What People Have Been Asked To Stop Doing When Leaving Tributes To The Queen

The heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era. She was beloved by people all over the world, over multiple generations. During her 70 year reign, the queen shaped the monarchy for the modern world, and according to Daily Mail, a tearful crowd of thousands lined up to witness the royal family's procession to Westminster Hall. In other parts of the U.K., mourners have left tributes to the queen at the gates of her various castles. Per the BBC, officials from the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk have asked mourners to remove the plastic from bouquets of flowers left along the gates. The estate, where the royal family often spent their holidays, asked in the "interests of sustainability" that people only leave flowers wrapped in organic materials.

During this time of tragedy and change, mourners have gotten creative with their tributes — in addition to the thousands of flowers left in the queen's memory, people have also been asked not to leave marmalade sandwiches outside of Buckingham Palace. Per CBS, the sweet sentiment is in reference to the queen's Platinum Jubilee, where she shared her love of marmalade sandwiches in a wholesome sketch with Paddington Bear. According to NPR, the sandwiches are very thoughtful, but are having a "negative impact on the park's wildlife."

Britain is currently in a state of mourning in anticipation of Queen Elizabeth's funeral. Live broadcast coverage will allow you to watch the queen's funeral on September 19.