How To Style A Shacket For Any Casual Occaision

You've heard of "Bennifer" – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's couple nickname – and jean leggings, also known as "jeggings." But what about shackets? This mashup is a "crossover between a shirt and a jacket," lifestyle and fashion blogger Hang Nguyen explains to CNN. "It's usually a little oversized and looks like a shirt, but made from a heavier material."

According to Harper's Bazaar, shackets are a chilly weather staple, recently debuted by stars like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Gabrielle Union. Best of all, shirt jackets are adaptable, depending on temperature and destination. "It is light enough that it won't be too hot, and thick enough to give you a bit of warmth as well," stylist Candice Lambert tells CNN. 

If you've decided to jump on the increasingly popular shacket train, it's important to know how to style this closet staple for any casual occasion, whether you're hitting the grocery store or hitting the town.

Plaid is the perfect fall pattern

As Hang Nguyen explains to CNN, shackets come in a "wide variety of styles and fabrics like flannel, denim, leather, and more — so there's something for everyone." Considering their ability to retain heat, flannel and fleece are among the best chilly-weather materials. Pair a plaid shacket, like this button-down design from Target, with your favorite light-wash jeans and brown booties. Don't forget to accessorize with a pumpkin spice latte (or even a bag of freshly picked apples). 

To incorporate more edge, Stitch Fix recommends wearing a vintage band shirt underneath your shacket. Check out this oversized Metallica tee from PacSun, or simply style with a black crop top. Replace the booties with lace-up Dr. Martens, and try your hand at '90s smudged eyeliner for a full-on grunge aesthetic.

Dress up a leather shacket on date night

It's official: Leather-on-leather is trending. "For our customer, these leather jackets are an update on the wool or cashmere blazers they have been wearing over the past couple of years, and look great styled with wide-leg denim, which is another key trend we are seeing at the moment," Liane Wiggins, head of Matches Fashion womenswear, tells Vogue

For starters, check out this Mango pleather shacket available for just a fraction of designer prices. As Wiggins recommends, pair with oversized jeans, or channel Julia Fox and match with faux leather pants. To further elevate the shacket, style it with a mini skirt and trending knee-high boots. "A leather shacket is a great piece to wear for an evening outing," stylist Rebecca Dennett tells CNN Underscored. Best of all, it will keep you warm as you hop between bars and cabs.

Wear over workout clothes

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines between underwear and outerwear have blurred. As ThirdLove cofounder Ra'el Cohen tells InStyle, "[The look] is getting even baggier and more unfussy with oversized pants that show the band of your underwear, and large shirts are worn open at the front to show your bra." 

Workout clothes like bra tops, yoga pants, and bike shorts have become fashionable streetwear staples. Just look at Addison Rae's casual-chic pilates fit. Whether you're headed to the gym, planning to run errands, or simply hoping to take it easy around the house, warm-up your athletic style with an oversized shacket like this brown waffle button-down from Urban Outfitters.

Shackets make for cozy office wear

Given they're part shirt, shackets work well styled solo. However, as Hang Nguyen tells CNN, they're also a powerful layering tool. For a stylish business casual look, layer a neutral checkered shacket over a turtleneck or collared blouse. Check out this versatile look from Anthropologie. Pair with a fitted skirt and leggings or tailored pants for a comfy classy aesthetic. This way, you'll stay cozy during lunch breaks or even inside your own office, considering many thermostats still cater to male employees' preferred temperatures, according to PsyPost.

Scan the men's aisles for oversized fits

Oversized fashion is trending, according to Vogue. That means lots of wide-legged jeans, boxy blazers, and T-shirt dresses. Sometimes, your best bet for finding loose-fitting wardrobe staples is the men's section. And, as Forbes confirms, men's clothing is cheaper due to the pink tax. 

Scan the virtual aisles of Nordstrom to get a look at the top shirt jackets for men, or make a colorful statement in this Asos Design purple denim overshirt. Alternatively, check out this patterned hooded shacket from Urban Outfitters. Pair with dark wash denim and combat boots for an edgy aesthetic. 

Invest in a shacket set

Matching sets are trending on Instagram, according to L'Officiel. Perhaps most importantly, they make for a quick getting-ready process. Simply throw on the two pieces, and you're good to go. 

This painter's jacket and pants set from The Kit, for instance, comes in 15 colors and patterns. Because two-piece sets are pre-planned, there's no need to worry about possible fashion missteps. Simply pair the individual pieces and layer a neutral tee underneath. Once you get more confident, mix and match the shacket and trousers with other wardrobe staples.