The Bold And The Beautiful's Steffy's History With The Spencer Men

The life of Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on "The Bold and the Beautiful" is never boring. From passionate romances with the soap's leading men to emotional storylines guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings — including her struggle with addiction as per Soap Dirt  — Steffy has been a major player in the happenings of the Los Angeles scene.

Steffy's romances have been legendary.  While she seems to have finally gotten the love story that she's been waiting for with Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), as of this writing, it took some time for them to get there (via Long before her marriage to Finn, Steffy had another man in her life. Her relationship with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), whom Steffy married three separate times, resulted in one of the soap's biggest love triangles. As complicated as Liam and Steffy's relationship has been over the years, that tension between them is the tip of the iceberg.

Liam isn't the only Spencer that Steffy has been romantically linked to. In fact, Steffy has a long history with the Spencer men.

Steffy spent years stuck in a love triangle between her, Liam, and Hope

Steffy and Liam's relationship timeline spans years — and three marriages (via Soap Dirt). Things have never been easy or simple between the two. Though Liam is happily married to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) at the time of writing, he has not always been faithful to her. In a moment of jealousy, Liam slept with Steffy after he mistook Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) kissing a mannequin for Hope and assumed she cheated, per

The former couple has been involved in not one, but two paternity scandals. The first time, Steffy wasn't sure if Liam or his father was dad to her daughter, Kelly. In the second case, it wasn't only Liam and Steffy who were affected, considering Steffy and Finn were building their relationship together at the time. Vinny (Joe LoCicero) switched the baby daddy DNA results to destroy Liam's marriage with Hope Logan, thus giving his best friend Thomas a chance to be with her, per Daily Soap Dish. After it was revealed that the results were switched, Steffy and Finn reconciled, breaking the hold that the love triangle between her, Liam, and Hope had on her.

Steffy's relationship with Bill Spencer Jr. began as a ploy to protect her family's legacy

Before SINN got their happily ever after, Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) was a strong contender for Steffy's heart — but "The Bold and the Beautiful" never skips out on adding an extra layer of drama. Bill's attraction to Steffy was complicated by the fact that Steffy has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with his son, Liam, and Bill was engaged to Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Steffy and Bill's chemistry was so strong that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was convinced that they could happen again

Steffy's relationship with Bill started out of deceit, but grew into more. In an attempt to secure her family's business, Forester Creations, she set out to seduce Bill after he took over the company, per Soaps In Depth. In the end, Steffy used her wit to get Bill to sign over ownership and threatened to reveal their relationship to his wife, reports the outlet. Despite the trickery, this was a personality trait which became part of what drew Bill to her in the first place. The charged tension between them, plus the fact that Bill was already engaged, was the perfect recipe for a steamy romance.

They found comfort in each other once again. After learning Liam kissed Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) — who thought they were dying — Steffy hooked up with Bill, according to Showbiz Army. Cue the paternity scandal.

Wyatt Spencer fell for Steffy, played hero, and eventually lost her anyway

Liam's brother, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), also once had Steffy's heart. After Liam's mysterious disappearance, Steffy and Wyatt leaned on each other and eventually they celebrated their love for one another in a beautiful beach wedding, per CBS.

However, Steffy and Wyatt's picture-perfect family was shattered when it was revealed that Liam was actually kidnapped by Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), in a misguided attempt to push him and Steffy closer together, reports Soaps In Depth. Wyatt accidentally made the discovery and walked in on Quinn and Liam, who had no recollection of who he was and the fact that Quinn had been lying to him about his life the entire time, per Celebrating the Soaps. Quinn and Liam's disturbing romance ruffled a lot of feathers when it came to explicit consent.

Steffy and Wyatt's romantic relationship didn't survive Liam's return, and Steffy eventually reunited with Liam.