Abha Ahad

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Delhi, India
St. Stephen's College, Delhi
Music Fandoms, Women And LGBTQ+ Identities, Internet Culture
  • Abha received her first byline at the age of 11, and she hasn't stopped writing since.
  • As a career fan girl, Abha has experience moderating multiple One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Shah Rukh Khan fan communities throughout her teenage years.
  • She is a bisexuality advocate who has appeared in educator Blair Imani's award-winning "Smarter In Seconds" series.


Abha Ahad is a full-time writer and part-time digital nomad. She mostly writes on entertainment, popular culture, style, relationships, astrology, travel, and the internet. Her favorite assignments are features reporting on life and culture. An intersectional feminist, Abha is always learning about gender and how it affects the current socio-economic landscape.


Abha has a bachelor's degree in English from St. Stephen's College, Delhi.
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