The Cool Alternative To Dated Warm-Toned Eyeshadow

There was a time when sparkly shades of amber and rose were all anyone wanted. Makeup lovers flocked to warm-toned shadow pallets like Urban Decay's Naked Palette and Anastasia's Soft Glam. And when the cottagecore trend took over the Internet, the dreamy, sun-kissed aesthetic made shimmery gold and peach shadows all the more desirable. Now that we've taken a trip down memory lane, we can say those days are close to over. Today, eyeshadow palettes are getting a major makeover.

From wedge shoes to polo shirts, there are tons of Y2K trends being revived and reclaimed. One of these we all had thought was long gone is cool-toned eyeshadow. That's right. Blues, silvers, and shimmery pale pastels will be all over the media and painted over everybody's eyelids. There are more ways than one to wear this bright, bold look. So, we gathered some inspiration to browse if you decide to join the silver and blue bandwagon. 

The classic smokey eye

A smokey eye is a classic night-time glam look. When you want to bring extra edge or sex appeal to your eyes, there's nothing more striking than the contrast between a smokey eye and bright white eyes. TikToker @yhkayla gives a tutorial on exactly how it's done. Starting with a base of white, she then brushes a softer gray on the inner and outer corners of the eyelids. Finally, she deepens these areas with a darker, grayish black. She finishes off with a dab of highly pigmented silver.

Bright blue underliner

A pop of bright electric or sky blue, is a bold look and can put an entirely different spin on your aesthetic. Even if the rest of your outfit is subdued and subtle, this makeup detail transforms your whole vibe into one that says fun and eclectic. Makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci told Allure, "Blue also has a lovely side-effect of making the whites of your eyes look super white." 

Hailey Bieber's Instagram post is a great example of this playful under eye highlight.

Powder blue all over over

Traditional eyeshadow designs will layer light and dark shades to create an effect of depth. However, when the monochromatic look became all the rage in fashion, it very quickly spread to eyeshadow trends. Playing around with fully single-colored lids, we all came around to the bold statement. 

Singer Halsey posted a stunning Instagram video in a gorgeous monochrome eyeshadow. Adding a soft punk twist, she replicated the monochrome trend in a cool powder blue.

Ghostly white

Soft goth is having its moment, and that is largely thanks to the Netflix show "Wednesday." The eerie, odd, but so likable main character, Wednesday, wears all-black exclusively and Victorian-esque apparel. 

Jenna Ortega, the talented actress who plays this role, has an air of Wednesday's goth glam in her personal style. In this Instagram post, Ortega's eyelid and inner corners are coated in a ghostly, shimmery white. This pairs perfectly with her big brown eyes, giving the effect that her eye whites are even wider and her deep cocoa eyes are even darker.

Ombré eyelids

Pop singer Lizzo took the monochrome look to another level in this Instagram post. Stroking blue eyeshadow hues right up to the underside of the brow, her eyes look larger than life. You can see that the soft blue subtly blends into a brighter, whiter shade around its edges. Minimizing the underliner to just the inner corners of her eyes gives the color a winged shape. Combined with these ombré edges, everything about her glam draws the eyes up, giving her eyes and face a light lift.