Inside Steffy's Relationship With Bill On The Bold And The Beautiful

One area where "The Bold and the Beautiful" always shines bright is with forbidden love. Viewers have frequently witnessed characters crossing the line and falling into bed with someone they shouldn't be anywhere near. One character who has broken that boundary of infidelity far too often is business tycoon and media mogul Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). His illicit affairs with his ex-wife Katie Logan's (Heather Tom) sister, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), are legendary, but it wasn't his only dalliance with adultery (via Soap Central).

Bill is one of the many men, specifically from the Spencer family, on "The Bold and the Beautiful" who couldn't help but find himself captivated by the beauty and charm of Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Whether it was a flirtation that led to more, sneaking behind his wife Katie's back, or even a taboo evening while she was married to his son, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), these two always find themselves intertwined (via Soaps In Depth).

While Bill and Steffy are seemingly over their attraction to one another in the present day, it's important to highlight their romance because of the longstanding impact it's had on their lives. Their stories are forever connected because of their illicit romance, and it would be a disservice to the legacy of the characters to forget it. However, like any good romance, it started with a minor attraction that ultimately blew up into something far greater. 

Steffy and Bill started out with harmless flirting

Steffy Forrester's first foray into a romance with Bill Spencer came after a time of great personal turmoil for her. None of Steffy's previous loves on "The Bold and the Beautiful" worked out. For some reason, men who were unobtainable or otherwise engaged in relationships with other women seemed to be Steffy's preference. Thus, she set her sights on Bill, despite the fact that he was engaged to Katie at the time (via Soaps In Depth).

Bill couldn't help but enjoy the extra attention that came from a young, gorgeous woman like Steffy. Still, his relationship with Katie was a roadblock to any genuine romance. But, as someone who doesn't shy away from a challenge, that was an obstacle Steffy didn't have any problem overcoming. So she kissed Bill. He didn't let it go beyond that and instead made the ultimate power move, hurting Steffy's family in the process (via Soap Central).

As part of his Forrester takeover, Bill named Katie the CEO of Steffy's family company. To make matters worse, Katie then appointed her sisters Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) and Brooke Logan to prominent positions. This was very awkward given the history between Brooke and Steffy, with Steffy's father Ridge Forrester (then Ron Moss) frequently leaving her mother, Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo), for Brooke (via 

Steffy blackmailed Bill to get Forrester back

Steffy Forrester wasn't going to take Bill Spencer naming Katie Logan as the new CEO lying down. While, initially, her feelings for Bill were genuine, Steffy knew she could use his evident attraction to her as a weapon to regain control of Forrester Creations. Steffy took advantage of her close proximity to their bedroom to gain access to Katie's engagement ring, putting Bill in a no-win situation.

The only way Steffy could have possession of Katie's ring was if she had been in the bedroom with Bill, so Steffy used this to blackmail Bill into turning over the company to her. Steffy knew how to weaponize her sexuality to wield the ultimate power move against Bill, but that didn't change the legitimate feelings they developed. No matter what, the attraction was mutual, and it was still present (via Soap Central).

Bill's existing sexual attraction to Steffy made it easy to swindle him out of his controlling shares of Forrester Creations. In typical Bill fashion, he couldn't help but fall victim to his own desires. However, Steffy's successful duping didn't end their romantic entanglement. Instead, it grew more steamy and complicated with much higher stakes involved. Steffy left town, but upon her return, she was determined to finally be with Bill (via 

Katie's heart attack ended their romance

With Steffy Forrester out of the picture for quite some time, Bill Spencer and Katie Logan's marriage went well for the most part. However, Steffy's return threw a wrench in their plans, once again dangling a carrot of temptation in front of Dollar Bill. Around the time she returned, Bill and Katie were in the midst of another rough patch and even undergoing therapy for their issues. The fundamental problem with Bill and Katie's relationship was her inability to trust him because of his neverending secrets and lies.

Steffy used this to her advantage, once again attempting to seduce Bill. Katie never understood Bill at his core, always believing she could change him. However, Steffy presented Bill with an intriguing alternative, similar to what Brooke Logan has done in the past. With Steffy, Bill could be himself, not having to worry about being judged. By this point, Bill was ready to end things with Katie to be with Steffy (via

Unfortunately for Bill, Katie stunned him with a vow renewal, which immediately pressured him into staying with her. Beyond that, Katie's reoccurring cardiac struggles reared their ugly head, destroying any chance at a relationship. Katie eventually discovered the truth about Steffy and Bill's affair, prompting a heart attack and leaving a guilt-ridden Bill fully committed to his marriage, effectively ending things with Steffy (via Soap Central). 

Liam kissing Sally drove Steffy back to Bill

After their first attempt at an affair crashed and burned, Steffy Forrester and Bill Spencer remained on platonic terms. In fact, Steffy moved on to Bill's son, Liam Spencer, eventually marrying him. Liam and Steffy weren't without their own problems, such as his feelings for Hope Logan (then Kim Matula) and a flirtatious friendship with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). The latter triggered another betrayal involving Steffy and Bill. 

After being trapped inside a building demolished by Bill, Liam and Sally thought they were going to perish. Under the impression they were on the brink of death, they shared a kiss in the rubble. Steffy was incensed after Liam confessed. Sadly, this drove her to Bill, who was eager to be not only a lending ear but also a comforting lover (via

It was only one night, but that's all it took for Steffy to betray her vows to Liam, and this time Bill was her father-in-law, making things so much worse. While Bill would've loved more to come of it than just a one-night stand, Steffy wanted to keep it quiet and look forward to a stronger future with Liam. However, in typical soap fashion, the drama didn't end there. They all had the surprise of their lives in store (via Soap Hub). 

Liam was thankfully the father of Steffy's baby

Steffy Forrester wanted to remove herself from Bill Spencer completely following their affair. Unfortunately, Steffy's surprise pregnancy complicated matters. In addition to Bill actively trying to lure her away from Liam, Steffy's pregnancy threatened to expose their dirty little secret to everybody. Steffy kept her paternity fiasco from Liam for as long as she could, but once he uncovered her deception, Liam wanted nothing to do with her.

Even though Liam was finished with his marriage to Steffy, and she didn't want to be in a relationship with Bill, Steffy couldn't escape the possibility that Bill had fathered her child. Thankfully for everyone involved, Bill was NOT the father, and even though she and Liam were prepared to be co-parents, her affair with Bill tainted any possibility of fixing their marriage (via Michael Fairman TV).

Bill continued to pursue Steffy, with the intent of marrying her. Being Bill, he couldn't resist taking things to the next level, going as far as to use Steffy's mother Taylor Hayes's crimes against her in an attempt to blackmail Steffy into walking down the aisle with him. It seemed like she would turn down the offer, but Liam's steamy makeout session with Hope Logan (now Annika Noelle) caused Steffy to see red (via 

Bill and Steffy are purely platonic right now

Steffy Forrester was enraged by Liam Spencer again turning to Hope Logan, so she agreed to marry Bill Spencer. However, eventually, in a moment of realization, Steffy finally understood she didn't need to be with anyone to be happy. For the first time, Steffy came to the conclusion that a man wasn't a necessity in her life. She endeavored to focus solely on her daughter going forward. Steffy's choice stunned everyone, and it was the final kibosh in her complicated romantic journey with Bill (via

Things have been cordial between Steffy and Bill in recent years, with him even playing an instrumental role in reuniting her with her presumed dead husband, Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan). Bill not only worked together with Finn's adoptive mother Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda), but he also allowed Finn to use his private plane to race to Monte Carlo to find Steffy (via Soaps In Depth).

Steffy has long since moved on from Bill, finding true love with Finn and even starting a family with him too. However, Bill is still in a state of flux, struggling to commit to one woman. One minute he is desperate to get back with Katie and make their marriage a priority in his life, the next he's actively pursuing her sister, Brooke Logan, consistently finding himself in a controversial romantic storyline. Still, there's always a spark when Steffy and Bill are in the room together, so never say never.