If You're A Cancer, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

Cancers are a water sign that shares the emotionality of Pisces and Scorpio with a special connection to all things home and family, per Zodiac Fire. They are a generous sign that is fond of surprising their loved ones with acts of affection and can likely be counted on for their loyalty. Cancers are known to look for meaning in their relationships, though it may still take time and consistency for them to open up to others, just like their sister sign Scorpio. However, once a Cancer is invested, they're all in, and will show up for their people passionately, using their intuition to care for their partners and friends like no other sign.

In intimate settings, Cancer's generosity and devotion show up in big ways, per Allure, and their cuddly natures make them the perfect people to come home to after a long day. But don't let their sweetness fool you; Cancer has a super intense sensual side that can take over when the mood is right. The crab's connection to the moon and lunar cycles also means their urges can change with the moon's phases, and they may feel especially in touch with their wild side when everything aligns. Per Allure, connection during intimate time is one of Cancer's biggest priorities, so things like eye contact and plenty of intentional physical contact before intimacy are sure to help this water sign move with the motion of the ocean and lean into their desires. 

Cancers relish a multi-sensory approach

Foreplay is an integral part of Cancer's intimate stimulation, so Elle recommends a nipple clamp to spice things up. Leaning into the elements may also be a turn-on for the spiritually connected water sign, and dipping into their polar opposite, fire, may be just the ticket for challenging their erotic range. Glamour recommends a hot-wax candle to get things going with the water sign, and even shouts out heated vibrators for an extra source of sensory input.

For another dose of the elements, an air stimulator may also bring out Cancer's adventurous side. The Womanizer Duo is able to use air pressure to stimulate without touch — and it's also a good fit for earth signs Virgo and Taurus, since air is the opposite of their own element. Vice shouts out the Duo for its suction technique and ability to sense motion and pressure applied to the toy during play and vibrate accordingly. This feature is perfect for intuitive Cancer, who wants a toy that understands what they want the moment they give the signal.

Refinery29 keeps the intuitive energy going by recommending another super-sensing toy for the crab's pleasure. Minna Ola will adjust the intensity of its vibrations based on how tightly it is squeezed. Though the toy is currently sold out, the Ola is definitely a name for the crab to remember for the future.

There are some go-to's for this water sign

For the Cancer who wants sensual touch to combine with practical application, Refinery29 recommends lube and arousal gel to prepare the crab for any toy or sensual act — plus, applying these elixirs themselves invites deep exploration and appreciative touch. For separate products, Lovers' exclusive water-based lube and the buzzing and cooling arousal gel from ON may be a powerful combination. For a two-in-one product, warming lube may be the ticket – G's stimulating gel will start working with a few drops and massage, according to its reviews.

Products like these can increase sensitivity, and Cancer may feel their emotional and physical connections coming together to give them full-body sensations of pleasure. They also tend to love connecting to both physical and internal heat, according to Glamour's assessment. For extra adventurous play, Wicked's H20 Jelle heat is a water-based anal lubricant that is sure to set the stage for a transformative intimate experience, especially if other toys or plugs get involved. Once Cancer trusts their partner, their desire can expand in any direction, making them the ideal playmate for trying out new sensual experiences.