The Young And The Restless Relationship Timeline: Sharon And Rey

Soap vet Jordi Vilasuso had spent years on "Guiding Light," "All My Children," and "Days of Our Lives" before he joined the cast of "The Young and the Restless" in 2018 as police detective Rey Rosales. Rey had come to Genoa City to investigate the disappearance of JT Hellstrom, but soon found himself striking up a friendship with Sharon Newman, played by longtime "Y&R" alum Sharon Case, per Soaps in Depth.

Around that same time supercouple Sharon and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) were splitting up for the umpteenth time. Rey offered her support during this time and even convinced her to become a victim liaison for the GCPD. There was clearly a growing attraction between the two, but before they could pursue anything further, Rey's estranged wife Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) arrived in town hoping to reconcile with her husband. Despite the fact that Mia had previously had an affair with Rey's brother Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela), he felt it was his responsibility to try to make his marriage work, which Sharon appreciated.

However, after Rey and Mia renewed their wedding vows, he discovered that she and Arturo had cheated on him again. He decided to leave his wife for good and immediately sought solace with Sharon, per Soap Dirt. And thus their love story began.

Rey's estranged wife halted his burgeoning romance with Sharon

Not long after they decided to become a couple, Rey Rosales realized that Sharon Newman knew more about JT Hellstrom's disappearance than she was saying. Eventually he wore her down and she confessed that Nikki Newman had killed JT to stop him from assaulting Victoria Newman, and she and Phyllis Summers had helped to cover it up, via Soap Central. Later, in court, Sharon's attorney made it appear as if Rey had coerced Sharon into confessing to him. Sharon began to wonder if their relationship had all been a ploy, and she broke things off with Rey. However, he proved his feelings for her were genuine when he helped set a trap for JT — who turned out to be alive — and got the charges against Sharon dropped, though he lost his job in the process. Sharon was grateful for what he did and she and Rey reconciled.

Not long after, Rey's ex-wife Mia Rosales informed Sharon that she was pregnant with Rey's child. Sharon was upset with Rey for not telling her about the baby, but he won her over, via SoapHub. Despite the fact that he was about to be a father with another woman, Sharon stayed with Rey. Eventually everyone learned that Rey's brother Arturo Rosales was actually the baby daddy and Mia was out of their lives for good. Sharon and Rey moved in together and he bonded with her daughter Faith Newman (Mckenna Grace).

Adam Newman comes back to haunt Sharon and Rey

Since Rey Rosales was now unemployed, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) hired him as a private investigator to see what her husband Victor Newman was up to in Las Vegas. Rey asked Sharon Newman to accompany him on the trip and they were both shocked to find Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) alive and well, since he had been presumed dead for several years, per Soap Dirt.

Sharon then filled Rey in on her complicated history with Adam, including the time he told her that her newborn daughter, Faith, had died — when in actuality he had handed the baby over to a mentally ill Ashley Abbott — and then convinced her to elope with him, via Soap Central. Though she also relayed that Adam had helped her get diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she burned down the Newman ranch and even saved Faith's life once. Rey was alarmed, but insisted that he had respect for Sharon and all that she had been through.

Then, Victor convinced Sharon to speak to Adam in hopes of jogging his memory. She told her ex-husband about their past history together and convinced him to return to Genoa City, where he did eventually regain his memories. However, Rey grew more and more concerned with the time that Sharon was spending around Adam and asked her to cut ties with him completely.

Sharon and Rey found their way back to each other

When it became clear that Sharon Newman wasn't able to keep her distance from Adam Newman, Rey Rosales decided to end his relationship with Sharon to save himself from the same heartbreak he went through with his ex-wife, via Soaps in Depth. His worries weren't completely unfounded as Sharon did end up sleeping with Adam afterward.

Sharon ended up pursuing a relationship with Adam again, even going as far as to try to help him get custody of his son Christian, whom he shared with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan), per Soap Central. However, she soon heeded warnings from others that she was letting herself be manipulated by Adam as she had in the past, and she dumped him. Sharon left town for a while to "find herself" and eventually returned to town having finished getting her Master's degree in Psychology.

Rey's sister Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle) was determined to reunite him and Sharon and invited them both to her and her fiancé's joint bachelor-bachelorette party, though her efforts seemed to be in vain at first. However, when all of the guests at a hotel grand opening were drugged, including Sharon and Rey, she apologized for her behavior with Adam and the two confessed their feelings to each other and agreed to get back together, via SoapHub.

Rey and Sharon were married after overcoming several obstacles

Shortly after Christmas 2019, Sharon Newman received the terrible news that she had breast cancer, via TV Insider. Thankfully, Rey Rosales was there to comfort her through the difficult time and supported her through her diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy treatment and surgery. Rey was even able to bond with Sharon's ex-husband Nick Newman over their concern for Sharon's well-being.

However, as Sharon began recovering she agreed to help Adam Newman face up to repressed memories from his past, which Rey wasn't pleased with. Adam took advantage of the situation and kissed Sharon one day before professing his love for her. Sharon shut Adam down, but little did she know, someone had snapped a picture of them kissing, which later went viral and was used to cyberbully her daughter Faith, per The Soap Scoop.

Sharon tried to convince Rey that the kiss with Adam was meaningless and she proposed that they get married, via Soap Central. Rey accepted on the condition that she cut Adam off forever, to which she agreed. The couple planned a wedding for New Year's Eve 2020, and it surprisingly went off without a hitch. Adam snuck his way into the ceremony but stayed hidden and refrained from causing a scene. By that time, Rey had reconciled with his brother Arturo Rosales, who officiated the ceremony for the happy couple. The newlyweds then honeymooned in Miami where they were able to visit with Rey's extended family.

The pursuit of vengeance almost ended Sharon and Rey for good

The following year, Sharon Newman agreed to counsel Chelsea Lawson, who was suffering from paralysis, via Soaps in Depth. However, Rey Rosales soon realized that working with Chelsea put his wife in close proximity to Adam Newman and reiterated to her that their relationship would be over if she didn't keep her distance from him. Sharon agreed to go to couples therapy with Rey so they could figure out how to better deal with the Adam situation.

However, before the couple could make much progress, Rey became gravely ill. It didn't take doctors long to discover that he was suffering from thallium poisoning and investigators found residue of the substance in Rey's shampoo and shaving cream, via Soap Central. Convinced that Adam had tried to kill him, Rey promptly went on the warpath as soon as he recovered.

Before Rey could get his hooks into his nemesis, Adam had fled town. Willing to do anything to put Adam away in prison, Rey approached Chelsea and asked if she would be willing to pretend that her son was dangerously sick as a ploy to lure Adam back to town, per Chelsea refused and warned Rey not to abandon his morals in his pursuit of vengeance.

Rey reconciled with Sharon after Chelsea Lawson tried to kill him

Rey Rosales was enraged when he discovered that his wife Sharon Newman had been in contact with Adam Newman, who was running from the police, via Soap Dirt. He felt betrayed that she was trying to help the man who had tried to kill him. Sharon tried to explain that both she and Adam believed that Chelsea Lawson was the real culprit and was trying to frame Adam. Rey initially refused to believe that was the case, but as the evidence piled up, he realized they might be right.

Meanwhile, Rey had left Sharon and was upset with her and the rest of her family when they failed to inform him that his step-daughter Faith Newman (then played by Alyvia Alyn Lind) was suffering from a kidney crisis, per Celebrity Dirty Laundry. He went to the hospital to see her and was forced to confess to her that he had moved out of their house, but that he was still in love with her mother and was hoping to patch things up.

Eventually, Chelsea admitted to poisoning Rey and framing Adam as part of a revenge plot against Sharon and Adam whom she falsely believed were having an affair, via Showbiz Cheat Sheet. However, Chelsea then faked a mental breakdown so she could be institutionalized rather than go to prison. Despite what she had done, Rey had compassion for Chelsea and forgave her.

Rey Rosales suffered a tragic fate in 2022

Rey Rosales and Sharon Newman finally reconciled after Adam Newman was cleared for Rey's attempted murder. However, just as things started to settle into normalcy for the couple, tragedy struck. Rey had formed an unlikely friendship with Chelsea Lawson and had become a pseudo-father figure to her son Connor, via Soap Central. He didn't realize, though, that Chelsea was attempting to seduce him after Adam rejected her attempts to get back together.

One night in April 2022, Rey had offered to take Connor to a hockey game, which Chelsea had invited herself along to. When he forgot the tickets at home, Rey had to backtrack to go get them. Not long after he gave his wife, Sharon, a passionate kiss goodbye, Rey was involved in an accident with another car occupied by Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke. By the time help arrived, it was clear that Rey had died.

Sharon Newman was utterly devastated to learn of her husband's passing, especially after learning that Rey had actually died suddenly of a heart attack, which caused the accident in the first place. Rey's family encouraged Sharon to have Rey buried in his home state of Florida and she was forced to make her final goodbyes to the life they had shared. Now that Sharon is potentially back on the market, fans are wondering if this means another reunion with her first love Nick Newman, according to Soap Opera Spy.