The Surprisingly Normal Thing Royal Fans Just Saw Catherine Middleton Doing

Of all the royals, many fans may agree that Catherine Middleton is the most like us. Relatably, she won't have a live-in nanny upon moving to the family's new home at Adelaide Cottage — although this four-bedroom house marks the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's fourth property holding, which has angered some folks who are dealing with the UK's unprecedented cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, the royal mom of three did something else we all do — she was recently spotted flying commercial instead of taking a private flight to visit the Queen in Scotland. And now, Catherine was just seen engaging in another everyday activity that might shock even her most devoted followers.

Consider that on so many occasions, the Duchess of Cambridge rides in carriages and is driven by chauffeur (via Vanity Fair). But did you know that Catherine is perfectly capable of driving herself as well? Indeed, as Popsugar confirms, the future queen consort has a driver's license. The only person in Britain who is not required to have one is the Queen, incidentally.

And yes, fans just witnessed the duchess driving a car. Go figure!

Catherine Middleton played chauffeur herself

Moving is stressful, especially when you have kids. A 2020 poll found that nearly half of people think that this life event is even more anxiety-producing than divorcing your spouse (via New York Post).

Perhaps this is why Catherine Middleton herself was seen driving her kids, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7 and Prince Louis, 4, in Windsor near their new home, Adelaide Cottage, as the family prepares for the young princes and princess to start school in nearby Berkshire (via Elle). After all, driving is a stress reliever for some (via HuffPost UK).

Woman and Home reports the duchess was running errands — perhaps a run to CVS and the dry cleaner — and then a stop at Starbucks, where she ordered her favorite Skinny Decaf Latte? The outlet notes that the family has enjoyed a "no frills move" which could help explain why Catherine took on the morning run herself, with her royal brood in tow. Despite being photographed by paparazzi, The News notes that the Duchess of Cambridge looked "relaxed" as she drove around her new digs.