How Princess Anne Followed Her Mother's Example With Touching Tributes

Princess Anne and Queen Elizabeth II shared a close relationship. While Anne was often noted to have similarities to her father, Prince Philip, the queen and her only daughter shared common interests and personality traits. "The two women share a love of horses, as well as their work ethic, and both are known for their stoic personalities," Judi James, a body language expert, told Express in 2021.

Since Her Majesty's heartbreaking death on September 8, Anne, Princess Royal, has continued to follow the lessons she learned about royal duty from her mother. As the queen's coffin entered the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Anne curtseyed as a sign of respect for the late monarch, per The Telegraph. Additionally, Princess Anne carried out the responsibility of accompanying the queen's body to Edinburgh and then on to London (via Royal Central).

According to the Royal Family Channel, Anne waited five days after her mother's death to release a heartfelt statement, just as Queen Elizabeth did when Princess Diana died. "I was fortunate to share the last 24 hours of my dearest Mother's life," Anne, Princess Royal, wrote. She and King Charles were the only two of the queen's children to be with their mother when she died. Anne poignantly ended the tribute writing, "To my mother, The Queen, thank you."

"As the queen got older, [Anne] became a great companion and a great comfort to the queen," Dickie Arbiter, the queen's former press spokesman, told The Washington Post. "She's been absolutely stoic and tremendous," he added, referencing Princess Anne's dedication to the crown following her mother's death.