Fall Baby Names For Those Who Love The Season

Naming babies after seasons isn't a new trend — parents name their babies Winter, Summer, and Autumn all the time ( though Spring hasn't quite caught on yet, it seems). Naming a baby after your favorite season is a great way to honor the time of year you love, and for many people, fall is that perfect time of year. Autumn is a season that represents change, mystery, comfort, and protection (per Bustle), and it's appreciated by many as the coziest and most captivating time of year. Not to mention the fresh, brisk air, the beautiful leaves transforming into coppery, golden hues, and the festive holidays. It's a beloved season for a reason.

However, it's not always easy to come up with a baby name that ticks all the right boxes, especially when you're looking for a name within a particular theme. That's why, below, we've compiled a comprehensive and unique list of fall baby names for those who love the season.


When you hear the name Aspen, you may immediately think of the fancy ski resort town in Colorado. This may lead you to associate the name with snowy bluffs and pine trees, but Aspen has an autumnal air to it too: The meaning of Aspen is "shaking tree" or "aspen tree," according to The Bump. The aspen tree is known for its charming heart-shaped leaves which turn a vibrant orange in the autumn. This makes it an outdoorsy, nature-inspired name perfect for those who love autumn and the colder weather that comes with it. Additionally, Aspen is a gender-neutral name — one of many on the increasingly popular list of gender-neutral names.

Aspen first began to become popular in the early 1990s, according to NameBerry, and it has continued to grow in popularity over the years. However, the name is still uncommon enough to be considered rare, so parents looking for a unique baby name can keep this one in the running!


If you're looking for a fall-inspired baby name for a girl, look no further. Marigold, similar to floral names like Rose and Lily, is pretty and nature-inspired, but has more of an autumnal feel due to the fact that marigolds bloom in early fall. Marigolds are also a lively golden color, reflecting the warm reds and yellows we see in the fall season.

Marigold also has great potential for cute nicknames, including Mar, Mari, and Goldie (and Goldie is particularly fitting for fall lovers, too). The popularity of the name Marigold has gone up slightly in recent years (perhaps due to the "Downton Abbey" character), but overall, Marigold is still a relatively rare name, making it a fun and unique choice for those looking for something a little different.


For those looking for a gender-neutral fall-inspired name, Rowan could be a good option. The name has Irish and English roots and is derived from Ruadhán, which is an Irish name meaning "red-haired." Rowan also has Arabic roots and is more frequently given to girls in Arabic culture. The Arabic version of Rowan means "a river in paradise."

To add to the name's fall vibes, Rowan is also believed to be inspired by the rowan tree, which is part of the rose family and tends to grow bright red berries at the beginning of fall. This autumnal name is relatively rare, but on the rise in popularity: In 2020, it was the 113th most popular name for boys and the 255th most popular name for girls in the U.S., per Very Well Family. It's also a name that has many spelling variations, like Rowanne, Rowen, or Roan, making it more customizable to parents' preferences.


You may have seen the name Aurelia on trendy baby name lists, but did you know about Aurelia's masculine counterpart, Aurelius? Like Aurelia, Aurelius is a Latin name that means "the golden one," and it calls to mind the golden hues we appreciate in nature every fall.

Aurelius is also a name that has an interesting past: In ancient Rome, a gold coin called an aureus was used as a form of currency, and the name Aurelius is thought to be derived from that. The name may also bring to mind the famous Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, who is famous for his meditations on Stoicism. Whether you like the name for its fall vibes or for its cool historical roots, it's definitely a rare and intriguing choice. However, it is on the rise: Since 2010, the name has steadily become more popular, so it may become a trendy choice in the future like Aurelia.


Rory is an Irish and Scottish name typically used for boys, which means "red king" — very fitting for an autumn-inspired name! Rory is the anglicized version of the Gaelic name, "Ruadhri," with "ruadh" meaning red and "ri" meaning king. Rory is currently a popular choice in the U.K., but it's less common in the United States.

Though Rory is more common for boys, Rory can be a great name for girls, as well: In fact, in the United States, the number of male and female babies being named Rory is nearly equal. One notable female Rory is Rory Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy's daughter; another is the well-loved main character of "Gilmore Girls," Rory Gilmore (though in this case, Rory is short for Lorelai).


If you're a fan of fall, there's a chance you're also a fan of Halloween. And if this is the case, you may like names that verge on the edge of being slightly spooky. Bellatrix, Lilith, and Salem are a few sorta-spooky examples due to their "darker" meanings or origins, and Raven is another name that has the perfect mix of dark, spooky, autumnal vibes, while also managing to be a somewhat common name.

Raven pays homage to nature, as it refers to the regal black bird of the same name. However, it also brings to mind the supernatural poem "The Raven" by the dark and mysterious author, Edgar Allan Poe. Despite the spooky connotations, the meaning of the name Raven isn't all that spooky, as it's said to mean "wise" and "dark-haired." Raven is also a pretty popular name in media and pop culture, with Raven-Symoné of "That's So Raven" being a prominent example.


The colors of the forest are most vibrant in the autumn season, with leaves changing from green to gold, crimson, orange, and all the warm and ruddy shades in between. That's why Forrest is an obvious choice on our list of fall baby names for those who love the season.

Forrest is a name typically given to boys that means — shocker — "of the woods." While the name is great in general, it's an especially good name for those who love fall because, per The Bump, "The forest has always held a deep symbolic significance for humankind. It is associated with danger and mystery, but also exploration and shelter." And the autumn season, like the forest, also has an air of mystery around it, along with feelings of warmth and comfort.

"Forrest Gump" popularity aside, Forrest is a relatively rare name, making it a good option for parents looking for something unique — though it has become more popular in recent years, according to NameBerry.


Another name that evokes the beautiful, fiery red hues that we see in the autumn, Scarlett is a girl's name that feels both classic and distinctive. Scarlett is of French origin and means "red," but a deeper understanding of the scarlet color allows one to associate the name Scarlett with qualities like strength, joy, and passion. In medieval times, a person who dyed and sold vibrant cloths was also known as a "scarlet."

You've probably heard the name before, whether it's Scarlett O'Hara, the "Gone with the Wind" protagonist, or famous actress Scarlett Johansson. And while the name isn't one of the top ten most common names you'll hear in the United States, it's definitely up there. According to The Bump, it was the 68th most popular name for girls in 2021.


Taking nature-inspired to the next level, Leaf is a gender-neutral name and an alternative to the more popular Scandinavian name, Leif. Some may say the name leans a bit on the hippie side, but when we're talking about fall, one of the major features of the season is the changing leaves! For that reason, people looking for a fall-inspired name will love Leaf.

Leif means "heir," and Leif/Leaf is thought to be an old Norse name meaning "one who defies boundaries," per The Bump. As a bonus for parents who want to name their baby something truly original, Leaf is extremely rare, being No. 22,475 in popularity in the United States as of 2020. And if Leaf is a little too out-there for you, but you still want a nature-inspired name, you could always go for more traditional choices like Oliver (meaning olive tree), Leo (meaning lion), or Sage (meaning herb).


This Latin name means "young" and "evergreen" and is the perfect autumn-inspired name for boys and girls. Derived from the Latin word "juniperus," Juniper also means "think" or "produce," which makes it a symbol of "life and growth," according to The Bump.

Juniper also refers to the juniper tree, which is a deep, vibrant green in the summer with blueish berries, and turns into a rust or bronze shade in the fall. As for the name's popularity, this is one that parents should jump on before it becomes overused — since 2006, the name has been on a steady incline.

The name also has lots of potential for cute nicknames, including June or Juni.


If you're looking for a fall-themed baby name for a girl, may we suggest ... Autumn? Okay, so maybe it's a little obvious, but it is a pretty, lilting name that fully encapsulates the season. Per The Bump, the name comes from the Latin word "autumnus," which means "fall" or "season of harvest." There are many famous Autumns, from actress Autumn Reeser to director and photographer Autumn de Wilde to prodigal painter Autumn de Forest (whose name may take the cake for "most fall name of all time").

The name was somewhat rare until the 1950s, when it suddenly jumped in popularity and has remained common since. Currently, Autumn is No. 66 out of the top 1,000 names for girls, according to the Social Security Administration (per Mom Loves Best). Despite the fact that it's not a very rare name, it is certainly distinctive — and a perfect fall baby name for those who love the season.


You've heard the name Rose, but what about Briar? Meaning "a thorny bush of wild roses" or "brambles," the meaning of this British name ties back to the rose family. However, Briar has a bit of an edge to it, calling to mind crisp fall air and chilly weather. The name is elegant and gender-neutral, and it has become more popular recently, perhaps due to actors Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen naming their daughter Briar Rose in 2014. According to Christensen, they chose the name for their daughter for a fun and surprising reason: "There's a Disney reference there, I suppose. The original sleeping beauty is called Briar Rose" (via People). So, for anyone looking for an autumnal name that also has ties to Disney, Briar could be a cute option.

As of 2021, it is the 1,019th most popular name for girls, and the 1,774th most popular name for boys, according to The Bump – a relatively uncommon name, but not the rarest.


Elwood is another autumnal baby name, typically used for boys. This regal-sounding name is British in origin and means "noble woods" and "elder tree forest," making it perfectly on-theme for a fall baby name. Per The Bump, Elwood comes from the Old English words "ellern" and "wudu" — combining the two together makes "elder wood."

In addition to being a great fall baby name, Elwood has an even deeper meaning: Elder trees are thought to symbolize regeneration due to their ability to grow from damaged boughs. According to Country Life, "A person who was born under its influence would be blessed with a fertile imagination, could create something beautiful out of anything, would always feel wealthy, even if they owned little, and would be happiest when caring for others."

Elwood reached its peak popularity in 1913, per NameBerry, and has been on the decline since, making it a great choice for parents looking for something classic-sounding but uncommon.


Phoenix is a bold, strong, gender-neutral name meaning "dark red." It is of Greek origin, and it's tied to the fall season in a powerful way: Just as autumn represents rebirth, Phoenix is also associated with renewal and transformation as the "mighty mythological bird who rises from the ashes in splendor," per The Bump.

While Phoenix is a gender-neutral name, it is slightly more common for boys. The name was relatively rare up until 2000, and it has continued to gain popularity over the last 20 years, per the Social Security Administration. Despite the growing popularity, Phoenix is still somewhat uncommon — in 2021, only 1,422 babies were given the name, which makes up less than 1% of total male births that year (per the Social Security Administration).


Meaning "one who lives near maple trees," it doesn't get more fall-inspired than this sweet name. Maple is a gender-neutral name. It comes from the Old English word "mapultreow," which refers to the strong and solid maple tree. In the autumn, maple trees are known for their breathtaking, vibrant yellow-orange foliage, making this name a great option for fall lovers. Additionally, Canadian parents could use this name as a unique way of paying homage to their nationality.

As far as popularity goes, this one is pretty rare. According to the Social Security Administration (via The Bump), it was a slightly common name from the early to mid-1900s, but then rapidly dropped off in the 1970s and through to the early 2000s. Then, in 2005, it shot back up, and has been climbing in popularity since. Though it could be used for boys or girls, it has been primarily used for girls over the years.


A feminine name originating in Britain, Ember calls to mind cozy fires and autumnal hues. The meaning of Ember is pretty literal: "spark" or "burning low." But a more symbolic interpretation of the name could involve other positive attributes of fire, like strength, passion, and growth. Though Ember isn't a name we hear super often, it has been used to some extent for at least the last 100 years, per The Bump. And in 2009, it entered the top 1,000 baby names, per NameBerry, and has continued to stay relatively popular.

In addition, Ember can act as a more unique version of the common girl's name, Amber (which also makes a cute fall-inspired name). Ember can also lead to cute nicknames like "Em" or "Emmy." Those who like the sound of Ember may also like the very fall-inspired name, November.


Sienna is girl's name that means "orange red," which is perfect for an autumn-inspired name. The name is of Italian origin, after the Tuscan city of Siena, and may also refer to the red-orange color of the rooftops in this city. Legend says that the city of Siena was founded by Senius, the son of Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome. Some may recognize the name from the popular actress Sienna Miller, known for her work in "American Sniper" and "Alfie."

The name is a popular choice in England and Wales, with it being on Top 100 lists since 2005, per NameBerry, but it's slightly less popular in the United States. However, with Princess Beatrice recently naming her daughter Sienna, the name may see an uptick in usage in the coming years.


Like other nature-inspired names, Wren makes a great, gender-neutral baby name for people who love fall. According to NameBerry, the meaning of the British name Wren is "small bird," and in Ireland, the wren is known as "the magician of the birds," with the Druids viewing it as a prophetic creature. In Celtic folklore, the bird was also a symbol for poets, writers, and musicians due to the wren being a songbird, according to The Bump.

Though it's not quite a popular name, it's safe to say Wren has become somewhat trendy in recent years. In 2021, 1 out of every 1,460 girls were named Wren, while 1 in 9,950 boys were named Wren, making it a slightly common choice for baby girls and a rarer option for baby boys. Overall, Wren is a name that is simple, elegant, and pays homage to nature — a great choice for parents looking to honor the fall season.