25 Amazing Haircuts If You Have A Square-Shaped Face

Whether you're selecting new wardrobe pieces based off your color analysis or dressing in line with your aura, understanding your aesthetic is an ever-evolving journey. The New York Times draws attention to the viral "three-word-method" credited to TikTok creator and professional wardrobe stylist Allison Bornstein (@allisonbornstein6). In short, Bornstein recommends choosing three words that align with your current style — her words of choice are classic, '70s, and elegant. Use these descriptors as a checklist, applying them to each outfit.

Hair, although an equally important part of any look, represents a greater commitment than a choice of jacket or shoes. After all, the average person's hair grows back at a rate of half an inch every month, per L'Oréal Paris.

Before booking your next salon appointment, stir up those age-old memories from high school geometry. According to MasterClass, there are six main face shapes: round, diamond, oval, heart, rectangle, and square. To understand your shape, examine the angles of your jawline. Measure your face's length as compared to its width. Harry Josh, International Creative Consultant for John Frieda, explains what it means to have a square face to Refinery29. "Square shapes have a hairline about as wide as the jawline, and the face appears strong and angular." When deciding on your next haircut, he recommends soft, rounded lines — however, there are always exceptions. Choose a style that best reflects your personality whether that means long and curly or short and sleek. 

Get that windswept look

As a general rule of thumb, softer edges compliment angular facial features — for starters, you can't go wrong with a windswept look. "For beach waves on dry hair, start with a heat protectant and hold spray," Marcus Hoey, a hairstylist and Glamsquad educator outlines for Byrdie. "Working from the front hairline to the back," he adds, "wrap hair vertically around a curling wand away from the face. Finish by using a wide-tooth comb to break up the waves and use a texturizing spray for long-lasting style." Ultimately, windswept waves have an understated appeal perfect for running errands, brunch dates, and — of course — spending a day at the beach.

Keep those layers long

Not only do layers add volume to your hair, but they can also perfectly compliment square features. As celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine tells PureWow, "A long, layered cut is a classic choice for square face shapes, as it offers movement but concentrates the style towards the ends so it will still elongate the face and close off the corners." Look to celebrities like Margot Robbie and Jennifer Aniston for hair inspiration — both have mastered the art of long, wispy layers.

Sideswept bangs create balance

According to Byrdie, "square-shaped" means your jawline and cheekbones are of a similar width. Celebrity hairstylist Giovanni Vaccaro is a fan of side swept bangs paired with a medium-length cut, explaining to the site, "[They] will soften the jaw and the length right above the bust will allow for so many versatile hairstyles." Wear your hair slicked back and pinned up or loose and long. Dom Seeley, the International Creative Director at Color Wow, agrees. "Bangs swept to the side will highlight the cheekbones," he informs Vogue.

Opt for a classically-cropped pixie

Though no one does a pixie cut quite like Audrey Hepburn, A-listers like Halsey and Janelle Monáe have also put their stamp on the classic style, per Elle. "The textured pixie is a short, choppy cut that hugs the head shape and creates a soft youthful look," hairstylist Marcus Hoey tells Byrdie, continuing, "This haircut will soften the corners of the jaw and bring the attention to the eyes while creating height and movement." Hoey recommends keeping the pixie short near the neck and leaving a little bit of volume at the top of the head. This will leave length for things like finger waves and or even a retro flip.

Try out a super sleek bob

Sometimes, developing your personal style means defying expectations. Instead of softening your jawline with a rounded cut, highlight it with a sleek bob. "One haircut I love for a square face is a sharp, angled bob, that hits about an inch below the jaw line [sic]," Bryce Scarlett, a celebrity hairstylist, tells PureWow. Tom Smith, known under the TikTok handle @tomsmithhd, suggests parting this super sharp bob down the middle and angling it forward, noting that this "closes the face in."

Experiment with '70s feathered hair

With its amalgamation of short and long feathery layers, the butterfly cut is a modern-day reimagining of Farrah Fawcett's iconic hair. "Feathered layers are great for mimicking a more oval face shape and will be more flattering on the face," Sam Burnett, the founder of Hare and Bone salon, outlines for Marie Claire. Look to Taylor Swift's "Midnights" style to nail that '70s nostalgia – think bootcut jeans, stripes, and plenty of disco-worthy sparkles. Ultimately, New York-based hairstylist Peter Butler explains to Allure that, "Keeping hair close to your face will soften a strong jawline."

Part your hair to the side

Finding where your hair naturally parts can be deceptively tricky. In the meantime, it can't hurt to try out a few different options. "Experimenting with your part is a good way to play with the proportions of your face," Teddi Cranford, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon in New York City, points out to Allure. Specifically, in the words of high profile stylist Dom Seeley, deep side parts are ideal for complimenting angular features, per Vogue. To create a pronounced side part, Byrdie recommends using the farthest corner of your eye as a guide. From here, split your hair in two directions with the help of a comb.

Add bangs to your natural curls

It's official — '70s-inspired hairstyles are trending. Byrdie recommends adding bangs to your rounded, natural hair to truly capture that disco-era aesthetic. Alternatively, follow advice from TikTok creator Daejha Evans (@daejhaevans) and give yourself faux bangs — no scissors necessary. Simply pin back a center section of hair with two bobby pins and you're good to go. In the words of hairstylist and TikToker Tom Smith (@tomsmithhd), "Curves and rounded shapes are always going to soften a harder, squarer face [...] Curls in their essence are curvy and so this beautiful rounded shape I think works really, really well." Further, bangs provide softness to the forehead, therefore balancing out the jawline.

Ask for a textured bob

"No one's face is totally symmetrical, so matching up your layers exactly can actually have a hardening effect," Teddi Cranford, hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon in New York City, informs Allure. With this in mind, a textured bob is a safe bet, providing just the right amount of asymmetry. Specifically, the so-called "French bob" has gained popularity in recent years, worn by the likes of Ana de Armas and Vanessa Hudgens. Not only is the style easy to maintain, but it also comes with face-framing wisps, per Glamour.

Wolf cuts are trending

Stars like Billie Eilish, Keke Palmer, and — most recently — Jenna Ortega are experimenting with a retro shag style known as the wolf cut. "A wolf haircut," as editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie defines for Stylist, "is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back." Ultimately, "This shape really opens up the corners of the jaw, again highlighting the sharpness of the jaw line [sic] yet leaving lots of soft hair around the face," Bryce Scarlett informs PureWow. Texture spray is a huge help in maintaining the volume of this messy-chic hairstyle.

Wispy bangs are the way to go

Thin bangs, especially when blended with layers and long hair, are ideal for square features. "Ask your stylist to cut wispy bangs and add layers on top of the head, blending them with the bottom length," Frédéric Fekkai, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Fekkai salon, recommends to Oprah Daily. This is what's known as the modern day octopus cut. "The shape of this cut resembles a classic shag and exemplifies the fine line where grunge meets glamour," says Fekkai.

Tuck your flip behind your ears

In the words of TikTok creator @xbuttercup.xx, "Despite what everyone tells you, you don't need face-framing layers." Instead, embrace your natural features by styling a retro flip. "This look is fun and flirtatious at the same. It is the perfect variation on a naturally curly bob," award-winning hairstylist Michelle O'Connor comments in a conversation with Byrdie, describing Rihanna's iconic style at the 2015 Met Gala. According to Southern Living, you can easily achieve the look with a round brush and a hair dryer — though it's best to start with a short bob cut. Or, as recommended by Fiore Vanil in a vintage-inspired YouTube tutorial, curl the ends of your hair with a wand.

Add a pop of color to your cropped cut

When your hair is short, go big or go home. "Short hair can be beautiful when worn in classic, natural tones; however, a short hair moment can also be the perfect time to experiment with fun colors," celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo says to Byrdie, adding, "When the hair is short, the texture damage that bleaching creates is minimized by frequent cuts." Though Tardo notes that you can't go wrong with platinum blonde, don't shy away from bright pink, purple, and green like actress Jodie Turner-Smith, per Vogue.

Have you heard of the Bixie cut?

The trend cycle is picking up pace. ​​"TikTok has a weird way of making every single thing in style at once," Rebecca Jennings, a Vox senior correspondent, explains to NPR. Hair is no exception, blending fashion eras to create something new entirely. "The bixie, which is a mix between the bob and pixie haircut, will also gain momentum amongst the bravest of us," hairstylist Domenico Casella predicts for Who What Wear. As Casella goes on to explain, this cut is perfect for those who don't want to fully commit to a pixie, as it will become a fashionable bob after just a little bit of growth. "Ask your stylist to choose a flattering length and face-framing layers," Salt Lake City-based hairstylist Jessica Page advises Allure.

Pile those curls high

Voluminous curls can create the illusion of a longer face shape, according to New York City-based hairstylist Lily Mauro. She recommends pinning your natural curls into an updo like Rita Ora, per Cosmopolitan. Alternatively, go bold with a half-up, half-down top knot like Yara Shahidi at the 2019 Met Gala (via Harper's Bazaar). Follow the steps of TikTok creator @leesondra, and make sure to leave behind a few face-framing tendrils before finishing off the updo with a claw clip.

Keep it long, straight, and shiny

Though styles like the multi-length bixie and '70s feathered hair are trending, single length cuts are also having a moment. As celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis tells Bustle, "I'm seeing girls who got the wolf cut who are now wanting to grow out [their] layers." In that vein, Russell Eaton Salons' creative director Russell Eaton tells Who What Wear that extra shiny, glossy hair is gaining momentum. This trend is all about the products you use. Harper's Bazaar recommends washing your hair with clarifying shampoo weekly and applying an at-home gloss treatment. Furthermore, always use a protectant spray before styling with heat.

Turn that bob into a lob

As celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons explains to The Every Girl, "Long bobs are great on a square face, particularly when they're soft and layered." Just look to celebrities like Simone Ashley and Gal Gadot for inspiration, per Marie Claire. According to IGK hair co-founder Aaron Grenia, the cut works best when the hair falls just below the jaw. "Choose soft, textured ends like Margot Robbie, over blunt lines that over accentuate hard angles," he explains to InStyle.

Remember The Rachel?

Jennifer Anniston's Season 2 haircut on "Friends" created a decade-defining fad, per Grazia. Nearly three decades later, the style — known affectionately as "the Rachel" – has seen a resurgence. "The Rachel works best on hair just above your shoulders as this length really shows that '90s cut," Justmylook beauty experts explain to Glamour. "However, if your hair is a few inches below your shoulders, you can add a new modern revamp to this iconic '90s look." For those with square features, the cut's trademark tendrils provide a softening effect.

Elevate your childhood bowl cut

In an interview with PopSugar, New York City-based hairstylist Devin Toth points to the rising popularity of the bowl cut, defining it as, "[T]he purest extension of a bang." In his words, "It's easy, it's fun, it's bold, and it's also celebrity driven." A-listers from Charlize Theron to, most recently, Bella Hadid, have brought back the style. "Even if you cut some texture into a bowl cut, it's still super thick-looking, which is cool and really in right now," concludes Toth. Frédéric Fekkai, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Fekkai salon, recommends "Ask[ing] your stylist for rounded bangs with rounded corners by cutting along the eyebrow, contouring around the cheekbone, and ending at the collarbone," telling Oprah Daily that, "It's similar to a bob cut with the addition of subtle layers added to create movement in your hair."

Let long curls steal the show

"Long hair," explains Glamsquad artistic director Giovanni Vaccaro in a conversation with Byrdie, "takes attention completely away from the jaw line [sic] and puts it on the length of the hair." Let the length of your natural curls or voluminous waves steal the show. For starters, take the advice of braid and extension specialist Janelle Sands. As she tells IPSY, "Stretch methods like soft headband curling rods and overnight rollers are making space, along with curl elongation techniques like roller sets," adding, "These methods produce smooth, long curvature curls and waves and bring excitement to stagnant styles."

Androgynous cuts are a means of self expression

For millennia, hair and identity have been intrinsically related. "Women have come a long way so that our looks are just one among many aspects that fuel our self-esteem. But our hair still contributes to a general sense of well-being," psychologist Vivian Diller, Ph.D. tells Well + Good. However, according to ARKIVE Headcare founder Adam Reed, more and more people are embracing androgynous cuts. As he tells Elle, "We're already seeing that Linda Evangelista-inspired sharp bob with a luminous, short Elvis-inspired quiff reign, and more gender-free styling is expected to continue and shine throughout 2023." 

Specifically, hairstylist Melanie Bolton points to the pompadour, telling Byrdie, "Its adaptability and androgyny exude the quintessential essence of rebel and cool—just like it did in the 1950s." Furthermore, the height at the top of the head perfectly balances square-shaped features. 

The big chop is taking over social media

With a billion views on TikTok alone, #BigChop is one of the most popular recent hair trends. "A big chop is when you're ready for change, growth, or as I'd like to say, coming into a newer version of yourself," Joann Gruny, texture expert at Maggie Rose Salon, tells IPSY. "The benefits [of getting a big chop] are endless, starting with emotional and physical freedom of getting rid of damaged, chemically treated hair," argues Michelle Sultan, a hairstylist and brand ambassador for Imbue Curls. As she goes on to tell HelloGiggles, "When my clients opt for a big chop, they are often surprised at how little effort it takes to have a good hair day. Wash-and-gos are easy, and the weather never affects how their hair turns out."

Opt for face-framing highlights

At the 2022 Venice Film Festival, "Don't Worry Darling" director Olivia Wilde hit the red carpet sporting face-framing highlights, per The Zoe Report. Who needs to cream contour when you can contour your hair? "Instead of clusters of highlights," explains Tom Smith, the European creative director for Evo hair, "hair contouring uses a softer-contrast lighter shade, painted around the face in a soft color block, incorporating all the hair directly around the face including the shorter baby hairs." As he advises Glamour, "Ask your hairstylist for a soft contrast panel of color painted around your hairline that is a shade or two lighter than the rest of your hair color." Though you can't go wrong with subtlety, there's no harm in experimenting with heightened contrast. Think pink, orange, and green — aka a "rebellious streak," per The Guardian.

Ask your hairstylist about combing cuts

Just as the bixie cut is a combination of the bob and pixie trend, the so-called "mixie" blends the pixie cut with a modern day mullet. "Clients now are more prone to come in with several inspo pics where they show us details in each picture [sthat they would like for us to put together in one cut," Sara Granberger, co-owner of Hairrari LA, informs Allure. "A mixie is an edgy haircut that is longer in the back, like a mullet, and short in the front, like a pixie," says celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho, selling Byrdie on their effortless cool factor. "Depending on your texture, it's generally a low maintenance style because of the loose length around the hairline," she adds.

Edge up your look with an undercut

As renowned hairstylist Renée Gadar defines for PopSugar, "[A]n undercut is hair that's cut short and disconnected from the hair that lays on top of it." Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson, and Zoë Kravitz have all experimented with partially-shaved looks, per Glamour. Though the regrowth process can be difficult, an undercut is the ideal transitional point between your long hair comfort zone and an edgy pixie cut. Best of all, "Anyone can get an undercut no matter the texture of your hair," Atlanta-based hairstylist Patricia Flournoy reassures PopSugar.