Here Are All Of Steffy's Loves On The Bold And The Beautiful

Steffy Forrester is synonymous with love on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Since Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stepped into the role in 2008, the character has found love — and lust — with several of the leading men of the daytime drama. Whether it be the revolving door of Spencer men or a handsome doctor that saved her life, Steffy is always in a relationship with someone claiming to be her destiny.

Steffy has often fallen victim to the same trap as her mother, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). She will fall so deeply in love with someone who isn't emotionally available to her, leading to many issues down the road. However, not every relationship has been a tragedy for Steffy. In the last few years, she has found her match and what appears to be her happy ending after years of being played, betrayed, or used as a placeholder (via Soap Central).

However, to understand where Steffy is on new episodes of "B&B," it's helpful to know how she got there and who she has loved. It's been a long, sometimes painful journey, but it's resulted in multiple marriages and two children, creating the foundation of the character today. 

Steffy fell for Rick after the death of her sister Phoebe

It's not an understatement to say that Steffy Forrester was overcome with grief following the death of her twin sister Phoebe Forrester (MacKenzie Mauzy). Rick Forrester (Kyle Lowder) was Phoebe's boyfriend at the time of the car accident that claimed her life. Many members of the Forrester family blamed Rick for Phoebe's death, so Steffy's decision to date him was met with significant vitriol (via Soap Central). Steffy was at an impressionable age at the time of the relationship, causing her to fall hard and fast for Rick, believing it to be true love. However, unbeknownst to Steffy, she was being played by Rick in his pursuit of revenge.

Steffy and Rick planned to marry, which triggered an angry response from the Forresters, but after hearing an audio recording stating he didn't love her, Steffy ended the relationship. Rick eventually attempted to win Steffy back, but his thirst for all three women in Steffy's family left her feeling repulsed. At that point, Rick had been with not only her and her sister Phoebe but also their mother, Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo).

Thankfully things didn't go too far between Rick and Steffy, though the next man that Steffy fell for would cost her so much over the years. 

Steffy had multiple affairs with Bill Spencer

Steffy Forrester's relationship with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) was never appropriate, and someone was hurt every time either of them attempted — and subsequently succeeded — to seduce the other. Whether it was Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) or Katie Logan (Heather Tom), the pair continued to betray the people they loved to have intimate moments. At the beginning of their "relationship," Bill was engaged to Katie, their wedding looming. He and Steffy shared multiple kisses before and after his marriage to Katie, and things eventually progressed even further (via Soap Central).

Steffy eventually confessed her love to Bill, and when he realized that he'd also fallen for her, the two had sex. However, he didn't anticipate his relationship with Katie would improve so much that they held a vow renewal ceremony. Bill called things off with Steffy shortly after, but the pair would become intimate again years later in a much more uncomfortable situation.

The next affair came after Steffy learned that her husband — and Bill's son — Liam shared what he thought was a deathbed kiss with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). Steffy slept with Bill because she couldn't handle the pain of what Liam had done (via Soaps in Depth). Since the night Steffy betrayed Liam with his father, she and Bill have remained platonic. He's still in her orbit because they share multiple family members, but any semblance of love appears to be long forgotten.

Steffy and Liam found themselves in a love triangle

Out of everyone Steffy Forrester has loved, Liam Spencer is the one who came the closest to being her forever — sans her current husband, of course. However, Steffy's initial infatuation with Liam was because her rival Hope Logan (then Kim Matula) had something she didn't. It was the perfect recreation of the epic love triangle between their mothers, Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes, and Ridge Forrester. Unfortunately for Steffy, she repeatedly fell victim to the same issue as her mother: Liam routinely chose Hope over Steffy, constantly tearing apart any relationship they managed to build. No matter what, Hope and Liam always ended up together, and Steffy was left out in the cold.

Steffy and Liam tried to make it work several times, but he continued to waffle between the two women. Steffy's real shot at a future with Liam came when she discovered she was pregnant with their daughter (via Soaps in Depth). However, Liam uncovered a paternity test that forced Steffy to confess to her adulterous encounter with his father, Bill Spencer, which ended their relationship.

After being with both Bill and Liam, only one Spencer man was left for Steffy to pursue — and she did. Steffy completed the trifecta of family ties when she found herself entangled with and eventually married to Liam's brother and Bill's son, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks).

Wyatt was always a placeholder for Liam

Everything about Steffy Forrester and Wyatt Spencer's relationship was painful to watch. It was glaringly apparent to viewers that Wyatt was merely a placeholder in Steffy's life because she couldn't be with Liam Spencer. Wyatt and Steffy shared several kisses, and she couldn't wait to tell Liam about it. Wyatt knew that Steffy was struggling to get over Liam, and he wanted to be the man for her. She was also finished playing second fiddle to any other women, whether Hope Logan or Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer).

Wyatt and Steffy eventually married, but their wedded bliss didn't last long (via Soap Central). Once Wyatt discovered that an amnesiac Liam was being held hostage in a cabin by his mother, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), he did the right thing and freed his brother. Helping Liam escape Quinn's devious plot set the groundwork for Liam to regain his memories and reunite with Steffy. With Liam and Steffy back together, Wyatt — and his marriage — were left in ruins.

After having unsuccessful relationships and marriages with all three Spencer men, Steffy wouldn't find happiness again until a horrifying motorcycle accident put her in the path of a handsome doctor who changed her life forever.

Steffy and Finn are still going strong despite every obstacle

After being accidentally mowed down by Bill Spencer while driving her motorcycle, Steffy Forrester ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. Luckily for her, she'd encountered Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), and he helped her create a future she'd long given up on (via Soaps in Depth). Once he was no longer her physician, Finn actively pursued a relationship with Steffy, and things went well for quite some time. The first wrinkle in their relationship occurred when Steffy discovered she was pregnant, and there was the possibility that the child belonged to her ex-husband Liam Spencer. However, the baby turned out to be Finn's, and they were able to celebrate expanding their family.

Though Steffy and Finn decided to get married, they had no idea the reign of terror Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) was about to bestow on them. At their wedding, Sheila made her long-awaited return to "B&B" and revealed that she was Finn's birth mother. Finn's relationship with Sheila was tenuous at best, and Steffy begged Finn to cut all ties with the woman who once shot her mother. Unfortunately, Sheila was determined to remain in her son's life, and she ended up shooting Steffy — and Finn, too.

Finn was presumed dead for months, but since his return and reconciliation with Steffy, the husband and wife duo have been going strong (via Soaps). However, they don't know that Sheila is still alive after faking her own death, so the biggest threat to their happiness is still lurking in Los Angeles.