What Meghan Markle Really Said To The Royal Fan In That Viral Hug Moment

Two days after the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, royal fans finally got a glimpse of her grandchildren. During what is termed a "walkabout," William, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, viewed tributes placed in front of Windsor Castle. The pair collected flowers and greeted mourners, according to People

To the surprise of many, William and Kate were joined by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their joint appearance not only showed that they were united following the death of the queen, but it also showed support for King Charles III as the newly appointed monarch. 

While the news of the foursome walking side-by-side was enough to bring joy to many, there was another moment that melted hearts. As Meghan walked along the crowds, she greeted a 14-year-old girl, Amelka Zak. The pair spoke, and then Meghan and Zak embraced for a viral hug, leaving many to wonder what the two discussed. 

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan asked the girl how her day was and how long she had been waiting to see them. She also asked her name and complimented its beauty. It was after this interaction that Zak asked the Duchess of Sussex if she could give her a hug. The hug, which Zak said was to show Meghan that the British people do still love her, was a heartwarming moment that was needed during this otherwise heartbreaking time.

But many were left wondering: Was the hug genuine?

Body language experts weighed in on the sweet interaction

Sadly, certain fans argued that the sweet moment wasn't real. Body language experts discussed whether Meghan Markle's viral hug was genuine in an exclusive chat with The List. Mark Bowden, who's also a royal commentator and the co-founder of TRUTHPLANE, confirmed that he sees "a very strong hug between the two, even with metal barriers in the way." 

Moreover, he claimed that the Duchess of Sussex probably needed a hug, too, noting how she "grips tightly and the other woman has a strong facial gesture of pleasure." Therefore, "A mutual feeling of connection and comfort is there." 

Blanca Cobb, body language expert, speaker, and media personality, agreed with Bowden, pointing out that any perceived hesitation on Meghan's part could easily be chalked up to her mistreatment at the hands of the royal family and their fans all over the world. 

Cobb explained, "Meghan had a protective stance from the beginning of the interaction with the teen before she asked for a hug. ... This makes sense, given the controversy of her and Harry's Royal exit." Once Zak hugged her, though, everything changed since, as the body language expert pointed out, "the hug lasted a few seconds, which suggests that Meghan welcomed the hug."

It makes sense that the former "Suits" star was on edge at Windsor Castle: Royal expert Katie Nicholl confirmed to ET that the duchess wasn't invited to travel to the queen's bedside at Balmoral alongside everyone else.

Royal fans haven't been kind to the Duchess of Sussex

Following confirmation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will remain in the UK for the royal mourning period in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death (per Express), social media turned their ire on the couple for having the gall to support the royal family so publicly. While greeting mourners at Windsor Castle, an awkward moment between Meghan Markle and a royal fan quickly did the rounds, with many celebrating it.

As Page Six reported, footage captured a number of royal mourners who either ignored Meghan completely or refused to shake her outstretched hand. In fact, two women even notably shared a smirk as the duchess moved on, while another put her sunglasses on and turned her attention to her phone to signal how little interest she had in greeting the royal defector. 

Twitter users celebrated their rude behavior, with one writing, "Lady in blue & others ARE ALL OF US." Another added, "She needs to go back to California asap. You are truly hated for your disrespect of the UK." 

Likewise, Meghan's trending hashtag on Twitter is anything but flattering, with #MeghanMarkleGoHome showcasing how many commentators want her gone. As one user put it, "We hate you Meghan. Please know this. From the entire UK." 

However, her viral hug moment should help reset the balance somewhat as the royals continue mourning their beloved matriarch.