Hope, who was back in town after an extended hiatus. Per Soap Central, Steffy and Liam failed at being husband and wife for the third time, and in the years since have focused on being friends and co-parents.